Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lobbyist review

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This drama is about a female lobbyist dealing with international arms traders. Kang Tae Hyuk is a successor of a main munitions business company in Korea. He is a young businessman with perfect appearance using a refined phraseology. He has an innate ability as a lobbyist and is a master schemer. He plans to sweep over the whole of Asia.

Main cast:

Song Il Gook as Harry / Kim Joo Ho

Jang Jin Young as Maria / Yoo So Young

Han Jae Suk as Kang Tae Hyuk

Jung Yoon Jo as Jang Mi Ran

Yoo Sun as Eva / Yoo Moon Young (Maria's sister)

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My opinion:
This drama is the biggest flop ever. It was very expensive and got really low ratings. Nevertheless I loved it. The plot was ridiculous but cast well picked. Why did I like it? Because it didn't have a boring moment, acting was good and OST very beautiful. We could talk about Lobbyist for hours with friends or on forums. There were always something to say. And why is that? Because plot had a lot of loopholes and unexplained things. The ending was mystical of course. It left you wonder if that was a dream or reality. So till the very end this drama didn't let me go and it haunted me even after I finished watching it. Lobbyist looked good. Women wore very elegant and beautiful clothes. but nothing could save Lobbyist. It was a flop because the plot was too unbelievable and crazy.

The Cast: I have only good things to say. Song Il Gook was charming as ever. Jang Jin Young didn't win me over at first but I managed to love her. Then a pleasant surprise Kim Da Hyun. I loved him in Biscuit Teacher and here he was again. Cute as ever though his character was annoying. Han Jae Suk made a very good impression on me. I felt that his shorter haircut really didn't suit him. But I loved Lee Jae Yong the most. Even though he was in a minor role but this man is very charming and has a nice voice. Also Kim Joon Sung as Michael did a great job portraying such a nasty and stupid character.

Characters: Who couldn't love Harry? His character was complex. At first he had the worst luck and couldn't do anything meaningful at all. Then he became Korean superman #2 because he was beaten up constantly. Trough whole drama he was beaten up again and again. But then he became very successful and no one could touch him. He even beat up Michale to whom always lost before. There was nothing Harry couldn't do. Still his character was the most lovable in whole drama. You couldn't but pity him. Because of Maria he had to do so much nasty things only to protect her. He was always protecting everyone around him, his sister, Maria, his friends. Without Harry so many lives would be miserable. Maria again. Sh was pretty annoying at times. I liked her in the beginning, she was a warm hearted nice girl. But being lobbyist really changed her into someone cold. James. Uh-oh. The meanest character ever. Screenwriter really didn't let us know what was this wicked man thinking, what did he feel about things happening around him. He was just purely evil. And the phoniest thing was that until the very end viewer couldn't sense it at all. When James first appeared I just thought "Seems like a nice man"...Nice man my ass. Madam Chae is worth mentioning. This is a woman with a bad luck as well. She was very elegant and righteous. You may think sh e was just evil but sh e made a lot of good things. For example she forgave Michael so many times. Michael again. He was typical mean bastard who thought too highly of himself. I like him, he was so pitiful but too happy to notice it. Andy was mostly annoying. All he knew was run away and whine. Typical rich boy. There were a lot of characters which was actually a good thing. But in the end only Harry's and Maria's fate was shown. All others just disappeared. i have to say I liked Harry's 2 friends too. man I loved thos e actors, I never found their names but. They were hilarious.

Yes. The biggest problem of this drama. I have to say that most of the time I found myself watching it only because the cast. And it really saved this dram a lot. Because the plot it was just... There were too much unanswered questions. Time jumps without any explanation how and when did that character get there? And in the end that submarine deal was a bit stretched. But in a way it was a good end because everything started with submarine and ended with submarine as well. Only now Maria and Harry had very different positions compared to beginning. It really showed how innocent could change into something bigger. Compared to beginning Harry and Maria knew so much more, they had seen the world and became much vicer. That's one thing why I like this drama. The plot is somehow philosophical. There are a lot of hidden thoughts behind the scenes. So ratings are bad mostly because people don't understand this drama. It was very nice how love relationships were mixed into action drama so well. Even though there wasn't much comedy, sometimes plot itself was pure comedy.

I would rate this drama 5/5. It was interesting and exciting and it really won my heart over. But to be realistic it deserves only 2/5. So if it has your favorite actors/actresses or really interesting plot in your opinion you watch it. And if you are tired of countless love triangles and need some action.