Friday, May 9, 2008

Meteor Garden rant

I have been watching this drama. I just finished ep 4. It’s such a shame I haven’t seen it yet. I like it but whoever said that acting in chinese dramas is… hmm… not that good was right. This far I only like Barbie Xu,
Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou. Zhou is perfect Rui indeed. He is cuter than Tsukasa and petite. He is so CUTE you just want to hug him!!! Now I finally understand why Makino fell for him. But I still think I like Jerry Jan the best. He was so cute when he wore that yellow shirt (friendly clothes) HA HA! Even though Jun Matsumoto in Jdrama is the one and only guy who REALLY looks like Tsukasa with the curly hair, Jerry Jay could grasp Tsukasa’s character better. I dunno, maybe my opinion can change but I hope not. Barbie Xu is pretty good Makino. She looks plain and cute (doesn’t sound like a compliment though) and has the character. Also Meteor Garden seems more realistic than HYD Jdrama. You know Jdramas always have that special feeling, that Jdrama air… Makino’s parents are ANNOYING! Every time I see them ( Especially the mother!!!) I just want to throw my computer outta the window and go kill someone. I’m also a bit sad that they didn’t add Makino’s brother, it’s gonna be a bit boring without him.

And the rest of F4 are idiots. (the rest.. like there are many of them, lol) Really. I hate Vanness Wu (looked him up in drama wiki WTF!?! Trying to look cool tere) Sure he is trying to act cool and carefree but he sucks at it!! HA HA! <—ironic laughter and his hairstyle totally doesn’t suit him. I was planning to watch Peach Girl some day but since Vanness Wu is in that darma.. I kind of feel like forgetting whole thing.

Ken Zhu… doesn’t have the charistma. He seems so plain. A token from wikipedia “Ken started his career by filming the famous idol series “Meteor Garden” and it was that series that pushed him to the top status in Asian entertainment stage. He was then put in the boyband “F4” and went touring around the world. He is now focusing on his solo career. He released an album and acted on many famous movies.” WHAT THE #%&%#!?! ha ha ha…ha

Well all the othre cast sucks too. So far. I hope I will change my opinion later cuz I really want to like this drama. I love HYD manga so much and I don’t want some crappy actors rape the good story.

A few words about fashion.. Year 2001 seems so long ago. I know that fashion has made a huge step forward since then but.. was that really the hot and stylish fashion back then? If yes I dunno… it was weird fashion. most of the clothes just look funny. Or then maybe I haven’t gotten used to it (since in most Kdramas guys always use suits or school uniforms) but not only guys the girls too, they all look so lame. These clothes would have been ok if they only had given the feeling of glamour. It’s supposed to be a school for RICH ppl but when I look at them all I see just normal kids nothing more. I just refuse to believe that they are wearing something like Gucchi or Prada. If yes I’m kind of dissapointed with gucchi and prada and will never buy any their products (as if I’m gonna buy any if I have money… ehem. seems like rich ppl in Taiwan didn’t have either. LOL) Ok ok, I’ll stop laughing at the style. Back then it may have been really cool.

OST… nothing special. I don’t like any of the songs. They are ok but kind of lame. Still I like the drama because the plot is good. Like when I started reading the HYD manga I hated art but loved the plot and then I started loving art too (mangaka got better… lol) So this drama is closely following the manga in all aspects. And I love Jerry Jan and Vic Zhou… <3 I feel like a teengirl watching some drama becuase male leads are hot xD But the plot is good too, it’s good.