Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Miss Kim's million Dollar Quest review

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Synopsis (wikipedia):On her wedding day Kim Eun Jae is left standing at the alter by her groom, Yoo Young Hoon, for wealthy Suh Woo Kyung. Her wedding photographer, Park Moo-yeol, is a rich playboy who helps Eun-jae avoid embarrassment by pretending to be her husband. Soon after Moo-yeol's family goes bankrupt. The family home will be sold if he can't come up with money quick. Eun Jae meanwhile is convinced that if she becomes wealthy Young Hoon will come back to her.

Eun-jae and Moo-yeol decide to join forces. They move in together and invest in moneymaking schemes one after the other. Making money unfortunately isn't as easy as they had hoped. As outside forces (and Woo Kyung) line up against them, the two begin to realize that though they may be unlucky in money they are very lucky in love.

Kim Hyun Ju as Kim Eun Jae
Ji Jin Hee as Park Moo Yeol
Kim Sung Ryung as Suh Woo Kyung
Park Gun Hyung as Yoo Young Hoon

Extended cast:
Shin Gu
Yeo Wun-Gye
Bong Tae-Gyu
Seong Ji-Ru
Jo Eun-Suk
Hong Su-Hyeon

First of all I have to say one thing: A perfect balance between comedy and seriousness. I have been searching for this kind of stuff for so long. Thank you heaven!!!!

I just finished watching this drama 1 day ago but I already miss it a lot. My first impression wasn't good at all. First thing to catch my eyes was Kim Hyun Ju's lips. It's so obvious she has done them and before I got used to them I couldn't take my eyes off and it disgusted me like a lot. It looked like someone had hit her with frying pan in the mouth. Anyway, I got used to them and now she looks kinda pretty. Second thing was actor Park Gun-Hyung and his overly dull character. After that it was Kim Sung Ryung whom I couldn't hate just because she was so pitiful. Really, she has no charisma and her voice is always so quiet and her character is boring, not that it's boring but it is presented in a very boring way. Lately I have been noticing Ji Jin Hee's butt, it's big @_@ Bit yeah, after two episodes I was hooked. Or maybe not hooked but I kept watching and sut little by little fell in love.

At first I thought that acting was worse than ever but now all characters have grown on me. I especially like the old couple and their son. They are all so hilarious. Also in the beginning there were this overly idiotic expressions (not funny at all) at the end of each episode. The plot is very simple too. It's actually ridiculous. I cannot understand how can these women love such man as Young Hoon. I mean he is like a little kid. when Woo Kyung appeared and promised to buy him a house he was like "screw the wedding, I wanna that house" Then the talk between Miss. Kim and Woo Kyung "Can you buy him things he wants? I doubt... But I can, he will be happier with me" I was like... Oh please... But after couple of episodes this drama got on a nice track. I have decided that the director is good. Screenwriting is party well done too because characters have funny killer lines and they say them just on right moments. There is this touch of realism too. Miss Kim is mean but not too mean to be unrealistic. Though at teh end I felt really bad for Moo Yeol and I even cried a bit at some scene because he was so pitiful, it was just so touching. I think that acting is good after all. Chemistry between miss Kim and Moo Yeol is great, actually near the perfection. When tehy are together they are whole and when they are apart something is missing. Though from the very beginning they were too comfortable with each other considering they had just met. And I'm surprised there is not contract dating and such, I was sure there will be one but actually the dating thing wasn't important at all.

All the business plans were realistic but funny. They didn't go overboard with anything. Gosh, I'm so satisfied. I cannot find much bad things to say about this drama and I usually like to point all bad things out, even small ones. I think me and this drama = soul mates= perfect love. I am willing to accept all bad things and just love it as it is (like Lobbyist, I miss you so much you unbelievably stupid drama)

Ji Jin Hee
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I saw Ji Jin Hee in Kmovie H before and he didn't make any huge impression on me. Now I see him as a nice actor. His character is very lovable and his acting is very natural and relaxed. It really seems like he is having fun and all and it's a pleasure to watch him. As you can see he really doesn't have killer looks and seems rather old but I like him, at least in this drama. His butt seems to be kinda big or then it's just pants he is using but yeah. I dunno. Lol. Overall I like and just love Park Moo Yeol for hsi kindness <3 I felt so bad when I it seemed like he had lost everything but that was just his beautiful way of loving.

Kim Hyun Joo
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Like I wrote before her lips were kinda annoying at first. But after some time Hyun Joosshi impressed me. Her Miss Kim was lovable even though she was mean at times but she never was unreasonable. One extremely annoying thing was that she couldn't get over that dull and stupid Young Hoon until the very end. Didn't all the kisses and hugs and stuff mean anything to her? Rather she didn't want to admit her feelings toward Moo Yeol or what? I didn't get her at that part at all. But she is a memorable character and a good actress. It was nice to watch her on screen.

Park Gun Hyung
This character was extremely boring. What a bad acting from this guy. I saw him one before in Mr. Wacky movie. He was ok in there though the movie itself wasn't good at all. Anyway, in the drama he was very dull at first. Almost lifeless, he was just I dunno as if he didn't have any kind of personality or even soul. They made him look so bad too <_< he grew on me later but not enough for me to praise him. Ok, he started looking better but yeah... ok, ok. He gave out this nice vibe of a very gentle man. But the actor could have given so much more. Let's be frank, he sucked. Park Gun Hyung found real Young Hoon too late.

Kim Sung Ryung
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Gosh I was disappointed with this woman too. She was supposed to be foxy, mean and hateful character but ended up being so pitiful. Not once I regarded her as a treat to Miss Kim. She appeared always so fragile, so weak looking that I felt like she would start crying any moment. All of her attempts to make Miss Kim miserable were so obviously stupid and lame that it was almsot annoying. I saw her in Iljimae and have to say that she has gotten a lot better in 4 years. overall she wa sdull and boring.

What I liked about this drama a lot were side characters. There weren't many but each one of them was interesting and fun to watch. Acting yet again, magnificent. Hands down, I'm sold. They had good lines filled with absurd humor.

Bong Tae-Gyu
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Yaaaaah! This guy is really funny even though he wasn't born with good looks but he deserves to be an actor. As a side character he wasn't too stupid like it usually is. He actually had brains and feelings and his lines were full of intelligent humor. Loved all those quotations xD He resembled his father like a son would but he wasn't as extreme which made him moer realistic.

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I dunno who this actor is but he looked hot xD His character was hilarious and kind of mysterious because he talked so little. During whole drama I was waiting for him to expose some kinda big secret or something. Then he did what I expected him to do lol. Overall kinda quirky character but lovable.

Seong Ji-Ru
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The boss was a nice add to the series. Without him this drama would have lacked something. In a way he was a serious character but he was so damn unlucky, so damn hilarious in a very pitiful way. I also noticed that whenever he was thinking about hsi love they played a Russian song on teh background (a song about soldiers... lol.. I dunno if that was intentional or not but it sure fitted every single scene). It was impossible to hate this man, he did evil deeds but he was so damn pitiful every time xD One of the best characters ever seen in dramas.

Hong Su-Hyeon
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A very typical character who always calls main guy Oppa and appears to be a rival for main girl. Usually a bichy girl, who thinks she is the prettiest in whole world and looks down on everyone. She may be made into a mean character or comical. In this drama she doesn't fall under anything I listed except Oppa. She wasn't bad enough to be a treat for Miss Kim. And she turned out into a nice girl who wasn't annoying or sticky at all.

Shin Gu and Yeo Wun-Gye
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The old couple. I so loved them. They weren't conservative and annoying like usually. Even though the old man was so stingy he was funny. Though I was left wondering if he ever sent his wife to that trip or not? Her attempts to make money were so hilarious.

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Only Kim Sung Ryung and Park Gun Hyung failed to impress me. All other cast members did great job! OST was cute and plot simple but enjoyable. Humor was good, made me laugh many times. Love triangle wasn't tiring. Overall a very enjoyable and funny series with perfect couple and good chemistry.