Thursday, August 14, 2008

Iljimae ep 8+

Now after epsiode 8 it's gotten LOTSA better. But maybe too fast? I kinda feel that the beginning was so depressingly disappointing that nothing can compensate it. NOTHING! The fact that they didn't give Young-ae's character enough time to make impact on vievers drives me mad. I mean, from the very beginning his character was a bit weird, distant, I couldn't tell what he was thinking. I wished for him to be more understandable, more pitful, more deep, more everything. I like his twofaceness. He is brilliant right now. The way he fools everyone is amusing. I also like that he is a lonley wolf right now, working alone is a bit sad. It makes hi even more pitful an dlikable... Though in ep11 and 12 his injuries healed too fast <_< he had fever and suddenly he didn't have it anymore? Also why did he have to go make a move even though he was badly injured. Wouldn't it have been more clever to not appear and make the guards anxious?

Plot sure is messed up, so shady. I think I didn't follow carefully enough and sometimes I feel like wtf is going on here but it's not that difficult to keep up. Though the way it started suddenly advancing sure scares me a bit. I feel like I won't be able to digest it either later on. I have heard about the ending and now that I found out that they were willing to make it longer but ran out of money? Who's fault is that? No one else's than screenwriter's and director's they shouldn't have made the beginning so slow in the first place. And now it's a mess. Iljimae is searching for a sword, at first it was celar but then he started thieving all the stuffs like that tortoise. As if he was putting up a show for nothing and because of that almost got caught. I only found out later that he was stealing from only the men involved in his father's death. Yeah, I'm so stupid that didn't get it right away. But they didn't show how he came up with his plans. I wonder what's he planning next?

Sae Dol's story about Iljime's death was so brilliant xD Also that octopus thing Young-ae came up with was funny. The humor is getting better. Maybe because Iljimae became now very serious drama and the humor is balanced better? Dunno but I'm liking it now a lot more. I also like iljiame's appearance right now a lot. I wish he didn't have to put on that ridiculous ugly mask... Jun Ki looks good now with only that black cloth, like sexy and cool xD And he is so darn pretty <3