Sunday, October 12, 2008

East of Eden ep 7-9

No surprises so far. Everything going on as I expected. Some Chinese speaking Vietnamese guys wanted to blow up the restaurant for an unknown reason and suddenly Mike has to sign some contract... but luckily Dong Chul saves him and Grace because those stupid gangsters mentioned their blowing up plan because they were so mad about losing at the casino.

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Lame scenes continue.

Now I have one question. Why the h*ll is Dong Chul so sweaty all the time? He's always so wet as if he had just come from a shower. That does not make him more sexy at all, more like disgusting.

I understand Dong Chul was proud of his brother but... that phone call was over the top. He called his brother and instead of asking "how are you" he just shouts "DONG WOOK" what's to make Dong Wook deaf. Dong Wook is only able to whisper "Hyung..." They act like some lame lovers with that overly tragic music on the background. The scene was just too much!
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I know that it was a big deal for Lee family that Dong Wook got into the Uni but was it really so big that he had to be interviewed in tv? Really? Every year someone gets in the Uni as the best so do they make that big commotion every year? I don't think so. A magazine interview should have been enough and not as the first page article. and what's with in the middle of the night? How did reporters find out before Dong Wook?! I guess ppl were happy in the willage too so a party was something I would have expected. But just a party... instead they made it look like some illegal gathering.
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I think Myung Hun looks like his mother. I feel like he definitely got his mother's nature. Not giving up. Unfortunatley he seems to have gotten his father's stupidity He is kinda stupid and rash with his actons. Again, thanks to Tae Hwan.

I'm kind of sick of Lee family hatred. They keep saying "Tae Hwan killed my dad/husband". They just keep repeating it everywhere they go. Its' about the time to do something... I remember in ep 3 or 4 when Myung Hun came to say hello to Dong Chul, Dong Wook and the mother they were really mean to him. Why do they blame Myung hun? He is just a son, he has nothing to do with it. Of course he wants to believe his own father more than some strangers. I also remember Chun Hee saying "the one who loses his temper first, loses" and then she immediately snapped at Myung Hun and his mother. I was like... okay. So you just admitted you lost? if I were Myung Hun I would slap every single member in the family. From the very start he only wanted to be friends but they kept badmouthing him. No wonder he hates them now!

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I think that Grace and dong Chul have good chemistry. I'm totally rooting for them more than anything. But based on some posters it really looks like love triangle between Dong Chul, Hye Rin and Dong Wook... eh, I don't wanna see that. I just hope it only looks like it.

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I never expected seeing nurse here and now. I was just wondering what happened to her and there she was before my eyes. I'm dying to know how she managed to climb so high. That Tae Hwan bastard suddenly changed after seeing her. He wasn't even sorry and in the end I really didn't understand what he wanted to tell her. I hope she will soon find out about Dong Chul's identity. Actually I was thinking about the truth. What would it do to Chun Hee? Her character is so strongly against Tae Hwan's family. I think the truth would break her into pieces. Maybe in the worst case she would die or something.

Another thing put of the blue. So Dong Wook went to school and there was suddenly a strike. WHT?! Why? I have no words for this. They just add strike without explaining why? Without showing who's involved, who's the leader, hwo was it planned etc.
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And finally Lee Dan Hee appeared. She totally seems like a character who's strong outside but weak inside. I'm waiting for her burst in teras any moment. Her acting was ok, I like her attitude so far.
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Suddenly there was a marriage meeting. WHT?! I thought President guk didn't like Tae Hwan.. And then this
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happened. It's like raping Myung Hun. It was SO mean from Tae Hwan and I really don't understand why he had to do it?!!! I think it's time for Myung Hun to wake up and finally understand that his father is not a nice guy.

I really don't get what's the big deal about using connections.
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They were talking about it whole episode. Since when did Dong Wook become so righteous? He if someone should know that in the world it's not possible to live abiding to the law because ugly bastards who only think about themselves make the law. When in ep 2 or 3 Chun Hee went to receive the money from Tae Hwan she burned it. WHAT?! She could have used it and made Dong Chul and Dong Wook into outstanding men and who would then avenge their father. Then they could say "It's your dirty money that made you into nothing"

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How do they know each other?

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I don't get this guy at all.

The whoel kidnapping situation was so stupid. Why did they kidnap her? Tae Hwan is really childish. Let's make Dong Chul into a murdered. Then what?! I think Garce and Dong Chul have great chemistry but I really can't tell what he is thinking, at all.

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I love SSH's eyes <3

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It sure took long to run to that boat...

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How coem she got hurt?! The mother is slowly turning into one loud and annoying ahjumma. It's as if she hasn't changed a bit since the beginning.

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I wonder if Grace had said yes if she hadn't met Dong Chul?

Why did Ji Hyun have to be so jealous? That was over the top. At least Hye Rin was a good opponen xD By the way I have been thinking who's Ji Hyun's father?

I think President Guk likes Dong Chul.

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"You are going to polish your thoughts again?" Ha ha xD That was so hilarious.


Anonymous said...

I have to say this lame is lame in the fact that they cry too much and act like the world is ending everytime it makes me sick. I can't believe drama is coming to this these days. This drama was supposed to be as good as sandglass, but fails short a long way.

Apart from that I enjoy this drama, I like Mike and the cute girl who is like 9 years younger than that guy but yeah. also after 20 years shin tae won is looking hella good! and the grandad is still alive and kicking wow!

Drama Island said...

Yeah. All that crying is tiring me out. Overall a nice drama but it concentrates too much on relationships.

If there only could be more plotting and excitement... And here I was waiting to se an action drama like Time of Dog and Wolf <_<