Sunday, May 25, 2008

Air City

I have been watching Air City I started watching it because Lee Jin Wook (and he is truly good again) but Lee Jung Jae left a good impression too. But I never sxpected to hate Choi Ji Woo so much. From teh first moment I saw her I thought "Ugh, I hate that woman" and she happened to be main character. I dunno, in a way I really hate her face. It's just ugly and she doesn't seem to be able to express anything with that face of hers. I usually don't much care about actor's/actresses's appearance if they can act well and win me over but Choi Ji Woo haven't even after 6 episodes.

What a disappointment this drama is. Actually the plot seemed interesting. I was curious to see how it is to work at airport. But after 1st episode I really started disliking the idea. I felt like all criminals will go to the same airport and that it was a bit unrealistic how much drug dealers and such little crimanls were discovered every day. But then again it is such a huge airport. And after 3-4 episodes I saw that it wasn't about criminals but that they dealt with every day airport porblems as well. OST is ok and cast is good. There are a lot of my favorites from older cast category. And I even saw Lee Jae Yong!!! I love this man xD his hair was ugly though. Again I was able to recognize him only by his voice. "OMG! That's definitely Lee Jae Yong!" I thought long before they showed his face.

Air City really lacks something big. I am not able to love it. It's distant and cold. The beginning was such a hassle. They introduced too many characters at once and I wasn't able to digest who's important and who's just sidekick. Dialogue is really messy.

btw. Lee Jin Wook really looks good in black suit and green tie :lub: As good as Lee Dong Gun in black suit and red tie. He wore a lot of different suits in Sweet 18 Kdrama but he really doesn't look good in light colored suits. Black suit and white shirt with wide collar (wide collar.. he is a dog or something? LOL) looks so good on him!! Jo In Sung looked good in WHIB ep 13 in a pinstripe suit, pink waistcoat and pink-black striped tie. *drool* Maybe the first guy ever that looks good with pink clothes.