Sunday, May 25, 2008

WHIB 13-17

I think I finally understand screenwriting.

Jae Min feels like In Wook is taking all his women.
In Wook feels like Jae Min is getting his women.
Young Joo feels like Soo Jung is taking all her men.
Soo Jung? She just has to choose bit she is having a hard time.

In a way quite brilliant but then again... boring. They are just running in a small circle. I'm sick of those scenes when Soo Jung happens to come out of her apartment and sees In Wook. Then it's always so awkward. It's awkward between Soo Jung and In Wook because they don't want to admit thier love. It's awkward between Soo Jung and Jae Min because Jae Min has such a big difficulty in expressing himself.

I wish they would have told about Jae Min's background more. How did he become like that? Yes, he is selfish, spoiled, rich brat but more than that he is just broken. He doesn't know what's happiness. He doesn't know how to live. What's right what's wrong? Sometimes I feel like he isn't capable of rational thinking at all and he is throwing tantrums every day. There were many scenes that mde me think if he has mental problems or not? Of course I am very sure that he has suffered of lack of love. Though his mom seems to love him the most... His grandpa of whom Jae Min seems to be really scared of seems to be a very strict man. But what did he do? why does Jae Min fear him so much that he even starts trembling? I am sure that Jae Min never has loved anyone and more important no one has ever loved him and so thats' why he is so lacking with his emotions. He just wants to be loved and can't live on anymore.

Kang In Wook needs love too. But you can see the difference between him and Jae Min. Obviously In Wook has grown up with lots of love and in more healthy environment. When he feels mad or lonely he starts working to forget his pain. That's what most normal people do anyways. In Wook is well composed person. He is intelligent and uses his brain often. He can hold his temper and he is capable of expressing his feelings. Still, isn't his life boring? He just works or hangs alone in his apartmen. Has no freinds, no hobbies. Such a sad person. Still he is way more compatible with So Jung than Jae Min. Because he can give her the love and support she needs. Jae Min again... he needs a strong woman beside him. Not like Young-joo but someone more innocent and happy. Someone who is able to shout at him and hit him when he acts wrongly. Someone who could give him happiness and lotsa love. Someone rather childish with a colorful personality.

Soo Jung is a weak woman. She is capable of strong acts only when she is mad. Yet in the end she cries and feels hurt. She can't choose between Jae Min and In Wook which I just don't understand. She truly loved In Wook and knew he cared about her but...?? I never felt any chemistry between Jae Min and Soo Jung?!?!?! Why did it all turn out to be so awkward?! Her mood swings were something. Whenever she was with Jae Min and heard about In Wook she suddenly became gloomy. It happened every time %##&% Why didn't she just go to him then?!! I just don't understand Soo Jung at all. She was miserable but at the same time hateful. Did she smile even once after she came back from Bali?

I don't get the screenwriter at all. Why did he make it so melodramatic?! This drama is so angsty that it's sick. If I were any of the cracaters I would go for the suicide. I understand that this drama wants to show unhappy things that happen in life but... what kind of life is that miserable?! It seems like after Soo Jung came back from Bali she haven't experienced anything happy, In Wook either. She constantly keeps saying how happy she was in Bali. Why not go back there?!

Young-joo. I like her pretty much. She is bad and desperate but well... At first she wanted to marry Jae Min because In Wook dumped her but then... did she really fall for the guy? I think she was just annoyed because she didn't receive enough attention. And in a way she wanted to be better than Soo Jung but kept losing to her. So she carried on with marriage only to show Soo Jung that no one can win her? Her character is perfect for a rich lady.

Now. I still have 4 more episodes to go and I'm curious how it all will end up. I alredy know but I want to see the scene.