Sunday, May 25, 2008

War of Money ending


I really don't see why people keep complaining that the ending sucked. It may be a bit unclear if he died or not but I read that manga hasn't ended yet either so maybe screenwriter wanted to make an open ending. I believe that after receiving such hits Na Ra definitely died (though he is Koerans superman number 3 so I can never be sure). I'm just disappointed it was Dong Po. Who elese could it be? I really don't have anyone in mind but Dong Po... Guess they wanted to show how he had completely lost himself to money. That without money he just couldn't live and the shock of losing 5 millions was too much. He jsut went crazy... And not even a good deed Na Ra made for him could purify his heart. I believed Dong Po was stronger than that. I liked his character a lot though he was evil. At first I believed that the killer would be the mafia guy. But he was more like a comical character. I really pity him when his stolen money got stolen in such a way xD Over all I liked him too. Talked big but couldn't do anything that well. Another thing that bothered me was Woo Sung's destiny. What happened to him after he lost to Na Ra? Where did he go? What did he do?

Lee Won Jong as Ma Dong Po did a great job. I was sure I had seen him before and well. There he was in Bodyguard. I finally found a place where I can dl this ridiculous but addicting drama^^ Back to War of Money. At first I totally fell for Park Shin Yang. But then I noticed that his acting was bit stiff or more like unilateral. Nevertheless I really liked him. But this time women leads made a good impression on me. Park Jin Hee and Kim Jeong Hwa good job. I was a bit sceptical about Kim Jeong Hwa at first but I learned to like her. Still her character was a bit wasted. She kept trying to do things but never succeeded. Also Na Ra's and Cha Yeon's passsionate love realtionship ended a bit too fast. In the next episode it was like they never dated. Cha Yeon was sad but Na Ra had forgotten her totally. I understand he had to keep his promise but what about being sad even for a bit? (though he really didn't have time for that, heh)

Na Ra's and Joo hee's relationship was sweet. They had good chemistry but romance was a bit lacking in whole drama. I don't mind because it was a very interesting drama anyways. I hated Joo Hee's dad. He was so typical Kdrama dad that it annoyed me to hell. Only thinking about himself. "My daughter won't be happy with that man" and going around asking Na Ra such favors. What about Joo Hee's feelings?!! After Na Ra helped them out so much how could that senile old man...?! T_T I'm glad he gave up in the end. The last scene when Na Ra and Joo Hee saw each other and he said he will come back soon and she asked him not to leave. IT WAS SO OBVIOIS! Couldn't they make it more obvious?

And there was this "bitten by money ghost" thing I never got. In my opinion what Na Ra did I really didn't see him being driven by money in his actions. His friend was driven by money and everyoen else except Joo Hee was driven by money but not Na Ra. And is that much money only 5 million. I believe Dong Po had much more in that pile. or were those some really small bills?

Anyways. The ending was powerful. It was like a real end. Na Ra's story in a nuthsell. In the first place it was only about Na Ra, his story ended here so the end. Though made me wonder what happened afterwards. Overall I really loved this drama and it's now one of my favorites. I woudl suggest anyone to watch t becuase it's really exciting. Maybe it was a bit mangalike with some filler chapters xD but it was definitely worth watching and made me think a lot about money and our lives. How connected everything is to money and how money rule our lives. Also, it wasn't just any typical Kdrama. For example when characters accidently met it was portrayed very naturally and I didn't feel like "yeah, of course..."