Thursday, August 14, 2008

Iljimae ep 2


Last 20-15 minutes of Iljimae ep 2 were the best so far. may this be because my love for Jun Ki is never dying and can overcome anytghing? That we will see in ep 3. I wish Iljimae would be a very serious drama not concentrating much on love relationships but politics and such. I really wish plot to be intense and exciting but at the same time have good chemistry between all characters.

I really pitied Geom First to witness his father's death, then see how his body was torn apart by horses then witness death of a good guy and after that even throw a rock at his won mother. So pitful. Then he grew up just to be bullied buy some stuoid jerks <_< If he dies at the end of the drama I swear I will take my life and follow him to protest!! His cruel fate is too sad. Though if he dies at the end that would be damn good ending. Unfair but sad and touching. An ending to remember But what a strong kid... I really adored that small little boy. but it was kind of lame for him to forget averything. I know it was very realistic after everything what happened but I kinda expected to see not so happy go lucky grown up Geom. I wished to see someone grown with growing hate in his heart. A really cold and dark person. I dunno why even msyelf. Somehow that's how I imagined Iljimae to be.

All kids were really good at acting. Especially little girls. Just how old were they? About 6 years? Because their voices sounded like they were really young. And when that poor little girl was crying because she was scared and missed her older bro it was so touching that I almost strated crying myself. At least my eyes got wet (proves that I still have some human feelings left). Speaking of kids. I really like this actor Lee In Sung. He acted as young Gil Dong and I am very sure that he acted in Spring Waltz drama too as a poor boy. (why wasn't it mentioned in dramawiki!! how could they?!!) Speaking of Spring Waltz... I really miss it. Somehow I liked it a lot even though it was long and slow. Ah, memories... they don't make dramas like that anymore. No matter what new dramas I have watched they just aren't the same. That feeling is missing. Thus I have decided to watch Save the last dance for me next. In search of that long lost feeling... my journey shall begin. Ok let's drop the crap lol.

Just how in the world did Sol Dol manage to carry that safe without being noticed by guards. They alredy entered the house, or? That's the only thing that I was wondering about whole episode. And I really wished for grown up Ryung be more witty or then more of a loser. but since he was so intelligent in his childhood he must be even more vice now. We will see in ep 3. I am really waiting for that!! Yes, this drama is getting better^^

I didn't mean to compare Iljimae and Hong Gil Dong in that way. Just they are both historical(?) dramas, a bit of a fusion and both main characters have a bit similar story. When it comes to history I really dunno anything about Korea's history and don't care so much. But in Gil Dong I really wondered why everyone knew about Gil Dong being bastard son. In Iljimae everything is more cruel and thus a lot more realistic to me. If everyone knew about Gil Dong he should have been killed long ago. Just why was he still alive and living a good life (doing nothing as father promised. I loved that. loved)? Anyways. Right now I really like Gil Dong a lot more than Iljimae as main character. He was just so witty and cunning and just ah, perfect. I have no words. But we shall see. Maybe after I finish watching Iljimae my opinion will change a lot. I really cannot say much about Iljimae yet because I have seen only 2 episodes. And I really wish for it to be a good drama.

Damo this and Damo that @_@ Is it really that good? I was never interested in historical dramas but now that I actually started watchin them and you guys speak of damo like that. Such high spirits and everyone adores it. I get the feeling that it's one of the best dramas out there. I really have big hole in my general knowledge because I haven't watched it.