Friday, January 21, 2011

Open City Kmovie DL

Synopsis (hancinema): The Regional Crime Squad consists of the finest elites of Korea’s police force, and veteran detective CHO Dae-young outshines them all as the officer with the most arrests on his record. Dae-young receives orders from his superiors to oversee the case over a pickpocket ring affiliated with the Yakuza. PAIK Jang-mi, arrestingly beautiful and ingenious with her hands, attempts to bring in KANG Man-ok, a legendary pickpocket, into her international ring in hopes of expanding it. Dae-young and Jang-mi first meet when he rescues her from danger. Little do they know what lies ahead.

Directed by Lee Sang-gi
Produced by Jeon Ho-jin
Written by Lee Sang-gi
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release date 10 January 2008
Genre: Drama, crime

Kim Myung-min ... Jo Dae-yeong
Son Ye-jin ... Baek Jang-mi
Kim Hae-sook ... Kang Man-ok
Son Byeong-ho ... Oh Yeon-soo
Shim Ji-ho ... Choi Seong-soo
Yoon Yoo-seon ... Jo Soo-hyeon
Kim Byeong-ok ... Hong Ki-taek/Hong Yong-taek
Ji Dae-han ... Kim Kwang-seob
Park Gil-soo ... Son Yong-soo
Do Gi-seok ... Lee Won-jong
Kim Joon-bae ... Franken

English hardsub
CD 1 -- CD 2