Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ending of WHIB

WARNING!! spoilers!

I have to say that the ending was one of the BEST endings EVER! Because it didn't leave me thinking what happened to whom. It really ended everything, not leaving any loose ends. Tied everything up in a perfect knot.

Even though I complained that this drama was boring and the plot was stupid, they were just running in a circle, nothing new ever happened, it was all just the same, it was too emo in a stupid way... But in a way I really liked WHIB. Because even the plot wasn't anything amazing it didn't bore me. I wasn't bored at all!! and when I got into the atmosphere I watched many episodes at one go. Over all I have to say that WHIB is nothing special. It would have been really fine even if I never watched it. Though then I wouldn't have see amazing work done by So Ji Sup and especially Jo In Sung!!! His Jae Min was perfect. I couldn't help but love his wacky, twisted and weird personality. I loved! I LOVED! I LOVED IT!!!! At first I was like "Come on. Tell me more about his background" but when I saw the scene JM's father beating him up with a golf club I finally understood why this guy was so lost. Just that one scene was enough. He hated his father but at the same time he tried to be a good son and make him proud. His mom with too much love to give didn't help at all. JM couldn't be noram. Just take a look at his family environment. Even I would have gone crazy. Why was I so disappointed with the darma? Well because I didn't see love anywhere. Well, yeah. In Wook really loved Soo Jung. But Soo Jung was never able to love anyone. I believe it's her fault that these guys ended up the way they ended. If only Soo Jung would have been able to love JM it would have been so great. I wanted to see him smile even once, smile of happiness, feel love, real love. It's true he definitely wasn't able to express love but he could have received some. He was just too pitful and sad.

No matter what this darma was too melodramatic. I am not saying that it should have been funny or happy one. Melodramatic is fine but too melodramatic is not fine. What I missed was love. No matter how miserable life may be it's never miserable enough to break you. Unless you give up living.

Don't they look great together? I wish it woudl have been possible.