Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Moonlight of Seoul review

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Director: Yun Jong-bin
Cast: Yoon Kye Sang, Ha Jung Woo, Yoon Jin Suh
Running time: 126 min.
Rating: 18+
Synopsis: (from chinky's movies)
Two young men, Seung-woo and Jae-hyun, serve as ‘hosts’ or male escorts for a discreet private women’s club in a post district of Seoul. In the backdrop of Seoul’s fast-changing modern lifestyle, these two young try to live the upbeat life of the affluent crowd by raking in money at the club even though their personal lives become ruined by the day. A realistic look into the dark businesses that go on in the rampant city life of today’s Seoul metropolitan.
I really don't get why this movie was filmed? I don't get what does it try to say? It's disgusting, scary, glamorous and sick at the same time. Screenwriting is definitely lacking. Focus of the story is missing, totally. Those guys, were they friends? Their relationship wasn't clear enough. Why must this movie be about 2 guys, why not about one then? Adding love relationship in the story seemed like a mere reason for sex. And since they were showing sex scenes why not show it till the end, I mean the orgasm. I'm not trying to be perverted or anything but if they show a man and a woman having sex for a minute and then just jump to "after"-scene it's ridiculous. Dry, boring and totally typical/predictable love relationships were a long minus for this drama.

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Jae-Hyun is supposed to be a total asshole. But he is represented in a wrong way. When he shows up you start to think that this character was meant to be liked. Then you get the picture that he is a total loser and nothing goes right for him. Wasn't he supposed to be a sly ladies man? It took him so much time to squeeze some money from a woman... amazingly long time. And the loan shark who was always bullying him was so soft. The first and the last beating was in the latter half of the movie. I assume he had heard that "I'll pay you next month" for a year or so, why did he keep listening? WHY?! It was supposed to be a real problem... Also, not telling about Jae-hyun's past and how did he become such a man. Without that info it was pretty hard to understand him.

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Seung-woo was more normal at first. It's a pity they didn't show his past or tell any reasons why did he start working at a host club. They didn't show what happened after that "incident" either. Were they trying to be mysterious? If so it was a mistake. Rather soft hearted and mentally not so stabile character is such a cliche. There was nothing good in this guy either. I like these kind of characters in more bright movies. You know, in movies that show that these guys have hope too, something can change them. This story was like that in reverse. How a guy with hope can turn into a monster.

Maybe screenwriter's purpose was to show how similar Seung-woo actually became to Jae-hyun despite how much he hated him. If you get into shady business it's not for some time but for a long time. It's almost impossible to get out if you are not strong willed enough.

The ending sucked. For Jae-hyun it was predictable and for Seung-woo it just ended too early. I felt like there weren't any proper conclusion to the story. I can see why Seung-won did that but come on! It's just stuuuupid!!!

I don't really find anything good to say about this movie. It looked really cool and they made the host club seem so rotten and made it all look so wrong. This could be reality and that's scary/disgusting and at teh same time it feels acceptable. There were some nice moments but most of the time it was just boooring, stuuupid and laaame.

Do not try to search realism in this movie because it feels so constrained. Everything is so shallow and there is no deep meaning to the story. Even conversations seem so boring. Everything goes on slow and boringly, no surprises, nothing. And on top of all it was so dark all the time that it was hard to see people's faces. This my have something to do with "watching movies on computer screen" but not all movies have been this "dark".

Acting was ok. I started watching this movie only because of Yoon Kye-sang and well, he's hot xD Ha Jeong-woo isn't bad either, looks mature and all^^ I didn't find Yoon Jin-seo that attractive at all and it was annoying because she was supposed to be really pretty. Her acting skills weren't anything magnificent either. Its' hard to say was it due to bad acting or just stupid plot that this movie was a flop (for me) and I want to believe that it was the latter reason.

Just don't watch it. Even though it looks cool and seems interesting. It's not, it's stupid and boring.

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