Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tokyo Juliet TWdrama DL

synopsis: In truth, this taiwanese drama is adapted from Tokyo Juliet the manga of Miyuki Kitagawa ( a famous shoujo mangaka )
Lin Lai Sui has her design "Daisy " stolen by the designer Chu Xing ( who renamed it "La Margerite " ) when she was 5 years old , and he became a famous designer at the place of her father . Then 13 years passed and Sui swore that she will not fall in love before she can beat Chu Xing who is the one who distroyed her family ... But , when she enter in the academy of taiwan famous stylist , she met a person, Ji Feng Liang , who gave her a hat because she's crying front of the TV in the street ( cuz" she seen the "daisy " which is her ... ) , then she meet him again at school ... and fall in love with him and make her almost forget about her own promise ... but we discor that THIS guy is in reality Chu Xing 's son >__< !!´(by Tampopo 24)
Ariel Lin as Lin Lai Sui
Wu Zun as Ji Feng Liang
Simon Yam as Chu Xing

Uploaded by Tampopo24
English Hardsub, MQ
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