Sunday, May 25, 2008

Iljimae ep 1

I just watched ep 1 with subs (KST I shall worship you lol) and boy was I disappointed Maybe I can forgive the ebginning. Of course they had to show what's Iljimae first but... the beginning didn't capture my attention. It was dark and messy. All the sounds were like from some computer game. Actually I was wondering if I was watching drama or coputer game animation. I feel like there were too much computer animated things like birds and flower trees. Also Geum's family was maybe too sweet. I never expected to see "we are so loving and happy family" crap.

At first I was happy to see Lee Won Jong but he just doesn't suit his role. He was overacting and I think that his character doesn't fit in. The way he acts doesn't just seem like that kind of man would act. Too happy, too carefree and too much talking. Any other acting didn't convince me either. Except Jo Min Ki as Geums father. He was ok.

Plot seems complicated enough but based too much on feelings and too little on politics. Atmosphere was too realxed and not intense enough in first episode. I think they should have squeezed story telling in first episode into more compact way. Less words, less irrelevant happenings and made it more mysterious. They should have started right from childhood and made it only 1 epuispde long. I feel like this drama is not gonna be serious and intense enough and that makes me feel desperate. I don't want to see Lee Jun Ki in a flop drama. But what am I talking about? It was only first episode and I am really looking forward to when the real story starts.

I guess there will be another childhood episode. Personally I can't wait to see Lee Jun Ki acting. If his acting is only so so... boy am I gonna be sad, mad and disappointed.