Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things I hate about Kdrama part 1

Things I hate more than anything. I just had to let some steam out cuz I'm feeling really annoyed xD My message to screenwriters and directors.

1. Older romantic comedies always start with main girl going abroad. ALWAYS! And then she will vomit on the main guy at some point on the trip, all her money will get stolen and she will get drunk and spend the night (after that night she won't shower or anything but put her clothes on and run to the airport) with some idiot whom she will meet later in Korea and they will fall in love...
--Why in the h*ll can't they just stay in that freaking Korea if this is supposed to be Korean drama!?!! And all foreign people they use are ugly apes and talk bad engrsih and there is no way anyone will believe they are abroad. Then that freakin main girl always reads some "how to talk xx language" book and practices it to herself. Well you are freaking amazing!!! WOW! And everyone will understand her and she will understand everyone. How about studying before the trip?!!!!

2. In older dramas poor main girl will fail job interview but still get the job cuz someone in the company high up (usually chairman's son) will fall in love with her and let her work there. Then she will work hard, be optimistic and nice but her 30 years old coworkers who act like teenage girls will bully her and make pranks on her and everyone will think she is a loser who always screws everything up and she will never stand for herself. Until one day... that chairman's son will find out but suddenly everything will be ok.
--What the H!!!! You just meet accidentally some big boss and say how high education is not actually that important. YOU, yes YOU know what. You can drop that s*it about "energetic attitude and will to learn are all that matter" because education matters, damn you. If you cannot speak in English or French how the h*ll do you think you will be able to give good quality service to foreign customers?!?!!!!!!!!!!! There is no any reason why you should get that job cuz just now people with amazing CVs attended the interview, they had plenty of experience and good education. So screw you, go back to your stupid, retarded village and sell your f*king kimbap since you are so good at making it!!!!

3. Crazy ex girlfriend who has no life. All she can do is try to keep that main guy in her hands no matter what and stalk him all the time (call him every 5 min asking "where are you?". They can do anything, even suicide. Just anything to keep that guy. Mostly she just goes to his parents and complains how he wants to dump her. Seriously GET A LIFE YOU WHINY, UGLY, SPOILED PIG FACE. maybe there is a good reason he wants to get rid of you!!!!!!!!! "I can only love him and no one else. I'll die without him" Yeah right, lets see after one year you will be stuffing your ugly face with chips and cola while sitting on your fat ass watching happily tv. Oh God how I hate them!!!!!!!!
-- Do you know what? You are ugly and stupid and that guy doesn't care about you at all cuz all you do is squabble and complain about nothing! Would you like to listen to that?!! What freakin right do you have to tie some guy in your life?!!! Is he a pet or something?!!! Then get a dog and move on, go live somewhere as far away as possible so I wouldn't need to look at your ugly crying face. You will not get that guy, learn to live with it or end your life as fast as possible. Just so I wouldn't need to look at you and your hopeless actions. Or then get some brains and do something intelligent to win that guy over.

4. Main girl suddenly decides to move to Seoul and moves in with her friend in a tiny apartment. Then she will happily borrow her friends clothes and shoes.
-- WTH?!! If my friend did that I'd look at her as* for 1 month the most. Then I'd kick her out. Get an apartment or go live in a trash can. I don't care. Should I be f*cking happy that you come live to my place where even I cannot fit alone, you get a good paying job but are still poor and eat all my food. Then there will be 2 hot guys running after you but you will be like "Oh, I dunno whom I like more." Do you think I have time or even interest to listen to your pointless whining when I'm jobless myself and there is no man even near me except that old fart who lives next door and his pizzafaced nerd son who wants to be an idol even though his singing could be used as a weapon of mass destruction!!!!!!

5. If main guy loses his memory or something tears main girl and him apart for many years main girl will always love only him and say to all other guys "I will love only 1 man in my whole life. I'm that kind of person" I'm adding to this category all "first love" dramas. If you won't get your first love you are screwed. And in all Kdramas first love always happens either in childhood or when you are in your 30s. There is this "no love at all" period like high school and college.
--Well, do you know what?! Screw you bitch! how about getting a life, moving on and being happy?!!!!!!!!!!!!! As if some poor snot nosed kid who has been abused by his father his whole childhood wants to see yer face after 20 years. Why should he still love you? Maybe he wouldn't meet any woman at all during that 20 years. Maybe all other women are invisible to him?! And to you all (Kdrama screenwriters): WHT?!! makes that first love so freakin amazing that it's the end of the world if some idiotic person doesn't like you back?!!!

6. Living room arrangement in every rich house and antique phone.
-- I swear all rich families in Korea have some secret network. They all have similar furniture arrangement, like h*ll yeah. We are so cool. We have same arrangement than in my dad's office. That's so cool. Lets make our house a freakin office. And I swear if I see even one more of those antique phones I'm gonna stuck it into somewhere your very inappropriate (so beware directors)!!!! Do you people understand that you look freakin stupid holding that phone in yer hands, it's so 90's. Move on!!!

7. And if I ever again see any pointlessly complaining ahjumma just cuz she is bored with her life and has a superiority complex and this urge to stalk young people someone's gonna die, I swear. Also all parents who want to control their kid's life. Cannot you understand you OLD GEEZERS that your life will be soon over and after you die your freakin happy kids will dance on your graves. Stop trying to live their life instead of letting them live their own life. No matter how conservative Korea might be. BUT OH MAN!!! Can there be any parent who wouldn't want the best for their kids? And actually see what makes their kids happy and what NOT!??!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh so hard my ribs hurt

Nobora said...

I am laughing so hard! I spilled my ice tea >.<

Unknown said...

Number 4 made me laugh so hard that I started to cry xD