Thursday, August 21, 2008

Resurrection rant 2

***************Spoilers ep 1-9******************

At first I thought it was a nice thing to show the past in flashbacks little by little. But later I really wished they would have shown it fully in 1 or 2 first episodes. Though I really liked how past and present were linked with interesting scene shifting. But it would have been more clear if all plotting and wrongdoings were unrevealed in the beginning. Not everything, of course, but at least just something. I ranted so much how it was boring when they had like 3 childhood episodes in Iljimae and even more in Spring Waltz but now it would have been a good start. Because then everything came out so fast and it was a bit confusing. Yeah, it's my fault not concentrating enough on this drama so now in episode 9 I had some difficulties with understanding a couple of things.

I also really hate how love ha such a big role in here. So big that it's really bugging me. I feel like story is getting a bit choppy now. Ha Eun's "new" life has started so they should concentrate more on him and on things that concern him. But no... love is more important than anything. Because of this we see only results of Haeun's doings, not the process. When did he set up that picture map on the wall? what's he thinking? How did he send the pictures? How did he write his speeches? And other stuff. Its' not like he knew all stuff before he started living in his brother's shoes. What did he even know about being a vice president? Is it that easy? just dress up nicely and act mysterious and no one will notice anything

I also Hate it how Eun Cha is being such a weakling. I understand she misses her oppa and it's painful to lose a person you loved so much but seriously GET ON with your life!! It's so annoying to see her face because every time she is crying and her face looks so awkward. The only touching scene was when she had to eat the dumpling soup alone. I almost started crying because it was so sad. But yeah, she was at her oppa's funeral and she saw his body so why can't she at least try to accept the he is "gone" ?!! When she was introduced I though she's gonna be stronger. She was when Haeun was around but now...This is just too typical female character and even more it's BORING! It's also annoying how in many Kdramas female characters don't seem to have any friends. Sure Haeun had plenty friends but Eun Ha had none? None? No wonder because every time she talks she is so slow. Though I really liked how she turned Jiwu down "I am busy for the rest of my life"

Because of Eun Ha's character (of course, she had to stand up when she first saw Shin-Hyuk and then everyone went silent and time stopped for her etc) I am starting to hate Haeun too. Because of all those scenes they have together. First of all it's awkward. I really hate awkward scenes. And secondly it's slow and boring. And can't Haeun possibly be MORE obvious because very time he sees Eunha his time stops. He really can't help but stare. And its' so painful and sad etc. *yawn* This is why I hate complete love stories at the beginning. It's as if you are excited because your sister promises to bake a cake with you but when you come home the cake is ready and all that's left to do is to top it nicely. But you wished so much to do it from the start... *awwww*

Shin-Hyuk's mother too. I am aware that she is doubting and thinking but she should really have some more screen time. And since she is the mother she should have felt something was REALLY wrong when she saw Haeun as Shin-Hyuk. I also wanted to see her memories of losing her husband and son and how did she end up marrying her current husband etc. How did she overcome such a loss? How and in what kind of environment did Shin-Hyuk grow up? how did he learn about his father's murder? What about him and Jiwu? Was this all sacrificed because of Eunha's and Haeun's love relationship?!!

At least the baddies are excellent. I really love all of those actors.

Choi Yong Min

He looked really familiar but it seems like I haven't seen any dramas of his. His Duk-Woo is so annoying. It was so obvious that this guy was bribed and it was typical in a way but in a good one. He was so annoying! I wanted to punch him because he just wanted to close all cases as suicides. Still I kinda pitied him when he received Haeun's letter and pictures. He looks a bit funny. Really, looks more like a comedy man.

Ki Joo Bong

I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. A true movie man and I haven't seen any of his movies (but i sure will because there were so many interesting ones) xD But I liked his Godfatherlike attitude in All In and I liked him in Lobbyist too. This man sure has charisma. It's a pleasure to just watch him. I can feel that he takes it easy.

Kim Gyu Chul

I hate his lips but he looks like was made for this role. He looks like a perfect baddie with no morals and who thinks too highly of himself.

Kim Gap Soo

A bad bad police chief from TODAW is as bad in here as well. I like his relationship with Sang-Gook. They are bad but not twisted. They made a mistake in the past and they know it(maybe in a way they even regret it) but they have to live with it. Because it's been too long.

From baddies to kids. I really hated the kids in this drama. For example little Haeun who saw a boy covered in blood smiled at him? wtf? Also her fake smile and annoying crying was so UGH! I know they are just kids but still... youngest Haeun was okay. He actually god some extra points because he was cute^^ But overall he conveyed his feelings well. Teenage actors sucked big time too... they were boring.

I also would like to mention that camera man was good. There are less "just face" moments than in what I watched before this. You actually get to feel that these people are living in a big city and they have bodies. This makes me wonder... What the hell did I watch before Resurrection then? I just don't remember because I watched bunch of movies.