Sunday, October 19, 2008

H Kmovie review

I decided to watch this movie because I though that the poster was cool. No less no more. Then I glanced at the synopsis and saw the word serial killer. I thought it's gonna be something I like since I love Korean crime movies.

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Summary (from asianmediawiki): Someone is killing women, most of whom have the connection of unwanted pregnancies. The vicious nature of the crimes and the choice of victims matches the M.O. of notorious Korean serial killer, 26 year old Shin-Hyun. The problem is Shin-Hyun has already handed himself in and admitted to 6 killings prier to this recent spate. Hard-bitten female Detective Kim Mi Yun, played by Yum Jung-ah (A Tale of Two Sisters, Three… Extremes,) and her new partner Detective Kang Tae Hyun race against time to solve the murders and put a stop to the horrific killings.

Jung-ah Yum - Detective Kim Mi Yun
Jin-hee Ji - Detective Kang Tae Hyun
Ji-ru Sung - Detective Park
Seung-woo Cho - Shin Hyun
Woong-ki Min - Choi Young Jin
Yong-su Park - Chief Jang
Hyuk Poong Kwon - Captain Lee
Eol Lee - Detective Han Jung-Woo
In-kwon Kim - Huh Young-Taek
Kil-soo Park - Bae Yong-Man
Seon-kyeong Kim - Dr. Chu Kyung-sook
Bu-seon Kim
Roe-ha Kim
Seon-mi Yeon

Jung-ah Yum
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When she appeared on the screen I thought she was good. I liked her. Later I saw her in a movie The Worst Man of my Life and I liked her there as well. First of all she is such a beautiful woman. Her charisma is like huge and it's difficult to take your eyes off of her. I can't imagine what would have happened if I were a guy xD

Her character doesn't have much lines. I understand they wanted to make her seem mysterious and cool. She was but it was also the waste of her talents. Her character got simply too little to do and too little to say, she hid all that interesting past. She didn't have clear history, her thoughts weren't displayed and I don't really get her motive in the end. I know she was just helping him but yeah...

Ji Jin-hee
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I saw thsi guy in Soo soem tiem ago. My first thought was not that bad looking but not that handsome either. His acting was fine but his character seemed to be incomplete. He just appeared out of nowhere and talked about uninteretsing things. why did he always get so mad at Shin Hyun? What did he think about everything at the end?

Jo Seung-woo
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I liked this guy the most. His character was written the best as well. He portrayed a crazy serial killer amazingly well and his acting was very convincing. No wonder I liked him. I saw him before in Tazza and felt like no other man could be Goni.

The screenwriting is very usual, very disappointing. It turned out to be a thriller more than crime. From the very beginning after you have seen the meeting between Tae Hyun and Shin Hyun you can tell who the killer is. I surely pitied the guy though. Later in the movie it becomes so obvious that it's weird that the stupid detectives didn't come up with it earlier. Other than predictable it is pretty boring. Yeah, the crimes are disgusting and crime scenes are portrayed well and it is breathtaking and exciting at times. Though the bodies didn't look that real.

I cannot say the screenwriting is witty but at times it's okay. The past behind Shin Hyun is disturbing and made me wonder if taht coudl be actually real? I also thought that the answer to "What does the title 'H' mean?" was pretty good.

Over all it was hard to get in touch with any character, they all seemed so distant and hard to approach as if they didn't want anyone to get close to them, not even the audience. I liked the scenes between Shin Hyun and Tae Hyun the most. The chemistry between them was amazing, it was scary it was exciting. Together they created a great atmosphere.

The ending fails to tie loose ends. I felt like so what?

If you like thrillers and blood you will like this. Then again if you have seen a lot of thrillers this one won't give you anything new or good. While watching H you shouldn't start think about things because you won't get any good answers or motives.