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How to play softsubs? How to join files? Subtitles don't match spech? Other problems? Find your answer here.

How to play softsubs?
Download medis file and .str file. Check that files are named exactly the same:
video file: GoongS_ep1
sub file:

Some players that play .srt files:
VLC media player
GOM Player

!Sometimes subtitles are not srt files but sub files. To play those things just click:
opinions--subtitles--choose language--english

Subtitles don't match speech?
Subtitles are always synched for HQ or LQ files. If they are synched for HQ they will show too late or too early in LQ files. You can adjust them at least in GomPlayer. I have done this tons of times and it's easy.
opinions--subtitles-- 0,5 second faster or 0,5 second slower
That's it. This way you can also adjust audio if for some reason speech and picture don't match. just go opinions--audio

Subtitles are too big/small
If file is not hardsubbed you can customize your subtitles. Just go opinions-subtitles and then choose right opinion.
How to play mp4 files?
Downlaod a player that plays them or codec
I recommend GOM Player
Another tutorial

How to play rmvb files
Well just download Windows media player if you don´t have one installed on your comp. Personally I downloaded Storm Codec With it installed I don´t actually need to search for any codecs at all. It plays DVD files, subtitles etc.
GOM Player plays rmvb too
Another tutorial
Yet another tutorial

Picture is not showing(or blurry) or there is no voice
Some files just work in only one player. If it's not Gomplayer, VLC nor Media player try Winamp. I have had some files that worked only in winamp. At first I thought the file was corrupted but it wasn't (I tried downloading from different sites). No matter what try always in different players. I use Gomplayer mostly but I need Media player and Winamp at times. But first find out if the file is really ok or corrupted.

Where to get codecs?
they have pretty much everything: audio, video,dvd and all kinda tools
How to join splitted files with hjsplit:
Sometimes drama episodes are very big and split in 2 or 3 parts. You need to download hjsplit. It is really easy to use and does not need any installations.
1. Put it in same folder with downloaded files.
2. Check that all downlaods are named same way. example:
2. Run hjsplit, choose "join"
3. Click "input files" and choose .001 file. And then click "start"
4. Then just wait a bit.

---I joined files but it seems like episode is not full?
Check that all files are named same way.
Goong S_ep1.avi.002 <-- episode is damaged because name is different (space between Goong and S).

How to use xtremsplit by tampopo:
Download it HERE *if someone knows a better link then please post here. I have checked the file and it's safe.

Go: — options - generales - langue - english and the program will be in english

First to join the file click on "join" , then after click on the "S" to select the file, if the file doesn't appear, click on the menu ahead of "open" where's written "Xtremsplit v1.1/1.2 (*001.xtm)" and select "HJ Split, FileSpliter 4.5, Ultra Splitter (*001;*u001)" when the file ends by .001 or select "Xtremsplit version 1.1/1.2 (*,001.xtm)" when the file ends by .xtm . And choose your file.
After "D" is for the place where you want to put it when it's joined, if it's not where are already the splitted files, then select another one. And to finish, click on "Join" at the bottom to start.

Now to split files click on "Split" , select a file like before, clicking on the "S" after selecting the file, like before choose the place where you want to put it when it's splited, if it's not where is already the file, change it by clicking in "D".
You can also choose, the size of the files you want to make when it's splited, by clicking on "size of the part" and enter the size you want, you can also choose the number of file you want by clicking on "Number of parts" in the same place.
When you have done, just click on "Split" at the bottom.
HQ= high quality (means like 500-700 mb files. Like real HUGE)
LQ= low quality (may be very bad quality, it may even spoil you and may be annoying. But at least dl time is not long. size between under 50-150mb)
MQ= medium quality (usually pretty much like HQ but size is between 200-400 mb)

Softusbs= it means subs are not within episode, you need to dl them and then you need a player to play them
Hardsub= if episode is hardusbbed it means subtitles are alredy within the episode. So you just play it in any palyer you like.
How to merge files downloaded from badongo
(tutorial from
You have a few options available to you if you would like to merge files back together.

When you download split files, you will notice that they have file extensions such as .aa .ab .ac etc...

You will also have to download a file with the .badongo extensions.

Make sure you download these files into the same directory.

The easiest way to merge files back together is to use our FREE Badongo Buddy software for Windows or our FREE File Merger for Mac OS X.

Users who do not wish, or are unable to, install software onto their computers, may download our small filemerger.bat files.

These files are simple batch files that copy the files back together into one piece.
If you would like to inspect the contents of the .bat file, you may open it in notepad or Word.

If you run Linux or FreeBSD, you can simply use the “cat” command to put the files back together.

For example
cat filename.ext.aa > filename.ext
cat filename.ext.ab >> filename.ext
cat >> filename.ext

I can't download from certain site
-Try in different web browser
-Cheat sendspace with LINK and here are more proxyfree site links. Just copy download link and paste it in the proxy site, then click go.
-Read FAQ from on site you try to dl from. Maybe you are doing something wrong.
-If site asks you to wait certain time you have to wait that time. Downlaod will certainly start.
-How to cheat Megaupload LINK#1--LINK#2--LINK#3 This might work for someone. I have tried everything but no use.

How to use bittorrent?
What is bittorrent @ wikipedia
what is bittorrent?
How to tutorial
How to tutorial

My simple tutorial:
If you use Opera as your web browser it has inside build torrent. So you can just click download and it will start. However if you use Explorer or Firefox you will need to download bittorent cliet. Personally I like to use Flashget it's a dwonload manager that support bittorrent. Just right click bittorrent link and save it to your deskop. Then open flashget and drag drop BT file. Or then right click BT link and choose "download with flashget"

I started the download but it doesn't work or is stuck at cectain point. This means the file you are downloading doesn't have any seeders. Bittorrent works like this: people who share files seed, if there isn't any then it won't work because no one is sharing it. So before downloading any BT file check if there are any seeders. If there isn't then it's pointless. Even 1 seeder is ok but the more seeders the faster speed.

Why use BT? It is fast when there are seeders and you can resume your download anytime. You can even close your computer and after you start it again you can continue from where you stopped. Many files that are shared via BT can't be found anywhere else.

! Flashget is not the only free downlaod manager out there. Here is some info, list and comparison chart @ wikipedia

How to Use Clubbox?
tutorial 2
how to @ d addicts
Still didn't get answer for your question? Just post a reply here and ask. Or if you are impatient just google your question. You will find answer faster. Or maybe you have some tip I don't have here. Please post a reply I will add it here.