Thursday, October 16, 2008

East of Eden ep 10-12

Episode 10 was the most melodramatic since ep 2-3 and it was the most over the top than any episode before. It all starts with this lame "flying scene" ah, I'm at the verge of losing my hope. Back at the Korea there is this stupid kid who only thinks about his robot even though people around are fighting. I understand he is just a small boy but yeah, even a small kid can tell if something goes wrong. Then there were many boring hospital scenes with people just crying and crying and that scene when Dong Wook rushed to the boy's room with dramatic music on the background. I was like <_< just die already and get over with the funerals.

Somewhere else Myung Hun's crazy and obsessive and forceful love is driving him crazy. "That's my love" he says and orders men to imprison the woman he loves and torment her. "I love her" he still dares to say. He should listen to his mother more but no he won't. I was thinking if that's normal. A kid is going crazy but parents don't care. I still pity Myung Hun, he is broken. Ji Hyun doesn't help the situation one bit, she keeps shouting at him and telling him how disgusting he is. Why can't they talk it over normally. In a way I understand Ji Hyun's rage because Myung Hun is crazy but still. I'm not satisfied with thsi situation because Myung Hun is not actually that bad and wicked.

There is another lame phone conversation between Lee brothers... And finally Dong Chul decides to come back to Korea. This is what I have been waiting for. I'm not disappointed in him one but. So what if he becomes president Guk's dog? I'm very satisfied in fact, I like president Guk. At least he has power and together with Dong Chul's wrath toward Tae Hwan they can achieve quite a bit. I also enjoy quite a bit President Guk's and Garce's father-daughter relationship.

After Dong Wook got imprisoned I started hating Ji Hyun even more. What's the use of saying sorry anymore? She signed the papers and that's it. She betrayed him. And after that she can only cry and pity herself only. She is totally just a spoiled princess.

Hye Rin's hate toward her parents is not quite understandable. I know that I will learn about her more in the future but it's a bit annoying that they start with her hate without any explanations. Her dad seemed like a nice person anyways, though stupid. Her mother seemed very reasonable though. She acted like she should have acted in those situations. Life is not easy especially when you are surrounded with powerful people like that. You should alway think how you act, what you say and be careful. Hye Rin should know that too. And her way of requesting for something was very rude. She came to her parents to ask for help but while asking she used rude tone and mean words. Then her father suggest that his company may go into her hands but whats' her reaction? she tells him off? maybe there is a very reasonable reasons but it is hard to understand right now when I don't know any details. I know Hye Rin is mad because her parents kiss up to idiots like Tae Hwan but that's how things are. If you don't want to get into trouble then kiss up and try to survive.

In ep 12 Dong Chul and Hye Rin finally meet. Their meeiting was more dull than dull. No chemistry at all. I don't mean they should have fallen in love woth each other or anything but it was absolutley neutral. There was nothing! I so wanna Dong Chul x Grace relationship. Sh ecan be a bit childish at times but that only makes her more cute!

Brothers finally met. Their meeting was totally over the top. It was like from some lame play "Is that my brother's voice I'm hearing?" And then President Guk's comment "Turn on the lights for them" I was like Rolf! But before that when Dong Chul saw his brother being thrown out in the fields he did nothing. He knew that Dong Wook was injured and stuff so wouldn't it have been natural for him to rush to his brother?!

But the WORST!!!!!!!!!! Was the meeting of Dong Chul and his mother. 1. It was overly dramatic 2. Chun Hee's mother is actually lacks empathy!!! Rather than listening to her own son she listens to what Myung Hun (her enemy) has to say and believes him. Not Dong Chul. When he comes to her room all she can is to accuse him of things he never did and she never gave him time to explain himself either. "You did this and that and you dare to come back to me" That's more than rude, that's heartless. I refuse to understand here, this is my limit. No matter how soft her heart is I don't want to understand a mother who only believes in stranger's words and says "What other's will think of me now?" She never asked about the truth. I know she will later understand and say sorry but what's the use? It's gonna be too late anyways. Also getting mad and Dong Chul when he says he's gonna avenge his father with maybe illegal method. She Chun Hee if anyone should know that for poor people there is no law that can protect them. There is no way Dong Wook or Dong Chul could with Tae Hwan with help of the law only.

Ji Hyun finally gives Dong Wook up. I have one questin. When did she have sex with Myung Hun? She cries and makes a big scen eout of everything. I feel like this because I don't really like the actress. She makes Ji Hyun seem annoying and stupid. I understand Ji Hyun feels wronged because she has been wronged. But she is being mean to Myung Hun too. Chun Hee doesn't help the situaton. She came to see Ji Hyun because of Dong Wook but had nothing good to say. What a heartless woman. I hate her.

I always enjoy when Dong Chul appears, though sometiems I just don't get the stuation. Suddenly he is a gang leader? When did he start working at the casino? Well, no matter what the bald guy should get in trouble soon. He is disgusting and annoying and President Guk should do something about him.