Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who Are You? ep 8 and 9

I am a bit annoyed by the fact that Il Gun's and Young ae's relationship is getting so much attention. I'm bitter because I want more Young In x Seung Hyo scenes. And overall it's very annoying how characters just can't get over Il Gun's death. It has been weeks, weeks. When Seung Hyo asked Young In to identity her father's handwriting and asked her about some details she put up this "I'm so pitiful" scene. When she was looking at the painting, ok, I admit it was touching, but how long will this last? That violin music on the background makes me sick. It feels like.. like... you stuck a chewing gum somewhere and when you try to pull it off it stretches and stretches and there is no end to it, it never snaps. That's what kind of feeling I get when Young In goes into "I'm so pitiful" mood and starts talking. Young ae is annoying too, but her "I'm so sad" doesn't irritate me as much.

Another thing that's been irritating me is how Young In doesn't even suspect anything even though Seung Hyo resembles her dad at times. Young ae was able to tell right away... Didn't secretary explain her that Seung Hyo has "mental problems" so why is she accusing him all the time of not remembering and stuff. She is so annoying. It's very disappointing how this good drama has so annoying main girl.

However, my problem is that I want to see more of
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This man xD Isn't he just too cute?! Like a teddy bear, soft and nice to hug, I actually need a hug right now... but all I can do is only dream about it. Mee soo saad *sniff* LOL

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Lol, the eyebrow thing xD it was like "HA HA! Gotcha!"

"The two of you... Can you live together?"

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Ha ha. This so reminded me of Moo Hyuk in MISA when Eun Chae was teaching him how to talk in a polite manners and when he was talking about his past "Jason -yo I can't take this anymore..."

Let's go together!

HA HA! Look at Il Gun's face!! xD And Seung Hyo is like "This is not true... this is not happening. I'm not seeing anything!"

Seung Hyo is trying to collect himself. xD

This is why I love dad's character. Just look at his face. "Wow"

There is a weird man in my bathroom and he just saw ne naked... AAAAH!

"Cha..Seung...Hyo!" Do you remember how he said it?! MWAH HAH HAA! I'm gonna die from laughter!! It was like "congratz for having so fine" xD

He is still screaming!

"Stay calm. I didn't see everything"

And so what if I saw everything. We are both guys here. ho ho ho.

Yes. I saw everything

I just thought this was a very good camera angle.

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So you don't have wet tissues?
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*GLARE back at you*
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And the eyebrow thing xD

Black cigarettes, James Bond music and Il Gun xD A very serious Seung Hyo and his investigations.

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Just what movie was that? "Oh God" xD

This was such a scary scene. I was like "OH NO! He found out!!!" Jae Ha can be so scary. You can't tell what he is thinking. Or you can but you can't guess how bad it could be...

...and breaking the promise with Yoko-san. This is all your doings?


Where is Yoko-san's bag right now?
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*trembe tremble*

Ha ha xD poor secretary.