Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Resurrection rant

Why did I start watching this drama? I didn't know the casting and just quickly glanced at the synopsis but for some reason for a long time I have been wanting to watch this drama. It's because I really loved Time of Dog and Wolf. Then someone recommended Resurrection and All In. Back then I watched All In because it was about gambling. At first I liked it but then it somehow started dragging and became really boring. Still I really loved the first half. Then I didn't touch police dramas for a while. Now then after finishing Iljimae, Snow White and Invincible Parachute Agent I felt like it's time for something serious and more realistic. Actually Invincible Parachute Agent was my trigger. I really liked it.

So Resurrection... I found the title pretty good. What could a drama about resurrection hold in? Now that I have seen 7 episodes I really like what I have seen. Though the plot line is very typical for genre and I can predict what's gonna happen next very easily. Not that it's bad but a few surprises wouldn't be bad. Cliches in Korean dramas have a good side too, at least you will get what you want and I am getting what I want. Tension is really good and story is keeping me on my toes. What's next? Even though it's predictable you still want to see what will they do exactly and what's character's reaction. Also it's exciting to see how will Haeun act in his new role and how will everyone adapt to Shin-Hyuk's "new personality". I'm actually looking forward him eating mother's dumpling soup the most because Shin-Hyuk said that he was allergic to flour and Haeun loves dumplings.

Uhm Tae Woong

My second time seeing him on screen. I liked his acting in Delightful Girl pretty much because of his character there. Simply a very, very bad man. So bad that I loved it more than ever. Now then... I really dunno. As Haeun he was pretty cheerful but that idiotic smile of his... Actually my first impression was that he would be a very cool character but he turned out to be silly. I don't mind. The guy isn't very good looking so showing so many face close ups was a mistake. He also isn't very good with expressing his feelings with his face so... For example his reaction to his brother's death was too much. It made me think if Korean people can feel pain quietly at all? I actually feel a bit numb about death because I have seen so much of it in Kdramas but characters aways react the same. They scream and shout. Why never be quiet and shocked for a while and then go crazy and trow stuff around? Or then just quietly feel the pain and then cry?

As Shin-Hyuk Tae Woong had too little screen time for me to get any opinion about him. He had pretty much the same expression all the time. But I was able to see his love for Gang-Joo, his secret smiles were so cute. Also I really think that he was the most pitiful character (so far). I mean he had to live with the secret about his brother's death surrounded by untrustworthy people (murderers to top it all), with a friend who looks down on him and a girl who's unable to see his love and to whom he is unable to confess. And then he just dies... for no reason at all or rather for a reason unknown to him. That's just sad.

btw. When he received Haeun's message in the envelope with the dice the eyebrow thing.. it was so cute!

Han Ji Min

I like her. I have seen her in Invincible Parachute Agent and All In before this drama and I have always liked her. Why? Her acting is okay and she has very pleasant air about her. She is very good at conveying her emotions. And she looks cute. But Eun-Ha is a bit annoying. Why did she have to follow Eunha when he ran off? Why? She is weak and it's annoying too. Her character is not colourful enough. It feels like she is unable to live without Haeun. And finally she is too typical. Just simply too typical.

Haeun + Eunha

Really. All scenes between them are so overly sweet and cheesy. Every time they get some screen time together I feel like fast forwarding. Sometimes it's even awkward between them. It's as if they can't have a normal conversation at all. After Haeun "died" I thought "Finally, no more scenes between them" but of course the following things were "many walking past but not noticing each other" and "thinking about the past" and "It's so hard to get over this" and Haeun's "I'm giving up no matter how hard it's gonna be" but then "I can't give up because it's too hard" but etc.

It's just not working between them. Not that their chemistry is bad it's just too fakely cheesy. I also hate the fact that a complete love story was given in the beginning because i prefer more dramas when they first meet and then fall in love. I understand they knew each other from childhood and there wasn't enough time to concentrate on love but it could have been a bit different. For example, they didn't have to be childhood friends or they could have been childhood friends not getting along or some other way. Anything but this sappy crap.

But in other point of view the reason of all fakeness and awkwardness may really be Uhm Tae Woong's stiff acting. Though I really like that nose thing he always does to her.