Monday, October 20, 2008

100 Korean Drama Cliches

1. Girl ends up going out with the guy she hates at the first.
2. There is always someone in the family who opposites main characters going out.
3. They usually drive cars or take cabs. No matter how poor they are.
4. If whole drama isn't about working in a big company someone always works in a company. It´s usually a cosmetics, electronics or design company. Or then just some random company.
5. Rich people live in big western style houses. Poor in some slum areas.
6. In every drama there is a drinking scene. Usually drinking soju and someone shouts "ahjumma, more soju here!".
7. Rich guy takes the girl to an expensive restaurant, girl looks at the menu and says "Huh! This is so expensive, should we go somewhere else" guy replies "don´t worry, I´ll pay."
8. Poor people seem to be the happy ones and rich people have always the biggest problems.
9. There must be a hospital scene in every drama even if it´s not serious.
10. There must be one airport scene too. Main characters run around the airport for 30 minutes but cannot find each other because they always turn around just before they are about to past each other.
11. Almost all dramas are about adults. Even if they start from high school they will soon move to college or straight to work.
12. There is a scene of someone brushing teeth.
13. In love triangle lovers will once split up because of a request or threat of a third party or because one of them is feeling bad for the third party.
14. Someone is always speeding in the middle of a city.

15. When they are sad they eat rice. They stuff their mouths as full as they can while tears are running down their cheeks.
16. If a girl sees a guy she´s going out with kissing other girl she´ll get mad. Eventually they will make up but they seem to forget about the kiss. So there will never be an explanation. Only guy/girl saying "you misunderstood".
17. Guys seem to wear only/mostly suits
18. Main characters wear matching clothes. Always
19. Kisses are always unnatural because they just touch each others lips (if touch) and freeze. And camera turns around as if it was caught in a typhoon.
20. When main guy and girl are about to kiss first time. Girl closes her eyes and guy ends up kissing her forehead or just laughing at her.
21. Guy will piggyback the girl at least once.
22. There is at least one rainy scene and they will get completely wet even if they have an umbrella.
23. All clothes they wear look brand new.
24. Usually it´s main girl who wears different clothes from everyone else. Like very colorful ones, lots of pink. If it´s not main girl then it´s her younger brother or good friend.
25. Whenever they are sad they will go to a game arcade to play.
26. Some guys don't have names. Girls call them OPPA or ahjussi or boss.
27. Cabs, restaurants and hospitals are all free in Korea.
28. Rich households have always antique phone. And the sitting arrangement in living room is always the same.
29. Rich married men (fathers) are always workaholic, cold and distant. They don´t love their wives and are in bad terms with their sons (that must suck).
30. No matter how ambitious and rich you are and good at something like being a lawyer or other high post. You have a dream of running a ramen shop or something as pathetic.
31. Everyone who has a car has a big spacious family car even though they are single.
32. If you meet randomly some guy once or twice and tell about it to your best friend she starts suspecting you are in love. Then thinking about it makes you uncomfortable around the guy and in the end you fall for him.
33. Whenever you take a shower you must dry your hair with hair dryer or else you will catch a cold.
34. There will be at least 1 shower scene. They take a shower usually when they are troubled.
35. There is only the first love. If you don't end up with your first love you will be miserable your whole life. Seriously, you will be doomed.
36. No matter how many days you are in coma you will be able to stand up as soon as you wake up.
37. There is always someone with extremely bad luck.
38. In action dramas (police vs gangsters) someone of the good guys is bound to die.
39. There is pretty often a soft toy which character(usually the girl) loves a lot, talks to it as if she was talking to the guy. If not a toy then it's a necklace.
39. They often run after a car instead of getting in their own car and racing after that damn car.
40. In comedies there is a scene when main girl comes to see the guy in a hospital, mistakes someone who had died for him or mistakes him dead and starts a scene. The guy watches is trough and laughs.
41. The main girl usually has a stupid, useless and "good looking" little brother (or useless, stupid and money loving big sister who thinks she is pretty but isn't)or crazy best friend or both and those fall in love. The guy usually has mean sister.
42. Guy comes up with stupid nickname for the girl like rock head or money grabber or pigrabbit.
43. In every drama someone loses his/her phone and then they will go and buy new one. IN every drama!
44. The family has 2 opinions: either they hate the guy the girl is dating or then they force her to marry someone she hates.
45. It's often about childhood friends who were cruelly separated and there will be a misunderstanding when they meet again.
46. There is this guy who loves the main girl and takes care of her. He is very nice and kind and is always there for her BUT she falls for some asshole who only makes her cry.
47. No matter how poor you are you have very fashionable phone.
48. Even if you are in America everyone around you speak bad English (exception: All In)
49. They are eating all the time or then rarely.
50. No one has hobbies, only singing or if sports then jogging, working out, swimming, kendo or fencing (they are supposed to be really good in last two but they don't usually have a clue about these sports, really.)
51. In Korea you can make u-turns or just stop anywhere anytime without checking if there is traffic or not.
52. It's almost every time that girl ends up with the rich guy.
53. If you are living in Australia you are always poor, a bum or deadly sick and working at the harbor (with ugly mustache if you are a guy).
54. All mother's are violent (except if they are rich when they are anemic, weak and unhappy)
54. Rooftop apartments are popular, aren't they?
55. Snow is never cold. You can run around with your coat open and make snowballs with bare hands and you won't be cold.
56. A couple running on the beach. There has to be one scene in every drama. Because there is nothing more romantic in the world than running on the beach, even if it's cold and windy, even if it rains you just have to run into the sea and play. (you won't catch a cold from that but if you don't dry your hair with hair dryer after shower you will definitely catch a HIGH fever)
57. Bad guys always hang at pool halls. Always.
58. In movies (about school life) there is always a guy who wants to fight you. He can beat up anyone but you. But you don't care. And he is stupid. I wonder how in the world did he become school's jjang?
59. Here is always a scene when the mother passionately counts money (esp. poor side)
60. Korean think that throwing up is funny. Main girl will throw up on main guy at least once.
61. It seems like Korean people don't know that a person may stay alive even after he has been stabbed 20 times in his stomach. In many dramas, I have seen people dying only because someone stabbed them once in the back. Once.
62. Why do they have so many bathroom scenes in one drama? It's like some education. After you have finished your business always wash your hands. *lecture*lecture* btw. It's always this businessman thing, some businessmen go to bathroom together and talk about something and when they exit they laugh.
63. And beware!!! in any bathroom someone is spying on you. Always!!!
64. If not spying then you talk bad about someone and that person happens to be in the bathroom but, of course, you never expected and everything ends up with an awkward moment.
65. In serious dramas based on revenge main character falls in love with someone who's parents are the villains. And then when he/she discovers it it's like the end of the world and oh so tragic.
66.In action movies/dramas the main guy is a superhero. He can be shot, hit and stabbed and he still keeps going. And of course, the recovery is super fast.
67. Does anyone else feel that in many dramas there are too many boring and needless car conversations? When it gets uncomfortable someone turns on the radio.
68. When someone starts chasing someone they always run trough marketplace and turn over a stand with fruits.
69. One character (old, mostly boss or father) is always so cool, he has always this look of an owl in his eyes and talks very little and all he says is so smart and intelligent. And everyone is scared of him.
70. If someone dies the rest will cry trough whole drama or then completely forget in next episode.
71. They never drink anything except alcohol and if they go drink coffee/tee they (or one of characters) leaves before their order has been brought to the table. + the girl always drinks orange juice (never finishing it)
72. Sometimes main characters are invisible.
73. There is always a scene in which main girl is sitting in the bus deep in her thoughts about the "you know who" or asleep and then she notices that she has to get off and shouts "ahjussi, please stop the bus! I need to get off!"
74. Ahjumma/father who acts rough and speaks mean words but has actually very gentle heart. Does this sound familiar?
75. If you love someone you have to stalk her. Korea is full of stalking men.
76. There is one scene in which one of the main characters forgets to bring wallet.
77. A guy follows main girl in his car driving with low speed either trying to make up with her or just taking her home (instead of walking with her).
78. A guy/girl helps another character to take off seat belt in a car and then there is a staring moment.
79. When main girl/guy meets someone she/he likes it's awkward and time will stop for several seconds and they will just stand and stare at each other and it's gonna be absolutely unnatural and won't fit the moment at all but all people around won't notice anything.
80. Main girl will attend a big party once and she will totally embarrass herself. Main guy may save her. Or then just laugh at her.
81. Every time main character gets new job she/he will be late on first day and keep doing stupid brainless mistakes.
82. In Korea there is no law that protects workers. You may be fired just like that anytime. "What's this? You forgot to sharpen your pen! Never come here again!" maybe it's true?
83. When Korean women meet guys they never act natural.
84. There are moments when you are busted but no one knows and even if you act obvious no one will notice, then you are like phew. Then one day, out of the blue, when you act just normal you are suddenly busted!
85. Some fathers are violent but everyone accepts it as if it's just normal. "My dad hit me 20 times with a golf club yesterday, heh heh. It was fun."
86. All important talks happen outside, mostly in the park and then it suddenly starts raining.
87. At least one almost kiss scene but then something happens. Damn!
88. One of your relatives owes money, a lot of money, and guess what? You will have to pay it. (after you sit a few years in the prison for no reason)
89. Weird time leaps happen all the time. You go to cafe in the morning, order a glass of orange juice, don't even drink it and then you go out and it's already dark.
90. All meetings in cafe mostly end up with someone storming out with tears in their eyes.
91. In comedies there is a scene when the guy sees main girl when she is covered with just a towel and she screams and the towel falls down and the guy says "I didn't see anything" and after he will tease her and she will say with shocked expression on her face "You saw after all" Like it wasn't obvious <_<.
92. A guy teasing main girl: "You have flat chest, you are fat, you have no style, your butt is too big, you love only money" and it's always those...
93. Old couples always have weird fights but it never affects their feelings toward each other. Pure love.
94. The guy always drags the girl around holding her wrist violently.
95. When they drink hot (just boiled) tea or coffee they pour it in a mug and hold the mug in their hands (not by the handle but their hands around the mug) and it's supposed to feel so good... If you did that in real life you'd burn your hands for good.
96. They rush to an elevator and miss it just by 2 or 3 seconds and there was someone they haven't seen in many years (like long lost lover or something). Or then they will make it in the elevator just in time but they'd see there someone they didn't want to see and then time will stop for a while with them staring at each other. And it's like so normal.
97. The only part time jobs you can get in Korea are cleaning at the market or delivering newspapers/milk (or then you end up getting a job as a waitress at a coffee shop, then get caught text messaging on work hours and end up cleaning the toilets.)
98. All people in Korea are so good at driving that they don't even need to look at the road while they drive. Then once, while driving and looking at the road they may glance at something for a second or two/ just think about something and suddenly they get into an accident.
99. If you are working at the office you may leave for whole day any time you want and no one will care.
100. Whenever you go drinking there is no one else in the bar. The business must be bad in all the bars in Korea.


roxyurdaneta said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Even though these cliches can be sometimes annoying it's fun to search them from all kinda series.

Anonymous said...

theres no good korean drama that i wanna watch b/c of all the cliches. just by watching the episode i could alrdy predict wats going on. also there's like TOO much drama.

blech :P like boy like flowers or something and coffee prince.

the only korean drama i really like is my name is sam-soon :)

Nadia said...

and why is it that when the girl says she doesn't want to be with the guy, and vice versa, they end up having to explain themselves when something (that's usually nothing) happens with opposite sex

like their relationships just happen eve if the other person says i'd rather die then be with you etc...

i dont understand..but i love em lol......

Revy said...

5,19,29,46,47,48,51,58,65,81,82,89,92,94,96 are the ones i hate the most. Especially 46

Anonymous said...

So true!

Cindy said...

You MUSN'T forget that argument sequence where a woman walks away from a man, next thing you see is him running up to her, grabbing her wrist and harshly turning her to him to continue the argument. That is MY pet peeve in Kdrama.

Anonymous said...

When I was reading it, I just kept laughing and laughing and laughing. What you said are true, but your tone is really funny:))

Filebook said...

Nice post. I keep on laughing from the start til the end while reading you blog post.

Anonymous said...

thats why we love korean dramas, drama means drama, not a real world, you can't tally with them to real world, if you are expecting so why are you watching them?

Anonymous said...

"26. Some guys don't have names. Girls call them OPPA or ahjussi or boss." Um that's literally their culture? I don't know why you list it as a cliche when it isn't. They do have names, but in Korean culture, you're supposed to refer to your senior by honorific title instead of their name.

Anonymous said...

85 LOL

Anonymous said...

Actually, some of these are just because of the culture in Korea. The reason a few of these are cliches is because they really do happen all the time in Korea, since culture and all.

oszi said...

it's natural, if you looking around the world you will the same thing. Not just in Korea.