Friday, May 9, 2008

Bodyguard rant

I keep watching and I keep thinking “Why did they have to add that sick grandma along” She could be old, grumpy, evil or crazy but why sick?!! I bet she is gonna die in some episode and then it’s gonna be so sad and everyone will be mourning. This drama gets more melodramatic flavors with every episode. I wish it would have been just light comedy stuff without any stupid serious problems. I sometimes really hate the way Korean screenwriters just desire to kill someone in every drama and then it leaves you thinking “WHY?!” Like in A Love to Kill, just WHY?! WHY?!! Well no one has died so far and that’s good.

Han Go-eun is so cool I want to be like her. She is a perfect woman, manly yet beautiful. Manly in a sexy way^^ She is strong and has a pretty face and a good character. How I wish that Kyung-tak eneded up with Yu-jin… this is rare that I’m rooting for someone else than the main girl, Na-young is just too pure and sweet. Now that I think about it good-bad composition in this drama is very stark. Characters are purely bad or good and that’s a long minus. It would have been better if Na-young really were a thief. Lately I started liking not so good main characters selfish, mean and cunning. After I saw Get Karl I was in love with the main girl. Even though in the end they made her actually nicer than she was (like she actually loved Karl all along but she couldn’t show it, yeah right <_<) so Na-young get bad or I’ll hate you lol.

it seems like some kind of love is slowly forming between Kyung-tak and Na-young.. bleh.. alredy. I wish they could have fought a bit more. As a couple they don’t look that good together. But i liek teh way sthey are reacting, it really seems very real. The love is growing the way it does in real life not with some sudden realizations and without any stupid first love things. I hate when they do that first love thing in Kdramas it’s like there is only frst love and if it doesn’t go well you are doomed. You will never love anyone and no one will ever love you.

I saw Hyun Bin too <3 Seems like he is harboring something evil. Ha ha! I look forward seeing how much of a bad ass he is. In the preview of 7th episode it seemed like there is finally gonna be some action. I kind of want to see it and then again not because whenever it’s a firghting scene or something really serious I just can’t take it seriously in this drama. I don’t know how in the world did they manage to make it all look so amusing.