Sunday, May 25, 2008

Zettai Kareshi ep 4

Night is being too robotic. I just finished watching ep 4 and were pretty satisfied with it but... I wish they would stop displaying all the noices whenever Night is turning his head or bats his eyes. It's so annying!!

I kind of feel bad for Mika. She has had so bad luck with guys and now when she fianlly started to trust someone and slowly falling for him in real love this happens... I'm almost sure that she is gonna detest Riiko for a long while! I'm a bit disappointed that Riiko had to kiss him before he could remember her. I was waiting for something like Riiko getting hurt and Night suddenly remembering her.. but no. I really wish to see RiikoxSoshi relationship developing more^^ I wonder what will be his reacting when he will think that Night and Riiko are back together?

Someone mentioned this at D Addicts but shouldn't Night be able to learn things? When Riiko says he is her cousin he should learn to say "I'm Riiko's cousin" etc. It's kind of annoying when he keeps repeating same mistakes. I absolutley loved the Mr. Mustard scene. Made me laught like crazy

I loved this scene (credit to old fart who loves drama blog)
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