Friday, January 21, 2011

Sweet Lies Kmovie DL

Country: South Korea
Production Company: CJ Entertainment
Genre: Romance/ Comedy
Director: Jeong Jeong Hwa
Starring: Park Jin Hee, Jo Han Seon, Lee Ki Woo, Kim Dong Wuk, Jo Jin Wung, Choi Eun Joo, Kim Kwang Gyu, Yang Hee Kyeong, Kim Hye Ji
Length: 113 mins
Date of release: 18th December, 2008

Synopsis (
TV writer Ji-ho (Jin-hie Park) has been secretly in love with Min-woo (Ki-woo Lee) for the last 10 years. After a night of binge-drinking, she wakes up to face the worst day of her life. She wakes up to find that she has just gotten fired for low viewer ratings. On her way home her purse then gets snatched and Ji-ho pursues the thief. Then suddenly, when things seem that they can’t go any worse, Ji-ho gets hit by a car.

But the chain of unfortunate events suddenly turns out to be a God-sent present. The man who hit her with the car turns out to be the very man she’s been in love with all these years, Min-woo. She then pretends to have amnesia …

English hardsub
Part 1 --- Part 2

Offical Trailer:


Nino said...

hi.can you please reupload part 1? Both the links given are for part 2 of the movie. Thanks