Monday, January 17, 2011

DBSK is over?

Yeah, I am kinda slow with the news lately xD It's just that music is not my thing, I mostly just watch dramas and read fanfiction. But yeah, lately I have been more into K-Pop news thing and found out that Jusnu, JaeJoong and YooChun have formed their own band, JYJ. I just watched one of their videos and I gotta say they sound (and look) GREAT!

I watched DBSK - Keep Your Head Up video earlier and man, it was good too! Thumbs up to Yunho and Changmin. Great choreography. Though Changmin's clothes look kinda gay xD I liked other songs from the album too!

Anyway. I feel sad knowing DBSK members are not together anymore. I bet they all are going trough a lot of emotional pain too! Not only us fans are suffering! I gotta say I just knew something bad was gonna happen when I followed their lawsuit circus. And now, based on news heard/read from here and there I got the feeling DBSK did not break with an argument but the media in Korea rather made up a lot of things. So, I hope the guys can still be friends even though they haven't been in contact much lately. Geeze, all the news articles seem like mere rumors to me. I'm having hard time deciding what to believe and what not.

JYJ vs and DBSK

What worries me is that since Yunho and Changmin are still working for SME (like I have understood, correct me if I am wrong) do they now get paid fairly? Or do they have to continue the slave contract? I read from somewhere that Junsu, Jae and Yoochun won the case! Well, that would explain why they are free to go now (and unable to work with SME, probably got some kind of ban). But since Changmin and Yunho did not file any cases that's why they are still with SME, I presume. Maybe they can't leave? Or then they just don't want to.

"Regarding (Changmin&Yunho)their fans' increasing concerns over the clearer 3:2 divide, a representative revealed, “The friendship between the five has never changed. They may be walking separate paths, but now is the time that they need their fans’ support more than ever.”
Source: Sports Korea, Korean Journal

Anyway. No matter what, now we have two band to support, means twice as much music! Shouldn't we be happy?