Friday, September 5, 2008

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'U-Turn' is a new type of drama with 4 minuts each and 3 episodes, made by On Media and Ssang Yong Motors.
It's short but has all elements of drama, a melancholy love story of man and woman who made fatal meeting.
Famous movie director Jang Jin wrote script and directed.
He introduced that it will be attractive work which has both sensibility of a music video and interesting story of a drama.
So Ji Sub in this drama is a music producer, will show professional looking which he hardly showed before and unique attractiveness.
One day he is attracted by a stranger girl who showed up in front of him suddenly, the actress is Lee Yeon Hee.
Director Jang Jin says "You will see attractive So Ji Sub who has coldness of bad guy Cha Moo Hyun of 'Sorry I love you' plus softness."
So Ji Sub said after fimling "In many scenes I needed to act with my eyes, so I focused on conveying my feeling. It's my first work after long break, so I did it really ambitiously."
'U-Turn' is aired from April 1st, through cable channel OCN & Super Action.
So Ji Sub who discharged last year Apr, will start filming Cain and Abel from end of June.
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