Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can and Abel - you won't be coming??

This drama is about the tragic story of two brothers who were separated in their youth, but are later reunited. One is a powerful detective while the other one is a misfortunate killer. They grew up in different environments. Jin is the younger brother who grew up in the U.S. and was raised by the Mafia. Yoo Hyun is the older brother, a warm and humane detective who lives his life searching for the brother who was adopted abroad. Both brothers fall for Min Suzi, who is intelligent and innocent. She is the only daughter of a rich family and studies in the US. Suzi started out as a surgical resident, but eventually becomes a doctor of forensic medicine. She is torn between the two brothers.

I have been looking forward to this drama. Why? Simply because it sounds great! I liked the movie Some on which this drama is based. Even though it was very violent and absurd. Still I just can't resist these kind of plots and it seems like it will be very deep too. So Ji Sub's name on the casting list plays even higher role. I love him. His acting is fabulous, he won my heart with MISA and he continued in WHIB with the same effect. I hope this drama won't end tragically for his character. Wow, an did you know this: "The production cost of this drama is 6 billion won (around $6.5 million)" So this means that Cain and Abel will look gorgeous!

Yet the destiny of this drama remains unfolded. You may want to check the news if you are looking forward to it:

To sum up the bad news if you check dramawiki and their list of upcoming Korean dramas you will find following news:
Dr. Stop 2008-Nov So Ji Sub
Cain an Abel deleted from everywhere, even from the list of So Ji sup's dramas. Does this mean it won't be coming at all? isn't this so wrong?!!

"Filming has been delayed multiple times. The series was scheduled to air on SBS in January 2008 but the air date was later changed to February and then to April. As of now, the series is scheduled to air in September and filming is said to start end of June." Yeah and so for now on it's totally over. Also Cain and Able page at dramawiki has following info:

This page is a candidate for deletion

Reason: This drama is canceled and officially off the schedule

I actually don't care about Dr. Stop drama but I will stil check it out. I just think this is overly unfair and that's all. After Iljiame disappointed me so much SBS does it again. yeah, who cares if they had Invincible Parachute Agent, Bad Family, Money's Warfare, All In, Princess lulu, Robber and Gourmet. I want Cain and Abel T_T

Looking cool, isn't he?