Thursday, October 16, 2008

East of Eden ep 13 and 14

I gotta say ep 13 was maybe the best episode so far. Finally some real action and excitement. I even found myself a bit excited! Dok Sa and other gang members were kinda cool. Rushing to President Guk with the ambulance, so clever. I liked graces attitude in this episode a lot. I think sh will be more than capable to take over President Guk's position though she is still a bit rash, I think she will learn with years. This made me think that maybe President Guk will die alongside the drama.

Then again every time when Lee brothers meet it's feels like some sappy scene from romantic series. I also noticed that Yun Jung Hoon absolutely doesn't know how to run. When he ran to Dong Chul it looked so stupid like a little kid who just learned to run. They hugged and went to drive with Dong Chul's motorbike and all kinda stuff a couple would do. I'm starting to suspect that the love triangle will turn in to something crazy. Dong Wook is not actually Dong Chul's biological brother... This is gonna be crazy xD

So hateful Ji Hyun finally made her decision. She still kept blaming Myung Hun all the way even though he seemed more than regretful. I know Ji Hyun has the right to be mad and all but how is Myung Hun's love wrong? He loves like Ji Hyun. And I am sure that Ji Hyun will be able to change him into better. Like she told Tae Hwan she married Myung Hun because she believed she had the power to stop the wrath between 2 families. I am eager to see that power. When I saw the wedding ceremony I was so sure that one day Ji Hyun will fall for Myung Hun. One day she will surely fall for him!! And when I saw that 3 years later scene I was a bit disappointed. Ji Hyun seemed happy. Of course she was like oh so shocked when she saw an article about Dong Wook yet still I could feel she had gotten used to her life and became happy.

Meeting between mother and son was very annoying again. Yeah, Chun Hee didn't know that Dong Chul actually begged those gangsters to pay the money but still she was too mean. I don't care how much her heart hurt after that! She knows that Dong Chul is trying his best yet she cannot accept him. Being righteous at times when money rule, it's just stupid. I was waiting for a comment like "I won't get my pay because you showed up here." I know that it's absolutely right what she is doing but still it annoys me. Such a righteous person. Why is a casino dirty place? Rich people like businessmen come there to play like little boys. Maybe the money they use is dirty but that's already too far fetched!

In episode 14 there was this sudden 3 years jump. It came too suddenly. I know that surprises are always nice and all but screenwriter should have at least prepared the viewer for it. I'm truly disappointed with the screenwriter overall. This drama is so full of melodrama and hate that it's already annoying, boring and tiring. East of Eden should be more of an action series. I want to see intelligent businessmen and rich families fight and plot. I want to see some dirty scheming bastards. But everything till now has been like a child's play and kind of lame. Moreover the main focus seems to be on relationships. I have to say this time MBC has played it's cards right. I think they managed to win Ahjummas over.


Anonymous said...

can you re upload the links for east of eden episode 13 pls... need it very badly

masearte said...

are u fucking nuts? He raped her! His love for ji Hyun was not love it was obsession she has every right to hate him.