Friday, May 9, 2008

What Happened in Bali ep 9-10

I recently watched ep 9 and 10. Dunno, maybe it's kind of too dramatic for me but I find myself criticizing it all the time for strange reasons. Like why are they so poor even when they are working in a huge company like that? Is there really no other work for Soo jung? Like her only opinions are work either at host club or at karaoke... Why does everyoen want to be rich? Isn't being a normal person enough? Why does Soo Jung sleep with a soft toy as her pillow. Are they THAT poor? I guess pillows are really expencive then... ... ... ... !!!

Ji Sup seems to get better looking with every episode <3 But I find myself liking Jo In Sung more and more. He is expressing himself really well. I actually pity Jae-min a lot. He absolutely doesn't knwo how toexpress himself AT ALL! And he is always sending these messages "please understand me" but no one understands him anyway. There is a grl who wants to marry him for some strange reason (it's not because of love for sure) and there is this girl whom he loves but who doesn't like him at all. How in the world did he supect that his older bro was in love with Young-joo? And the scaries thing is that it seems to be true. Jae-min seems to have some family issues too. His mother is a scary person, it's like her love is fake. Grandpa is scary. Why does he hate Jae-min so much? Or is it just that he doesn't know hwo to express his love? When they were having meal in ep9 I thought "No wonder Jae-min became like that" At leats he is not kissing up to his grandpa though he seems to be trying harder now because of In-Wook. Talking baout In-Wook... I hate his mother. Why did they put in her mouth something like "that girl won't have an easy life. Wasn't she an orphan?" This is like one of the biggest and stupidest clichees ever!

Also I don't quite understand In-Wook's and Soo-jungs relationship. its' kind of awkward and strange. No doubt he lieks her but I think that Soo-jung is starting to have feelings for Jae-min. Sure In-wooks and Soo-jung's date was cute but whenever they meet it's so awkward. I kind of feel tension in the air, as if something big is about to happen. That feeling is strong whenever all 3 main characters meet.

Now I want to rant about Ha Ji won. I hate her! I hate Soo-jung even more. Everything about her seems so awkward. If I saw her on the street I would think "never get close to that person. She sems like bad luck" I think that Ha Ji Won doesn't express herself that well as an actress in other words she's not that good. I definitely feel that she is no match for So Ji Sup and Jo In Sung. Always having that same expression...