Saturday, October 11, 2008

East of Eden ep 3-6

I finally found some time to catch up with this show. After pretty boring and overly melodramatic beginning it has gotten better, no doubts. But I still think it does NOT deserve the high ratings it's getting. They cry in every episode. In the beginning it was awfully boring... they started mourning before Lee Gi Chul's death, they cried after he died and after that in every episode. Even now. I'm not that disappointed with acting but I am really disappointed in screenwriting. The plot seems ridiculous, it's too dramatic, too emotional at wrong moments and too boring. For example episode 3 was stupid, nothing actually happened in whole episode <_< that fire thing was absolutely exaggerated. I can't believe Dong Chul's mother's attitude. Ok, so he started the fire so what? Shin Tae Hwan absolutely deserved it. Maybe he did wrong but does she have to start hating him right away and label him as a gangster?!!

What I liked about ep 3 and 4 were Dong Wook and Myung Hun. (Though I didn't like Won Duk Hyun) These little guys absolutely described their father's when they were kids. Dong Wook was fierce and constantly thought about revenge or rather harming Tae Hwan while Myung Hun only wanted to be friends with everyone. Later when they grew up I could see that their parent's propaganda had changed them into what they should be. Yun Jung Hoon is too old for the role, no matter how young they make him look he is just too old. I can see and feel from him that he knows too much about life. Though I really love his gentle aura. He always speaks softly and has that incredibly lovable light in his eyes. He is too nice.

From the very start I didn't respect Tae Hwan as a villain because he just wasn't bad enough, he didn't have that evil look in his eyes. But my hatred toward him grew a bit after I saw how he tried to live trough his son, forcing him do this and that. I pity Myung Hun a lot. He was never strong enough to oppose his father or stand on his own. Later its' so obvious that he just weak and doesn't know which way to turn. Since childhood he had done whatever his father told him so now he becomes bad only because he doesn't know how to go against Tae Hwan. Thanks a lot dude, you just have corrupted your son's life. I really like Park Hae Jin, yeah he looks good and he looks mean. But more than anything I wish he wouldn't have been bad if he only could become good.

Dong Chul getting in the prison and all that stuff was exciting since it was finally time for action (instead of crying). But after he escaped things happened so fast. I didn't have time to get to know other characters. some things that happened were weird. I mean, what's that treasure hunting? Then this guy betrayed everyone and there was another bad guy and then that gangster dude (was his name Wang Geon?) suddenly went to work for Tae Hwan because he had some childish grudge against Dong Chul. At first I thought it was his plot to avenge in Dong Chul's place but then I noticed he was seriously mad at Dong Chul. For what? Yeah, maybe he had to leave in order to protect his family and he was forced to do so anyways. Any sane person would think about these possibilities.

planning about the break. But in such a palce?

Take a good look at the guy behind.

Yes. This guy. In the end I never found out why? Was he jealous of Dong Chul or something?

WhenI first saw this man I never knew he would be one of my fav. characters.

Suddenly Dong Chul was good at fighting? wtf. No the stupidest thing ever was Don Chul's expression when he entered the casino "oh, they are playing with cards. This looks so fun I wanna try it too" he was like a little kid. Then I dunno how and why but suddenly he was soooo good with cards that it was supposed to be amazing. He even changed his hairdo and started looking more gangster... This all just suddenly happened like one scene ended and then he was so amazingly good at playing cards. Man, some ppl have to practise it for years!!

I really liked this man. I don't remember what's his name and I'm really curious WHAT THE H*LL HAPPENED TO HIM?!! i was kidn atouched when he told Don Chul that he want's to be hsi father but yeah, he had too little screentime so I really don't have any deeper opinions about him.

I really liked Kim Bum's acting. At first I was like. so lame <_< some young unexperienced actor who cares. But then he managed to win me over. Now I kinda miss him. His acting was.. how to say... spicy enough xD

Then let's move on. What else. So he ended up at Macao place and was left all alone. He didn't even know the language. But then there is this time jump, the viewer just has to guess that it's been like about 3 years. How did Dong Chul survive? Suddenly he was working and had "family" and stuff and I was never told how he got friends + the ppl who are supposed to be Vietnamese speak Chinese... That reminded me of his bad ass boss who wears kung fu shirt and uses some stinky rope as a whip and I bet he thinks "I'm a real bad ass, I speak bad Chinese but I can rule all these Vietnamese ppl who for some reason speak Chinese. Yeah, I'm so damn cool." Dong Chul seems to be doing ok. At that time Tae Hwan is acting stupid. He wants too much too soon. He has made all possible mistakes and is still alive. I'm surprised. The man has no shame.

Dong Chul looks like a real gangster. Let's add slimy gangster xD

I thought this was the lamest scene so far. no, actually the lamest scene is that hand thing scene.

This scene was actually beautiful and touching. This was the first time when I actually realized how awful it was for Dong Chul as a kid to lose his father that way. He just couldn't run fast enough.

Han Ji Hye sucks. I hate her and I hate her character. Ji Hye is just worthless scrybaby who acts like a spoiled kid. She always keeps saying hwo she cannot live without Dong Wook. Well guess what?!! Before declaring your undying love do something about Myung Hun!!!!! Seriously, she cannot stand for herself at all. Even though she hates Myung Hun she still cannot express it well enough. I wonder how come Dong Wook loves her so much?! She is so damn weak, petite princess.

So I finally saw the rumored sexy and hot hunk Song Seung Hun. What to say. I think I like him so far. Though he has very few different expressions as if he doesn't know any more. But he looks good so maybe that's why I like him xD I'm so superficial. I dunno, I like his eyes. So big and lovely <3 I also like Dong Chul's character. I know it's kinda cliche character that only thinks about other's happiness and keeps all sorrow to himself.

Dennis Oh fianlly arrived at the scene. YAY! He seemed really stiff at frst but then I got used to him. Dunno, he is not important and his acting is ok so I like him. Besides I liked how he became freinds with Dong Chul. I wann se them become even better friends.

Lee Yeon Hee. I love her. For some reason I just cannot help but love her. There is something absolutely lovable about her. I regard her as a good actress and I think she delivers her role very well. I also liek her character. So innocent and stupid.

He just looks so damn helpless and lost. Poor kid.

President Gok is so cool. At first I thought his character was too weird, in fact, I still think so. He is like from some other era. Or maybe he became crazy after he noticed how rich he actually is? I dunno... So far he seems like a good character and I'd like him to stay so. I'm looking forward to his cooperation with Dong Chul.

I somehow don't wait anything from this drama anymore. As I expected I'm quite disappointed with the acting and screenwriting but overall I think this is an ok stuff.