Friday, May 9, 2008

Lobbyist rant

**********A LOT OF SPOILERS******************

I just finished watching this Lobbyist a moment ago. It actually managed to touch my heart and win me over even though the plot was overly stupid and ridiculous. But the cast was outstanding and OST one of the bests out there. Actually there were a lot of loopholes. And a lot characters that came and went and made you wonder what happened to them. For example Maria’s mother. She totally disappeared. And 1 year later jump after Guningstam incident left a lot of unanswered questions. The biggest was: How in the world did Harry survive from there? How did he end up in Korea again? Did he walk or something? Or what about Pablo madam Chae’s husband. Did they divorce? After everyone went to Korea I heard his name only once in ep 21 when Michael talked about CIA. Also madam Chae’s and Andy’s relationship suddenly changed. It was like she disowned him or something… they used to have a really good mother-son relationship too. I also started to wonder who was his father?

Anyhow I think there were too many parallel stories going on all at the same time. And there were maybe too much characters because all of them stayed kind of distant. Also Mi Ran’s and Tae Hyuk’s relationship was something really weird. It was WAY undeveloped! They should have gotten a bit more screen time.

The ending left a lot of open questions. Seriously I think that it would have been better for Harry to die. It would have been 100 times more touching than that mushy “Harry’s dream come true” ending. Also what happened to everyone?! What about nuclear-powered submarine?! What happened after James died. Did his death affect business?! Was he CIA agent or not? Or was he just denying it for fun? Why did he kill Harry’s father? I even thought that Harry’s dad was lobbyist since there were a scene when James’ boss said “It won’t be easy to get rid of an lobbyist” and James replied “Yes, I know” Maybe he referred to Harry’s dad? I think this is a bit far-fetched Of course these things were not that important but since the main focus wasn’t love relationship anyways, it would have been nice to know everything.

About the logic of some characters. I know James tried to kill submarine chairman for a reason but why did he suddenly stop after his assassin got almost caught? Wouldn’t it have been more convenient to kill that old man? And why send Michael to do such an important job as getting rid of Harry. James wasn’t a stupid man he must have seen that Michael was such a loser. Why did he ever bother to take him work? Since Michale betrayed madam Chae he could have betrayed James too. Maybe because Michael knew about James’ secret? And what did James think about everything, all his doings and happenings? He was a perfect bad guy. One of the most evil characters I have seen but I would have wanted to see what were his thoughts. Why did he become like that? did he and madam Chae have love relationship back then? How could he act so cold when she died? And why did James want to take care of everything without any help? Originally I thought he wanted to make as little damage as possible but now I see it’s not that. Why I liked James. Well he was calm and cold but made everyone believe that he actually cared. He was wicked. But I feel like he had something hidden in his past too. Sometimes he was thinking about things and having that expression.

I liked madam Chae too. She was a bit bossy and maybe had some kind of superiority complex but she helped Harry great deal. There were times that I felt she was jealous of Maria. I really don’t believe that madam Chae had any feelings for Harry but she definitely acted sometimes like that. I don’t get it. Also why in the world did she take so good care of Michael? Because his mom was her good friend? seriously, I heard about this only in ep 21. Actually I wished madam Chae would have gotten rid of Michael long ago. I understand he was jealous of Harry and couldn’t accept him. But he lost to Harry every time. And what happened to Michael’s sick love for Harry’s sister? Indeed madam Chae’s death was really sad. When she gave Keys from locker I noticed that she was always wearing them along with all necklaces. Was Harry so stupid to not notice it at all?! HE was with madam Chae 24/7. When in ep 21 or 22 she asked him to call harry he said “Do I really have?” I was like WOW this guy is getting BOLD! And how in the world did police manage to catch him in the end. Yeah there is only 1 airport in Seoul… btw. When Harry’s friends found the knife in Michael’s car I thought “This is so Michael” I kill someone but won’t get rid of the weapon. I will just leave it in my car. Back to madam Chae. Did she and Tae Sung have some romantic relationship? It kind of felt like that… but then suddenly Tae Sung wasn’t happy seeing her at all anymore.

Maria… I didn’t like her much. I actually pitied Harry because he couldn’t stop loving her. He did so much for her but she acted cold towards him all the time. I don’t even get why he loved her? Because of some stupid childhood memory?! All the clothes Maria wore were WOWWOW!! So beautiful and made her look mature. Also madam Chae had nice taste in fashion.

There were a lot of older cast that I really like: Kim Mi Sook, Hu Joon Ho, Ahn Suk Hwan, Choi Wan Kyu, Lee Jae Young and that man who played minister of defense role, I forgot his name (he was in All In too short but charismatic lol) But I liked the main cast too. Song Il Gook attracted me somehow. It definitely wasn’t his looks but he is a good actor. Han Jae Suk was ok, didn’t leave any special impression on me. Jang Jin Young again, she was only ok. I think she wasn’t good match for Song Il Gook. I really couldn’t feel any chemistry between them. There was but it seemed forced. It felt more like Harry’s one sided love… Maria and Tae Hyuk would have made a much better couple. btw. his letter was good. I so loved the last sentence. And of course a pleasant surprise Kim Da Hyun!! He is the best looking guy ever. He looked so young with shorter hair. Unfortunately his character was kind of annoying but I didn’t lose faith in his acting. Especially When he confirmed that madam Chae was dead. his reaction was so real that it shocked me too and I felt sad. I liked Harry’s friends a lot too the guy with glasses and the stupid guy. I dunno actors’ names because I couldn’t find full list of the cast and I forgot their character’s name. Anyhow, they were nice actors, seems like they really enjoyed their job^^ The reporter woman.. She had too much of screen time. Even though it all feel logical now why didn’t hey focus on some more important characters?

Wow too what a long rant. That’s why I love this drama so much. It’s not boring, some thing’s going on all the time. And 5-6 last episodes were especially interesting + I could talk about this drama forever!