Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rain, “A sexual reference?"

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It has been pointed out that lyrics in Rain’s 5th album title song “Rainism” are sexually explicit. “Rainism”’s lyrics “My magic stick is spinning inside your trembling body / You can’t feel beyond my body shake / Make it Rainism, Rainism / Feel my body” have been noted as sexual references between a man and a woman.

MBC Public Relations Department Rating deliberated on October 21, “Rain’s ‘Rainism’ has already passed the review, but will reexamine carefully and with consideration on the 22nd. We will decide the final decision on October 22.”

Rain’s agent and director of J.Tune Entertainment said, “‘Rainism’’s lyrics do not describe a sexual act at all. Rain wrote the lyrics himself, and the words expressed are a long cane stick dance (magic stick). We hope they will reexamine the good intentions first.”

Source: JES
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Poor Rain. He has had bad luck lately. Pfff. "My magic stick is spinning inside your trembling body" just tell me what did he think while writing that? lol. I don't actually care and I don't understand why would anyone care about this. People take things too seriously.

Still no matter how I look at it... it really sounds perverted now that they have pointed it out xD Rain says he refers to the stick he uses in the dance but it is still perverted in a way. It's still inside? How come it's inside? And then there is "your trembling body" Lolgasm xD how about adding and "and train goes trough tunnel" after "feel my body". Oh lol, what's this world coming to? I don't care, don't care.