Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rain's "poodle" look

This has been on my mind for a while already. But yeah, what do you guys think about Rain's poodle look? I read this from hancinema He said it himself, "I changed into a poodle concept". I say, it looks more like ahjumma concept xD

What can I say, he does look like a poodle/ahjumma. But why? WHY?! What did he think when he got that hair? "Hmmm... what should I try next? How about poodle look? Sounds great, let's go with that!" or was it just a simple perm accident? Then he came up with the perm look because the only other opinion was to shave everything off. I guess he looks kinda cute... for 80's xD

Seriously. WTF? What's wrong with people nowadays, first Lee Jun Ki has to get a haircut because of the army, then Hyun Bin and his cosmetic surgery and now this? What comes next?!

I think the best haircut Rain has ever had was in the drama Fugitive Plan B, it suited him so well <3