Sunday, May 25, 2008

WHIB ep 11 and 12

I just watched WHIB ep 12 and 13. Man, I really have love-hate relationship with this drama. I liekd ep 12 but hated ep 13. With every episode I hate Soo Jung more and more. Maybe because Ha Ji Won is a lousy actress or then maybe because I really dislike her character. I mean... She obviously doesn't like Jae Min so why can't she say it directly to him especially now when she knows he likes her. She just keeps torturing poor guy. Also she seems so strong but actually she can't stand up for herself and can't talk back to anybody who's hurting her. In the beginning she gave me this impression of herself that she is strong and knows what's right and what's wrong. Now I really don't know. it seems like she keeps living on only because she doesn't want to die. She doesn't enjoy her life and doesn't want to. It seems like she thinks that bad luck is the end of her life and happiness is = money. Also if she likes In Wook why can't she ever explain herself. When there is a misunderstanding both characters keep angsting with overly dramatic background music. instead they could just argue a bit and be happy.

I don't really get Kang In Wook either. It's obvious he loves Soo Jung so what is he thinking?!!! He has never had a normal converstation with her. Also Soo Jung seems to like him but every time she sees him she wants to avoid him. And atmosphere between main characters is very awkward every time they meet. I feel at ease only when I see Kim Il Woo. Every time he appears atmosphere gets lighter but you never know what he is plotting. He seems like a very simple character but when it's Kdrama you may never know. He keeps protecting and speaking good things about Jae Min but then again... he will definitely plot something with In Wook.

Jo In Sung really impressed me with his acting. I keep liking him more and more with every episode. In episode 12 when Jae Min begged Soo Jung not to go but she left anyways. He had such a desperate expression on his face. I can't beileve she left even after seeing Jae Min's puppy eyes T_T and his reacting after she left T_T I almost started crying. What a brilliant character. Jae Min is definitely one of my favorite Kdrama characters ever. He is so broken and it could be so easy to help him but no one wants. Everyone is so selfish around him and no one sees his pain. And I really dunno why he fell for Soo Jung? What has she ever done for him? She really doesn't have pride but in a way her character is very close to reality. I mean, I wouldn't be able to say no to such big money. Who needs pride in these situations? It's money for heaven's sake. So much money you would never possess. Why not go back to work after your boss insulted you and show that you are stronger than anyone? Her character may be lovable but screenwriter and director screwed it up. They could have presented her in different light. The way she is now... she really doesn't deserve anyone's pity. And her mood swings are really something. She smiles at Jae Min, then she accidentally sees In Wook and becomes depressed and so it goes on and on. She really doesn't seem to find balance between these two men... I guess it's impossibel to see any sweet scenes between Joo Sung and one of the leads.

I'm really disappointed in screenwriter Kim Ki-ho. Someone who wrote something as brilliant as Super Rookie... Dialogue in WHIB is not working. Damn it just doesn't work. And characters are superficial in a way. But I love So Ji Sup and Jo In Sung. Actually soo Jung's freind is really annoying. Is she retared or something? Every tiem I see her I wanna strange gher to death. The way she speaks is annoying. (is it just me or do I keep jumping from one subject to another when I talk about this?)