Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stained Glass ep 7 and 8

I just can't get over the fact that this drama seems to be so high quality. Suits look great, shirts and neckties too and every peace of cloth that women are wearing are so stylish. Even the make up looks good. Kinda mature. Cars shine...

Anyways. For some reason this drama makes me feel uneasy. Somehow it really touches me deep down. Maybe it's because of the music? OST is not one of the best but songs always suit the scene. Acting is really good too.

I dunno how to react to Gi Tae's actions. He is acting like a spoiled kid. "If I don't get what I want I shall go crazy and destroy my room" and then he does it and really goes crazy. If I were ji Soo I would have never went to live with gi Tae. She is so mean, she knew how he was feeling but still accepted his kindness. But Its' not only Ji Soo who was wrong. Gi Tae was wrong too because he knew how she was feeling yet he still forced his feelings on her. I gate it so much when they add characters like this in dramas. Gi Tae is pitiful, very pitiful but that doesn't give him the right to act that way. Is he happy seeing that Ji Soo is not happy by his side? Must he still keep her? Also why is everyone on his side? Even sister Maria? I understand his mother though. After the crazy scene I would on her place chase Ji Soo far far away. But if I were Ji Soo I would be really scared and not go next morning to see him. I mean this guy almost got violent...

The scariest thing is that after some thinking I really support Gi Tae too. Because he is so broken. What he did in ep8 those were actions of a person who's been driven to the edge. He literally was going crazy because he understood that something he thought was self evidently his wasn't actually. He understood that he was losing person he loved the most in whole world and he felt like he wouldn't be able to live without her because he has always been with him. He is obsessed, his love is sick. He just doesn't seem to understand that he can't force Ji Soo to love him and no matter how long he waits she won't start loving him. He is so blind right now and so lost.

Dong Joo too... What's his problem. Why hide his love for Ji Soo? Why give up? Gi Tae won't give up so why should he step away. I understand there are some things from the past but still. How is Dong Joo's love wrong? Why doesn't he take Ji Soo away? And now it seems that Ji Soo will leave somewhere for a long time period the way she left farewell messages and all. Also Gi Tae's brother's death must change some things from now on. Will he be forced to marry that evil woman who was about to become his sister in law? Why does she hate everyone so much?

Ji Soo... Why, WHY can't she say it to Gi Tae? "I don't love you" She has tried to make him understand but he doesn't. So why move in with him in the first place?!! She is acting foolishly and giving him false hope. And that man sure has hope... Why doesn't she try to make him hate her or use some other methods to make him understand. Instead she is just torturing him and seeing Dong Joo behind his back. Why lie?

I have also been thinking that there are 10 episode sleft. Won't this become tiring and boring? What's gonna happen next? Whatever happens I know that 10 episodes is a long long time. It's 10 hours. I have read some reviews about Stained Glass and not very positive reviews. So far I have been loving this but.. I wonder when Gi Tae will find about about his sicenss? Dunno. I think I wanna watch next episode...