Friday, September 5, 2008

East of Eden ep 1-2

So I decided to start watching East of Eden, why? Because of the cast, hell no (Lee Dan Hee! YUK!!!). Because of the story, hell no (even though I like stuff like this), because of what? Because everyone was making big deal out of it. Yeah, I'm that kind of person, everyone talks about it, I should watch it. (so I did with Goong and My Girl, I wish I didn't)

Anyways, 2 episodes behind. What do I feel? ummm, ehem, umm... Nothing actually. "Why did I start watching this crap?" What do I get? Jo Min Ki acting as if he is super duper hot and so sexy and ah, everyone's gonna fall for him because he likes to walk around topless. He such a tough guy, like the worst bad ass out there. He glared at Dong Chul's mother, yeah. So nasty, I'm falling in love <_< No but seriously. So far acting hasn't been anything special. I'm looking forward the young superstar cast. Well, nothing to wait for there either. I like Dennis Oh and Lee Da Hae, well Yun Jung Hoon is charming too but I cannot imagine him in this kind of superstar drama. I rather see him in low budget dramas like Snow White and such. Right now I'm glad to see my cute little Park Gun Tae!!! (only a sneak peak in ep 2 T_T) He did such a great job in MISA, I have been looking forward seeing him. Dong Chul's mother does good job too. At least she is better than others. Personally I hate Dong Chul's dad's first love woman. I shouldn't be saying this but she is... UGLY! I'm not that pretty myself but at least people who are in show biz should be good looking. I DO NOT want to spend hours of my life looking at ugly fish faced people (seriously, did her face get an electric shock or something?! or did someone hit her with frying pan right into the face?!) and think "wow, so ugly" and then watch again and think "wow so ugly" and so my life goes to waste...

I actually knew before watching that most of the cast is new to me and the other half that I know, I hate or don't like. And there are only few that I like but I still had to start watching. I though, maybe it's gonna look great and plot would be somewhat interesting. To hell with that! I dunno from what to start my complaining. Ok, first of all settings. It really looks like Soviet Union or world war 2. Should it look like that?! Did anyone else pay attention to the train station man in blue uniform? Doesn't it look like they cut him from somewhere and plastered in there? It's as if wearing pink in the forest and trying to take cover in the bushes. No one's gonna notice that you are there. Pink goes so well with dark green. Or then putting on 1 litre of perfume and going into hiding. Police dog's won't find you. They will think that world stinks like lily of the valley + orange. And of course, you won't stand out in the crowd. No one will notice. Seriously, I so hated that train station man. He saw a woman with baby and knew that her husband had maybe died and what did he do? Give her a gerat shock by telling the news as straight as possible. I understand Dong Chul's mom was really shocked but she had a baby with her "Get a grip of yourself woman!"

This drama is so theatric. When camera points at you you talk, when it turns and leaves you out you shut up immediately even though in normal situation you would talk. In this drama people always listen carefully and then talk, they don't talk at the same time even though it would be normal to cut off other when his/her talking annoys you (the hell, they don't even move at the same time). Every time a new scene pops up everyone is posing as if for a camera shot. Everything in the drama looks so artificial, I mean fake. Even the houses, it looks like they are hanging out in a friggin museum! I dunno but I strongly feel as if this drama was build like some computer game, layer by layer. They picked scenery first, then added houses, then humans... It just doesn't look smooth and that's it.

So many peraganant women in one episode... so many that it was just lame. btw. the babies look like 8 months-1,5 year old. What kind of monsterwoman can deliver such a big baby in the world?!!! Ok, they can't use newborn babies but at leats shave their har or something. I know a baby can be born with hair but still, not all of then have such long hair. And what's with the mohawk baby? lol

Screenwriting sucks BIG TIME! Even more than in Lobbyist. So many overlong discussions. I felt so many times like taking out a gun and shooting those people who kept talking even though the discussion should have bene over 5 min ago. And Dong Chul's father's death was the longest hardship ever (please do not turn this into another Resurrection! I'm begging you!) I mean, they started angsting before he died, then when they found out about the incident, then in the ambulance, in the hospital, after the death, at the funeral, after funerals and surely they will continue with it all along. I'm sick and tired of watching people cry, they feel pain, it's hard yada yada. I don't care. Get over it or make me feel their pain too. When I was watching the hospital scene the only thought I got into my mind was "Just kill off that boring man and move on" It's not easy to kill a person but to take one whole episode!! This episode was only about killing Dong Chul's dad. Come one. Isn't there anything more interesting to show. This is cheating!! Why not kill him off faster, I know there will be 50 episodes (I might die before finishing this drama or turn into vegetable) so they are taking it slow but please... As if driving your car 5 km/h and that's too slow! And I know it was supposed to be so touching when Dong Chul did that signal thing at his dad's funerals because he couldn't talk but I couldn't hold my laughter. Boy did that look stupid! And it went on and on...

Too many things happened, too many characters got introduced too fast. First the nurse thing then Dong Chul's family, oh please. I got it! Shin Tae Hwan is a nasty fellow and a total bad ass. He thinks he is HOT and all women fall for him. He got so many shower scenes too... A total playboy. No one can resist him but he is sooo baaad! And sooo scared of the father of his wife. He has no shame, he totally indirectly killed a man, oh wow. His deadly glare...(I miss Yoon Kye Sang when talking about glaring) oh, I think I'm almost dead, my heart almost stopped beating when I saw Shin Tae Hwan's soulless eyes, he only loves money! btw. Why didn't they show "his" son? Talking about playboys, what about Dong Chul's father? "I might die soon. This is so sad, I should spread my seeds in the world before I'm gone. That woman loves me, yeah. I might die tomorrow and then I will never see my wife and sons again but what the hell, I should enjoy myself and have SEX! YEAH! SEX!"

Anyways, East of Eden sucks so far. I hope it's gonna get better. Though, I alredy miss Lobbyist. I cannot describe how much I loved it despite of all stupidity. At least casting was awesome. Btw. When I gave it a thought, if it's like year 1961 now. Then after 10 yeras it's 1971 and after another 10 years only 1981 and I suppose Dong Chul's gonna be around 30 or something when he is grown up and that's only 1991. (something happened at that time for sure. Soviet Union broke apart or something?) So, are they gonna make this look like 90's? I though it's gonna be something that happens now, in year 2008. Nowadays everything is so cool, they could have made this drama look really glamorous and cool and everything. But 90's... I love 90's but still... Will it really look like 90's? I so doubt!!

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Super lame chasing scene in the first episode!

The super hot and the nastiest baddie ever. Tough guy with deadly glare!

Stupid train station man <_<

We are not filming here, this is a photo shoot.

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Not your color babe. (who hit you with frying pan in the face?)

This is one of the actors I wanted to see so badly. I saw him for about 1 minute and felt immediately at ease. Someone can really act here, no way?!

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Aren't you a bit too old for this? What the hell, it's love, love... if it's love we can do anything and it will look good or so they thought... so they thought...

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We are livinng in a museum.. la la la...

Instead of sending my dad away, I should greet the sun. Later it was exposed that they were part of a certain cult...

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Say hello to a newborn mohawk baby. I understand they didn't use newborn babies but did they have to style their hair too?

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What a dorky smile. lolxd. But still... cute.

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Look at this. The boy was cut out of somewhere and glued right there. And this is not the only scene that gives you that feeling.