Saturday, October 11, 2008

Legend of Seven Cutter Kmovie DL

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Summary (from wikipedia):
The “Seven Cutter” is a legendary fighter throughout various high schools within Korea. His name is Jung Han Soo and he remains unbeaten by the toughest fighters from many different schools. Many who had tried to defeat him not only suffered the circumstances of losing, but is left with his trademark: a 7-centimeter scar the he always leaves behind them to remind them of their loss. When a high-schooler named Han Soo at Seong Ji High School, he is instantly mistaken for the “Seven Cutter”. An innocent kid, at first he is blissfully unaware of why the other students are giving him such an icy reception. So when the toughest boy at Seong Ji High School challenges him to a battle for the title of the toughest guy in school, he has no choice but defend himself and fight. Then, when he accidentally wins, things start getting really confusing for him. Soon, Han Soo meets tom-boy Min Joo, who's not just a great, skilled boxer, but a tough hard-to-deal-with knockout as well. After a few coincidences that make him look like a pervert, she also asks him for a battle for revenge. He defends himself by pretending to have a crush on her, even though he likes the pretty, but snotty, girl in school. Min-joo decided to accept his "love", and eventually starts to like his unique personality. Later, when Han Soo finally realizes he has fallen for her, Min-joo is heart-broken to find out that he likes the pretty girl, and that he never liked her. Then the bad guys arive and try to kidnap Min Joo. Are they getting revenge from the wrong fighter?

An Jae Mo - Jung Han Soo
Yoon Eun Hye - Min Joo
Lee Jung - Sung Gi (Seong Ji High School bully)
Hyun Young - the sexy female teacher
Jeong Joon Ha - Mr. Koh
Park Seung Gil - Min Joo's cheesy friend who's in love with Mr. Koh
Cheon Myeong-hoon - Sung Gi's friend
Park Hyo-joon - Sung Gi's friend
Joo Ho - Jung Shik (Han Soo's cowardly friend)

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