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The King and the Clown Kmovie DL

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Sumamry: The King and the Clown takes place in the Joseon Dynasty, like so many other generic Korean dramas, but the plot has a very original spin. The story centers on a band of impoverished traveling entertainers. The two main characters Jang-Saeng and Gong-il are lovers. The fact that they are both men should be shocking to Koreans, but Gong-il played by actor Lee Jun-ki is looks so much like a girl; you almost want to believe that he’s female. It’s obvious the two have an amazing bond as they really look out for each other. They decide to go to Hanyang (now Seoul) where they can put on a bigger and better show. There, they find other talented minstrels to join their act.

In order to draw a crowd and make more money, Jang-Seang, the default leader of the troupe, decides to stage a show mocking the King and his favorite concubine Nok-Su. One of the King’s officials gets wind of the show and has the troupe arrested for treason. The official agrees to let them perform for the King with the agreement that if the King enjoys the show, their lives are spared. In fact, the true motive the official has in taking the troupe to the palace is to expose the corruption plaguing the King’s regime.
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Directed by Lee Jun-ki
Produced by Jeong Jin-wan, Lee Jun-Ik
Written by--Choi Seok-hwan (screenplay), Kim Tae-wung (original play)
Starring--Gam Wu-seong, Jeong Jin-yeong, Kang Seong-yeon, Lee Jun Ki, Kwon Won-tae
Music by--Lee Byeong-wu
Cinematography Ji-- Gil-Wung
Editing by--Kim Sang-beom, Kim Jae-beom
Distributed by--Cinema Service
Release date(s)--December 29, 2005 (South Korea)
Running time--119 min.
Budget--$4.5 million USD

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