Friday, May 9, 2008

Zettai Kareshi ep 1 and 2

Ep 1
I just finsihed watching ep 1 and I totally loved it. Even though they made huge changes compared to manga I still love this drama. Cast is good. I like Night more than in manga and Hayami Mokomichi is a perfect robot. It's hard to believe that he is actually a human xD Mizushima Hiro is good too. I love Soshi, he is so carefree xD Aibu Saki is perfect as Riiko. She is pretty cute and her acting is very natural. The only annoying thing is that all of main characters don't seem like adult people. They act and talk like hing school or college students. Or maybe it's my imagination...

I'm glad that plot is this good. I never liked the fact that Night was a robot. I like him alredy so much and the ending is gonna be sad anyways. The more I like him the sadder it will be T_T

Btw. Humor in this drama is pretty good. I so loved that scene when Riiko's friend took Night to her bar and while talking to him he said that Riiko wasn't heavy but average for a young woman and later he asked what's wrong with Riiko being heavy. LOL

*Some light spoilers ahead*

I love everything about this drama. Acting is marvellous and plot is interesting. Filming scenes are good too though it's kind of dark all the time. I just finished watching ep 2 and Night is so cool. It's such a pity that he is a robot. He was so cute when he was working out and then asked Riiko "Do I look sexy?" while striking psoes xD. Just too cute. Later he sprayed his body with water because he doesn't sweet lol how thoughtful xD

It must be hard for Riiko to regard him as a robot. Even though I agree with harmonyLGS he does seem too robot. But he looks like a human and he is very sweet indeed. Like when he helped Riiko to earn the money. Didn't anyone on the costruction site suspect anything? Wasn't it strange that some guy can carry so heavy stuff?

I like Soshi too. He is a bit annoying but has his own sweet moments. I wonder when will he fall for Riiko... btw. her freind is so mean. I bet she will try to steal everything from Riiko <_< I even forgot her name or was it mentioned? I'm glad Night is a robot who will love only Riiko so her mean freind doesn't have a chanse. Though the preview of ep 3 was exciting. Not the kiss!!!

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