Monday, October 20, 2008

Soulmate ending rant

I finally finished watching Soulmate First of all, I really dunno what was that "underrated series" talk on every forum. I thought that Soulmate was fresh, entertaining, funny, touching and extremely sexy and it had a killer OST. But overall my thought was "ok". Yeah, I loved the absurd humor but Soulmate reeked of sitcom, it was a sitcom and it shall stay a sitcom. I wouldn't call it drama. The most irritating thing wasn't the fact that main characters met only in ep 7 but Yu-jin!! I prepared a hangman's noose for her but ended up hanging myself after seeing the ending. After all they went trough!!! I was like bujaaaa!!!! Then I run 10 times into the wall and fell down with my nose bleeding and then I died from loss of blood.

At first I loved Soulmate and thought yeah, totally underrated. But with Yu-jin that spoiled annoying princess my respects went down in toilet bowl along all the... uhum... stuffs in there... anyway. If I was any of the characters I would have shot Yu-jin and then went to party all night long. Even if I had to sit in jail 5 years after that.

The ending... I dunno, it was kind of lame. I know it was just typical open ending. Maybe that's why I didn't like it in this not so typical show? I would have preferred Dong Wook bumping into So-kyung while running from the camera. It would have been so much netter! Though I just know that they will meet again and then it's gonna be loove love love and maybe sex. lol

The idea of soul mate and all that talk about destiny was kind of nice at first but then they started to talk about it too much and whole thing turned into too sweet cake. A cake covered in marzipan *YUK* Many scenes were played again and again and again and guess what? AGAIN! Especially that annoying scene when So-kyung cried covering her mouth with her hand. I hate when they do it in dramas. It looks so stupid when a person cries in a public place and covers her face with her hand.

At least acting was superb. Shin Dong Wook and Lee Soo-kyung had great chemistry, I totally felt it. All their scenes were full of sparks. So enjoyable to watch. I'm a bit bitter that they had so little scenes. I know it's stupid to rant about this but they met only in ep 7 and it was pretty annoying. I felt like fast forwarding the episodes because I felt impatient. and when they met they still couldn't be together and ARGH!! Frustrating if anything. Many times while watching I felt like "screw this. I'm gonna go picking mushrooms". But I couldn't because Shin Dong Wook is such a hottie <3 HE looks like an angel without his hair band.

Phillip was one of my favorite characters for some reason. He was just such a loser xD but his love for So-kyung was so sweet^^ Rye Hei was funny because most of the show I felt like he had been brought to a place unknown to him and then he was just like "ok, so I'll try to play along" And then he was like yeah, I'm hanging out here though I dunno what the h*ll do these poeple want from me?

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