Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gourmet 1-4

I watched all 4 first episodes of Gourmet boy did I like what I saw?! DID I?! Hell yeah!! I am totally addicted to this drama. It looks simply cool. Such a high quality stuff and I am not talking about the video file quality (which was good, no doubt). It is such a glamorous drama and I found it kinda familiar. Then I checked screenwriters and foudn out that one of them wrote Lobbyist too. Then I thought yeah, this is gonna be glamorous till the very end. Though I wasn't that happy seeing Choi Wan Kyu's name there because I didn't like All In and Air City much. Lobbyist was a great flop no doubt but I loved it (mostly because of the cats and the way it managed to be so cool even though it was absolutely ridiculous) All In was way better than Air City. I was just so disappointed because there weren't much gambling and I was so looking forward to it <_< I also wondered if the main guy was a genius or a loser who couldn't act at all. Air City... A drama that should have never been done. That's what I thought about it. Sorry dear Lee Jin Wook but this was a big mistake for you to accept the role and I hated your character too *nyah nyah* =P

Now back to Gourmet... I'm sold. I hope it will be good till the very end. 24 episodes scare me a bit. A very high risk for this drama to become boring, repetitive and just uninteresting and annoying. So far I like the cast. Kim Rae Won looks cute though if he had cuter haircut he would be so much better looking <_< but no doubt he looks like the manhwa character a lot. Same goes for the old perverted man xD I wasn't very pleased when I found out that Nam Sang Mi's gonna be the female lead. I was like "No way... Why" *depression* but I kinda like her now. The role suits her (I found her very lacking in Time Between Dog and Wolf) All other main cast are not familiar to me. My first time seeing them. But so far I like what I see. Though I don't like haircuts at all. All 3 guys look so... not the best. Won Ki Joon's picture in dramawiki was so adorable but in the drama he really looks (this is hard to admit) just wicked and it SO suits his character. He managed to get on my hate list since the very beginning. Damn, I thought "At least he is not good looking so I won't pity him when the time comes" but he is darn cute T_T About extended cast... Well there were some oldies I recognized but wow, dramawiki was full of red...

Plot seems a bit cold and it all sure is well composed. It's definitely not falling apart anytime soon. I just hope it won't get boring since it seems kinda simple. I guess it will go one like usually. Grandpa will die somewhere in the middle and then life will be so unfair but in the end Sung Chan will overcome all difficulties and end up with Jin Soo. If they don't kill that grandpa in the middle I'm gonna be disappointed because there is no way he will survive until the very end. if he is still alive after I finish watching the last episode it's gonna be But I hope screenwriters won't have mercy *kyah kyah kyah*I'm so mean* I trust Choi Wan Kyu and hope he was the better one when writing Lobbyist. I sure see some smilarities between these dramas. Like the way characters talk and their actions. And making Sung Chan maybe into another Harry, not so pitful I hope. Only now he won't be fighting with gangsters but with chefs. His battle area will be kitchen. His veapons knives... I am almost sure that Gourmet will be full of schieming baddies. But the way thsi show is so glamorous it's definitely one thing what I loved about Lobbyist and love now.

I personally don't wanna see Sung Chan succeed the restaurant. I think that Bong Joo fits in that position better though he will need to change his visions a bit before that. I rather see Sung Chan as a main chef.

Music seemed a bit similar to Lobbyist. I wonder who is in charge? And the food... I'm speechless...