Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who Are You ep 12

I liking Seung Hyo more and more with every episode and I liked him from the very start. When he explained Young In why he had turtles as his pets... awww. It was so sad. How lonely he had been his whole life? He was lucky to get to know Il Gun^^ I think that every time Il Gun left his body some of his feelings were left behind that's why Seung Hyo fell in love with Young In.

Still with every episode I manage to find many small faults in the plot and characters. I like Young In when she is happy but she always pulls that long face and cries. Every time someone mentions her father she cries. She is acting like a 16 years old teen! Why does she hate Young ae so much? Because her dad liked this woman and she was about to take her mother's place. How stupid is that? Only 16 years old teens in American movies act like that. I'm not saying that 20 years old is a complete adult. I'm 20 myself and I can act like a kid, I still need my parent's support at times. But I could say I'm an adult. Young In is definitely not acting like a 20 years old AT ALL!! That's very annoying. Isn't she supposed to be strong and optimistic. For some reason I don't see that. She drives me crazy at times. Young in was acting toward Young ae like a spoiled little princess. Was she so stupid not to think about Young ae's feelings? This woman had just lost someone she had loved very deeply. She was ready to support Young In but this incredibly stupid and stubborn girl... she kept going on with her dirty mouth <_<

I have come to conclusion that the plot is actually very simple. It's predictable and "bad guys" + their dirty doings =child's play. I don't mind actually since the focus is not investigations but something far deeper. I like how characters are so deep and they develop and change. Sometimes it gets so tense especially between Seung Hyo and Jae Ha. I like it how this drama makes me feel anxious at times. I love this drama, I LOVE IT! But in opinion without Yoon Kye Sang and Kang Nam Gil this drama would be nothing, I dare to say. They are the light of the drama! I'm not disappointed with Jin Yi Han either and supporting cast is ok. But I appreciate Yoon Kye Sang the most. He has such a deep impact on me. Every time he comes on screen it feels like sun starts shining and birds singing. Every time he goes away I suddenly feel bored. I love his eyebrow thing the most. He is good at making one eyebrow rise, I suck at that... There was a scene when his left eyebrow rose and then when he turned his head his right rose. I think that most of the time he doesn't do it intentionally but it's so cute^^

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"I will live longer than your turtles"

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Seung Hyo is SO CUTE!!

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"Don't be at ease too easily. Maybe in order not to be lonley that's why they are chasing the soccer ball so hard."
Awww... It was so cute. Only God knows what how Seung Hyo felt whiel saying that.

Young In was so happy when Seung Hyo said she could be his soccer ball "That means we will meet every day!" ^^

Ha ha! battle between Il Gun and Seung Hyo. His stare is so scary xD "If you only heard that guy fart!"

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I'm so sure he wanted to say "I'm not staring at you but at the guy with dirty mouth sitting next to you"

Il Gun is so unfair. To tell such embarassing things about his daughter xD What a shameless man.

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When he heard that kid's dream was to become a good father he was so heartbroken.

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"Then be my soccer ball and I'll be your miracle"

Yoon Kye Sang sleeping with kids, so kawaii^^ This moment was kind of touching because music on the background was really pretty.

He didn't have heart to push that kid away after all. Sung Hyo must have felt very warm inside and yet painful.

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Sueng Hyo was such a cheerful kid. I think he really resembled his father. *Yup*Yup* that's something I would expected his father to teach him^^