Thursday, August 14, 2008

Iljimae ep 17-20


Episode 17 was such a disappointment. I knew that Sae Dol was gonna die sooner or later but... The way he died and the way it was presented it just didn't work at all. To me his death wasn't sad but annoying. I felt like everything was held up because of him and wished that they would stop mourning already and do something. Then Iljimae got badly wounded and many people found about him in such a short time period. I felt like he showed his face to everyone... and after that Dan-ee and hunter were forgotten. I think I saw that hunter man around Young-ae later but he didn't even act like he didn't know the truth, it seriously looked like he didn't know. Boong Soo finding out about her family's murderer wasn't very interesting. I mean, there is someone who has taken care of you, fed you and given you shelter then you find out about the past and you forget all kindness and don't wanna even talk about it. Did she seriously think she could live with Young-ae in that rotten house? Well but Kong He wasn't the nicest person. He just abandoned his wife and left?

After Sae Dol's death was history drama picked up again. I liked how they broke into the palace and fooled everyone. Though in the end king going crazy was a bit implausible. There is no way anyone would go crazy so easily. I would preferred he went crazy after hearing that Chun-ah was killed. He was the most trusted man after all, the one king could share all his secrets with. And after Chun-ah died king was left totally alone. Or so I would feel if I were him. By the way the king being main suspect wasn't surprise to me at all. Dunno why Young-ae didn't think about it earlier. Then again he didn't know that the king was actually his uncle. It would have been fancy if they had added the king in the beginning and made his relation to Young-ae clear. Then after seeing him again Young-ae would have wondered where has he seen this face before.

Fighting scenes were more stupid and flashy as ever. Iljimae fighting in the palace looked just like a monkey jumping all over. And those spins? He spinned so many times that even I started feeling sick. This is off topic but was Young-ae actually a pervert? "When this all is over I'm gonna take mother's with me and flee somewhere nice. Do you want to come with me? My heart belongs to another woman but (you can always be my concubine)" xD And Shin Ho wasn't any better. His weird obsession with Iljimae was crazy. maybe when he found out that Iljimae and Eun Chae loved each other he became so jealous that asked Iljimae to kill him. What's with "I will follow you anywhere. No matter what I will catch you" lines? He definitely wanted to catch Jun Ki and make him his pet or sex slave. Well, you know what? Eat dust because Jun Ki is mine!! xD

back to the fighting scenes. Yeah, I remember there was a moment when 3 guys pressed their swords against Iljimae's sword but he pushed them away xD it was so fake. The only actually exciting and beautiful scene was between Iljimae and Shin Ho (when he passed the message). It was really cool. Just look at the footwork. The footwork!! brilliant. And what's up with the guy with spear? He seriously thought he could win Kong He with that toy...

I don't get what's the ruckus about the ending. For me it was crystal clear. First of all Young-ae disappeared. Many people knew that he was Iljimae and thus didn't wonder about it but I am sure that they made up a story for him. At first I thought that bong Soo was abandoned and it made me think that she is the most pitiful character of all them but then I hear Kong he shouting "Where did that girl go?!" and I knew that she was with them. But then again did he really shout those words meaning Bong Soo? With Iljimae and Kong He. I really don't get teh connection actually. I thought kong He bought the shoes for her and not for Young-ae. but I read from somewhere that director himself said that they were bought for Young-ae. About Geom-ee's mother. Yes, she recognized him and he recognized her but they never really had chance to reconcile. So things were left at that. Maybe they will meet in future? As for Eun Chae. Or course she knew who Iljimae was. Would she ask about Young-ae for no reason? Also when she heard those birds singing she remembered young Geom-ee and right after that Young-ae who finished the story. I think she found out Iljimae's true identity when she was parting with Young-ae. but yeah. The love story remains unfinished. It wouldn't work between Young-ae and Eun Chae only because Young-ae was foolish. After finding out the truth he decided it would be impossible between them. Why? Because her father Byun Shik was involved. What a foolish, foolish and annoyingly foolish reason!!!! About Iljimae? Yeah, he was definitely alive. Remember no blood! And I have the feeling that everyone would find out about it soon too. Though I really don't get the reason why he broke into the palace again. Because king didn't step down?

Director wroite on the Iljimae official website:
“Some viewers may have noticed that the sword used by the king’s guard is actually Iljimae’s edgeless sword. (seriously. Who in teh world did pay attention to that? In my opinion all swords looked just the same) IIljimae did not collapse because of that slash but rather because of the blow. Apart from this, the last scene where Kong He (Iljimae’s master) had purchased two pairs of shoes is another clue. One pair is actually for Iljimae.” (then why did he shout "Where did that girl go?

Anyways. The ending wrapped it up pretty nicely. Though last minutes were as lame as they were in episode 1. I wonder from what kinda underground laboratory Iljimae came from? xD

Did you guys notice that in ep 17 and 18 Jun Ki seemed feverish. Maybe he was very tired or seriously had a fever because he didn't look that healthy either. But damn he was too cute with hoarse voice. Actually his fever suited the role pretty well. Every time he was about to say something but his voice broke a bit and he had to coughed. AWWWW!! So cute!!!