Monday, January 17, 2011

Piggy Dolls

"Another girl group has debuted in the industry, but this time with a twist: all three members of “Piggy Dolls” are of rubenesque proportions, with the combined weight exceeding 200kg.

Comprised of Park Ji Eun, Kim Min Sun, and Lee Jiyeon, the group debuted on January 6th with their mini-album, “Piggy Style,” on various music sites."

I know this is old news but I just recently found about this new K-pop band. I don't know if I am shocked or what but yeah. My first reaction was like 0_o WHAT?! Then I watched the Trend MV and I thought that only one of them was like really fat and the other two looked normal to me. Combined weight 200kg doesn't seem to bad if you divide that by 3 it's only about 66,7 kg per person so... Doesn't seem to fat to me but rather normal. And since one of them is bigger than other two then... at least one is gotta be like normal. It's just that cameras add about 8kg...

Overall I think this is a great idea. Though I still think that one of them should lose a bit weight. No offense but it's unhealthy to be too fat. I don't mean a little fat but too fat. This reminds me of Korean movie 100 pounds beauty!

"Their title track “TREND” is especially fascinating in that it features lyrics expressing their personal feelings on their image. “I’m always confident, I don’t care about anything else, what's wrong with my body? My face is unique.”

The group expressed, “We think our team name fits well with our members. As you can see, we really are ‘piggy dolls.’ (laughter)”

Min Sun continued, “All three of us naturally gain a lot of weight. We like eating so we eat. We can eat about 20kg of rice in three weeks.”"

I don't know about the name "Piggy Dolls" it sounds kind of degrading. It's a name I can't take seriously and I can't help that giggle escaping my lips whenever I talk about this band. Seriously...

20 kg of rice?! Holy mama! I hope she means like them three together! I have seen a 10 kg rice bag and that's like hella lot. I mean, it's not only the rice they eat, right?

When asked about their reasons for debuting in an industry dominated by thin idols, Jiyeon answered, “People these days tend to favor thin and pretty people. We just wanted to show everyone that people who have weight like us can be just as confident. We want to break the stereotypes of girl groups as only being skinny. Hopefully our debut can console women who have been hurt because to their weight.”

And you know? That's great! Go girls! But we also have to remember that being too big is unhealthy as well as being too skinny. Instead of being proud finding a balance between fat and thin is even better.

However, the group acknowledged the painful reality they're facing against in the competition against other girl groups. Fortunately, they've got weapons to battle their way to the top: talent.

Min Sun elaborated, “Since we’re big, we sound different… Thin people have thinner voices, and in comparison, our voices sound a lot more rich and powerful.”

At the mention of pure talent not being enough to last in today's industry, Ji Eun added, “You can consider our concept somewhere between Big Mama and 2NE1. We have the vocal talent of Big Mama, and the performance style of 2NE1. With both styles, we’ll be trying our best to perfect both.”

Throughout the interview, the girls were noted for their confident and open thoughts, leading the reporter to ask where their confidence stemmed from. Jiyeon answered, “It’s our vocal talent. I hope people stop thinking that just because we’re big, we’re going to be less talented than other idol groups. We’ll show everyone that we’re good at dancing and singing.

To conclude the interview, Piggy Dolls showed their determination as rookies by stating, “Our goal is to captivate the audience with our own charms, especially on stage. Our long-term goal is to rank first on the U.S Billboard chart. You may be thinking that our goal is too far-fetched, but we fully believe that you need to aim high in order to succeed faster. Please give us your love, as we’ll be Piggy Dolls that tries our best.”

All of the girls are pretty but I am not too sure about their singing. They use a lot of autotune in the songs... Nowadays it's just lips sync everywhere, not many people out there can really sing. Not that it matters too much, as long as they make good music it's okay. But it's not like they will gain any respect in the talent department, not from me. That means, good faces and fancy beats are enough. Not too flattering... Piggy Doll's voices are deeper indeed but... We will know the truth only when we hear them sing live. If they are truly talented or not. And if they are not then what's left? Think about that...

In a way this all seems like a trick of the agency. "Let's try something new. How about overweight girls? That's going to be shocking!" Let's wait and see how far this new band can go and how long it will be up. I listened to all songs on the album and I have to say that I liked the music so far. And if they really got the talent then good luck!

Since Piggy Dolls is out how about ugly girls next? I'm not joking, maybe seeing not so good looking girls with great singing talent could open people's eyes even more than fat pretty girls.

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Member profiles:

박지은 (Park Ji Eun)

Born: March 16, 1994
Physique: 161cm,
Education: Dong Myung Girls High School

김민선 (Kim Min Sun)

Born: February 25, 1991
Physique: 165cm
Education: Young Hoon High School
Career: 몽실이 시스터즈 (Mong Shil Sisters) member [2009.12-2010.06]

이지연 (Lee Ji Yeon)

Born: April 2, 1991
Physique: 165cm
Education: Geumok Girls High School

Trend - HD MV with English subs

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Track 04: Darling
Track 5: 아니잖아

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