Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do review

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Love triangles are a favorite topic for writers of melodramas but keeping them fresh is a challenge. Director Kang Geon-hyang feels up to the challenge and had gained some experience in handling this topic on film while working as an assistant director on A Romance Of Their Own. In this new movie for New Crayon Entertainment, young music-loving Eun-gyu falls in love with energetic Jeong Won but rival Hee-won strives to drive a wedge between the two

Year:…………….. : 2008
Directed:………….: Kang Geon-Hyang
Genre:…………….: Romance / Juvenile
Runtime…………..: 105 mins
Country:…………..: South Korea
Language:………..: Korean
Subtitles:…………: Korean
Cast:………………: Jang Geun-Seok, Cha Ye-Ryeon, Jeong Ui-Cheol
(from avistaz)

Jang Geun-Seok. I wasn't able to recognize the so wronged prince from Hong Gil Dong. When I went to check this guy's background I was surprised to finally understand that it's the same guy. He looked SO DIFFERENT!! He is also one of the main casts in upcoming Beethoven Virus. The drama everyone is waiting for but I haven't been interested in it at all. I think Nodame Cantabile was enough for me. His character in the movie was very sweet and lovable, full of life, love and cheerfulness. He was able to portray his feeling very well but when *that thing* happened his "disabled" character was kinda superficial. Or rather his actions as a "disabled" person were very simple and the most usual without any special depth. Also I don't really get why did they have to change so cheerful and happy person into a broken one. He was a singer long before he meet the girl too so why? It's annoying when they make too big deal out of love and it's power.

I liked him in HGD at first but then I got sick of his fish face. Seriously he had that only expression all the time and his face was always the same. Though when he smiled he looked really cute. I know that his character was very emotionless but then he became kind of superficial. Enough about that. Well. The guy is same age as me *sigh* already many dramas behind and one award... I feel like my life is useless xD But this guy looks really young. I will never believe he is already 20 o_0
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Cha Ye-Ryeon. I am not trying to sound superficial or anything but she seriously looked ugly almost during whole drama. I have learned for once and for all that crying face is the ugliest ever. Her character was very likable. She was lively and a girl with a good attitude. This actress did a good job with acting. It was my first time seeing her on screen but she made an ok impression on me. Her smile had something special in it, I dunno if it was pretty but special in a good way. Maybe a bit foxy^^
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Jeong Ui-Cheol. I gotta say that this guy has the looks. Also his photos are very good. I dunno if he is a model or what but his photos seemed very professional and he just looked perfect in every picture. Sometimes it's very hard to find actually good pictures (you know what I mean) but now I was just amazed... His character in the movie wasn't very nice and very stubborn. However he just didn't have enough depth and it made him into a super cliche. So every time he was telling about his feelings or saying deep things it just didn't touch me a tiny bit. He is very good at expression himself with his eyes. Sometimes that look of a broken person managed to maybe touch my heart. But then his characters became very annoying and I just wanted to slap him. Every time I saw him I wanted to throw a punch at that cute face.
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Now about the movie... It sucked big time. I seriously don't get why everyone keeps praising it?! The whole stuff reeked of "Internet novel" but excuse me so did Wolf's Attraction but it was at least touching. The main problem is not the plot or the idea but the script. They just added too much stuff into something too small. The beginning was good and compact then something went wrong and it all became loose. Suddenly everyone's life was hard and they got depressed as ever. I don't even get around who this whole story revolved? Who was the main character? They tried to show deep sides of all 3 characters but that was a mistake. Because of that all characters were kinda superficial. Their lines were the biggest cliches ever. Most of the times when it was supposed to be "touching" I felt like fast forwarding. Also music scenes were too long. I understand that songs were good (if ya like ballads) but it's too long to show whole song that lasts around 3 minutes. It's boring. And the gig at the end. Oh god it lasted forever. I also don't get what's with the accident and "I can't live without you" comments. They made such a big deal out of love and that was too sappy. Also why did they have to confess their feeling ALWAYS in front of a big crowd? WHY?! And everyone was crying, the whole crowd, imagine how awful that would sound in real life. A whole crowd at least 100 people sobbing... I hate the sound of sobbing.. and... I don't wanna think about it! Back to the music. It really sounded like an underground band and not some tape. I think that was refreshing.

So the problem is too many accidents, too many things going on, too much talking... It's not like the best way to show your feelings is with words but they kept talking all the time. I dunno who's fault it all was. Viewers don't get enough time to get to know characters well enough and then it becomes so melodramatic. Maybe that's why. The most annoying thing was the way characters became so annoyingly superficial and corny.

Original story by Guiyeoni
She also wrote Wolf's Attraction and He was Cool. I have to say that those movies were a lot better. Though He was Cool was a bit weird. Her stories are deep and touching but they definitely work a lot better on paper.

Then the director Kang Geon-Hyang who also directed Wolf's Attraction. Maybe it's his fault I dunno? His wolf's Attraction was a lot better and cooler. But this movie had a few pretty phony moments and interesting camera angles.

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Hee Wan wore that outfit twice!! On different days. WOW!

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I definitely HATED that hat style

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It was so cute when they took that picture but I kinda missed the reason why did they have to take it.