Friday, September 5, 2008

Invincible Parachute Agent review

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Title: Moojeokeui Nakhasan Yowon
Also known as: Korea Secret Agency / Invincible Parachute Agent / Master of String Pulling
Genre: Comedy, Action, Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 2006-Sept-06 to 2006-Nov-02
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55

Choi Kang (Eric Mun), a freeloader at home, has a hard time finding a job after being expelled from high school for fighting. He is admired by the gangs for his fighting ability, but his younger brother, working in the prestigious LK Corp., looks down on him. Then a little luck, and a bit of fortune lands him a meeting with the President and a job at the KSA (Korean Secret Agency)...and perhaps a girl or two are coming his way as well.

Eric as Choi Kang
Han Ji Min as Gong Ju Yeon
Yoon Ji Min as Ellis / Jeong Yoon Hee
Shin Sung Woo as Kang Eun Hyuk
Won Tae Hee as Lee Joo Bin (Hacker)
Choi Jung Won as Choi Seon (Eric's brother)
Jo Hyang Ki
Yoon Joo Sang

Production Credits
Writers: Lee Sun-Mi, Kim Ki-Ho
Director: Lee Yong-Suk

My opinion
I loved this drama. It was funny and entertaining, very enjoyable. Story was interesting enough to keep me hooked till the very end. Looking at this I can tell that budget wasn't very high. Clothes, office, homes and everything don't look that stylish or cool. But it's not that important actually. And did I already mention that kissing scenes were better than average?

The Story: Overall the plot was rather simple and predictable. All pieces fell on their own places so easily. Actually this drama has been criticised because of it's simplicity. I don't mind because this is simple comedy and it is funny for real, in other words this drama is just a joke and just a joke cannot be too complicated. There are some serious moments but I very much like how this drama managed to drag all comedy throughout whole drama. Usually funny dramas become very serious halfway. This story is very similar to Super Rookie, actually it's Super Rookie with different settings. I dare to say that IPA has more interesting settings that SR. Overall witty humor and good script are definitely the strongest part of this drama. No wonder, screenwriters are the same ppl who wrote SR. The ending was ok, I don't mind for it being a bit open, it actually suited this drama very well. The only annoying thing was that sometimes the story was so unbelievable and that was very irritating. I don't believe Korean Secret Agency employs people based on such loose information.

I find characters the weakest part of the drama. Main characters were introduced really well but supporting cast didn't get enough screen time. Choi Kang's team for example, each of them was interesting and special but they didn't have own lives. They kept repeating same things, same routines. I missed that character development from Super Rookie, more unique characters with more influence on the story. I mostly felt like things revolved into small circle.

The Cast:
Eric has improved a lot since Breathless and Super Rookie days. His acting is very natural and he is very believable in his role. I'm not sure if he had the best hairstyle though. Han Ji Min is very fresh and cute. Though her role is a bit similar to all her past performances. Choi Jung Won was brilliant as Choi Kang's brother! He was really funny. Overall everyone did great job, no one was outstanding enough to mention here.

Very entertaining, not unique or special but very funny. A must watch if you are Eric fan!