Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rough cut (a movie is a movie)

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Director JANG Hun, a new protégé of maverick auteur Kim Ki-duk, will see his feature debut "Rough Cut" released locally this September 11th. The US$ 1.5 million action-drama (Korean title: "A Movie is a Movie"), is the second film, not directed by KIM, to be produced by his production company Kim Ki-duk Film.

"Rough Cut" explores the slippery line between reality and fiction in film. It tells the story of an actor, Soo-ta, who begins to identify too well with the gangster role he is playing, disrupting the shoot. He ends up bringing a real gangster into the cast, Kang-pae, who has thespian ambitions – but the two strike a deal to use real violence during the action scenes instead of staged fights.

Soo-ta will be played by Kang Ji-hwan (from Sin Dong-il's "Host and Guest") while So Ji-sub (from TV series "Sorry, I Love You") plays Kang-pae. Korean sales company Showbox Mediaplex has picked the film up. It is distributed locally by Studio 2.0. A trailer for the film was recently released.

Earlier this year another KIM protégé, Jeon Jae-hong released his feature debut, "Beautiful", after screening it at the Berlin and Deauville film festivals. JANG worked on several of KIM's films including "Time", "The Bow" and "Samaritan Girl" ("Samaria"). He also served on the commercial production "Love So Divine", a romantic-comedy starring Ha Ji-won.
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I can't wait. I think it will be really painful to endure until THE DAY! The plot itself does seem special. But will it really be interesting from the beginning till the end? Because it does sound simple. I think this one is gonna be psychologial stuff and boy So Ji Sub is good at that!!

Kang Jin Hwan or better known as Hong Gil Dong xD This man sure did a great job with that drama and he even received an award for that. He looks great and can act. I'm al looking forward. Really looking forward.
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So ji Sub. He is working now on a news drama. Yeah if Doctor Stop will be produced at all. Thsi guy won me over in MISA. I love his back, it's sekshiiii xD Anyways. His latest movie Can't Live Without robbery was a bit of a disappointmentto me. He wasn't main character and the whole movie was kinda weird. After seeing the trailer and pictures Ji Sub looks really cool in here.
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Having fun at Production Briefing
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That's so adorable^^

Some screenshots:
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Doesn't it look like totally cool? Gangsta professional style? xD

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This picture is simply beautiful. Just look at them hitting each other at such a romantinc place. Yeah, beach... in Korean movies/dramas they have to go to the beach at least once. No matter what reason.

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Look at Ji Sub's body *drools* hot or what?

Older article that I liked

*By Lee Hyo-won
Staff Reporter

In the upcoming film "Rough Cut" (working title), So Ji-sub and Kang Ji-hwan play brawling rivals on a movie set out to get each other. In real life, however, the two top actors, both 31, are buddies who say they take care of each other.

"Ji-hwan is very detailed and even feminine. After a tough shoot, he'd prepare healthy stamina treats like honey-dipped ginseng for me", So told a media event Tuesday in Seoul.

Kang jokingly answered, "I'm used to taking care of my female co-stars, and when you catch a glimpse of long-haired Ji-sub's back, it's very attractive".

Director Chang Hoon added to the humorous mood, saying the reserved and reliable So is a good buddy, while the friendly and caring Kang is like a sweet girlfriend.

The media and young fans roared with laughter. So, the hero of KBS2 hit drama "Sorry, I Love You", has made a comeback after a four-year hiatus. Kang, who starred in the popular TV soap "Hong Gil-dong, the Hero" ("Hong Gil Dong"), is making his big-screen debut.

In "Rough Cut", So plays a thug who dreams of becoming an actor. He said he could relate to his character, as he longed to act while serving in the Army.

Kang, on the other hand, plays an actor who beats up and hospitalizes his co-stars. He credited So's professionalism and friendliness for helping him dispel his initial nervousness over working with such a big star in his first movie.

The two characters are cast in an action film, but when So's thug character refuses to act in the fight sequences, Kang's hot-tempered screen persona refuses to back down, setting up a showdown.

The difference between fiction and reality was blurred on the set when the actors tumbled on a muddy beach. Despite three weeks of intensive training to perfect the choreography at an action school, the mud made it impossible to stick to the script. "It was like a dogfight", Kang said.

News of swimmer Park Tae-hwan winning the Olympic silver medal in the men's 200-meter freestyle was announced at the news event. So, a former professional swimmer, expressed great enthusiasm and congratulations over the news.

"Rough Cut" is slated for release Sept. 11 and is distributed by Studio 2.0.
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