Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Vineyard Man

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In this romantic-comedy, (an adaptation of the book The Vineyard Man by Kim Rang), Yoon Eun Hye plays Lee Ji Hyun, a clothing designer in Seoul, who reluctantly leaves home for one year to work at her grand uncle’s vineyard in a small village. However when arriving in the country, she reunites with a Jang Taek Gi Oh Man Suk, a local resident who had been wrongfully arrested in Seoul by police after Ji Hyun reported having a dress-which she had designed-had been stolen. The two clash frequently as Ji Hyun has a difficult time adjusting to life in the country and working with Taek Gi. However, after many twists and turns Ji Hyun adapts to rustic life while falling in love with Taek Gi.

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Ji Hyun
Oh Man Suk as Jang Taek-Gi
Kim Ji Suk as Kim Gyung-Min
Kang Eun Bi as Park Hong-Yi
Lee Soon Jae as Lee Byung-Dal

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My opinion:
A very sweet and nice drama. This is an example of what a healthy realtionship is about. Main guy and girl have a lot of arguments but there is no violence added. Main guy doesn't torture main girl with too much work or cleaning. Also an idea of vineyard was interesting. You don't see this kind of dramas often. In a nutshell it's a story about a girl and how she grew up to be independent and hardworking. You really can see the process. In the end Ji Hyun was a lot stronger. Humor is good and atmosphere nice. OST was funny too.

The Cast:
Yoon Eun Hye is cute and good. She portrays city girl very well and has certain charm. So does Oh Man Suk. I really like him from the very start. Though his haircut does only bad for him he still looks quite good. He was perfect country boy.

Characters are charm of this drama. Taek Gi and Ji Hyun are a very cute couple. Gyung-Min is attractive and nice. Grandpa is grumpy but warm hearted. It's kind of funny to see how characters changes alongside the story. Ji Hyun suddenly becomes a total country bumpkin. While Gyung-Min can't adapt till the very end. He was such a sweet character. A man of dreams. Ji Hyun's mom was very annoying character but I liked all other family members a lot. Grandpa was funny. It was always a pleaseure to see how he got fooled. Also his competiton with other grandpa was a nice add.

Plot: It's quite typical for a romantic comedy. Follows the pattern very closely and thus has nothing new to offer. But it's cute. Main focus is on the main couple, so all other happenings are left in shades. This is more like slice of life story. It hasn't got anything exciting but you just want to see more. What will Taek Gi and Ji Hyun do next? What kind of prank will wait Taek Gi next morning? Mostly plot is even silly and I have to say that it's incomplete. There were so much loopholes that it really bothered me. But then again this is one of those dramas that will make you relaxed. Love triangle is very weak and from the very beginning it's very obvious who's gonna end with who. There is no melodrama at all. Some angsty moments though. So if you are sick of family opposing main couple and other stupid reasons that hinder their love, this drama has none. Just a bit of mom's yapping. The ending was sweet and funny but unrealistic. Still left a smile on my face.

3/4 If not the the big mistakes of screenwriter this drama could have been perfect. Yes, it could have been a lot better. But acting was quite good and atmosphere nice too. The Vineyard Man is a very lovable drama.


Cora said...

tq for stopping by my blog, i have the vineyard man but i havent watched it yet :P, but i would one day when im done watching my dramas now, i downloaded loads of drama and havent really started watching them yet hehe, i also have time of dog and wolf coz i loveee lee jun ki hehe, i loved him in my girl and king and clown. i dont think im gonna watch goong s though coz i found the first few episode slow hehe. anyway, i really think ur blog is awesome, wll come around here to see ur other reviews :)