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Legend of Star Apple TWdrama download

Summary: (from the super movie) A romantic drama starring the hottest Taiwanese idol Ming Dao from 183 Club! Ming Dao is a young man born to a rich family who wants to escape from an arranged marriage. Fate brings him to encounter another young lady whom he has actually met under an apple tree 15 years ago… It seems that they are destined to fall in love with each other, after all the ups and downs.

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Lobbyist review

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This drama is about a female lobbyist dealing with international arms traders. Kang Tae Hyuk is a successor of a main munitions business company in Korea. He is a young businessman with perfect appearance using a refined phraseology. He has an innate ability as a lobbyist and is a master schemer. He plans to sweep over the whole of Asia.

Main cast:

Song Il Gook as Harry / Kim Joo Ho

Jang Jin Young as Maria / Yoo So Young

Han Jae Suk as Kang Tae Hyuk

Jung Yoon Jo as Jang Mi Ran

Yoo Sun as Eva / Yoo Moon Young (Maria's sister)

All info (+ more) from:

My opinion:
This drama is the biggest flop ever. It was very expensive and got really low ratings. Nevertheless I loved it. The plot was ridiculous but cast well picked. Why did I like it? Because it didn't have a boring moment, acting was good and OST very beautiful. We could talk about Lobbyist for hours with friends or on forums. There were always something to say. And why is that? Because plot had a lot of loopholes and unexplained things. The ending was mystical of course. It left you wonder if that was a dream or reality. So till the very end this drama didn't let me go and it haunted me even after I finished watching it. Lobbyist looked good. Women wore very elegant and beautiful clothes. but nothing could save Lobbyist. It was a flop because the plot was too unbelievable and crazy.

The Cast: I have only good things to say. Song Il Gook was charming as ever. Jang Jin Young didn't win me over at first but I managed to love her. Then a pleasant surprise Kim Da Hyun. I loved him in Biscuit Teacher and here he was again. Cute as ever though his character was annoying. Han Jae Suk made a very good impression on me. I felt that his shorter haircut really didn't suit him. But I loved Lee Jae Yong the most. Even though he was in a minor role but this man is very charming and has a nice voice. Also Kim Joon Sung as Michael did a great job portraying such a nasty and stupid character.

Characters: Who couldn't love Harry? His character was complex. At first he had the worst luck and couldn't do anything meaningful at all. Then he became Korean superman #2 because he was beaten up constantly. Trough whole drama he was beaten up again and again. But then he became very successful and no one could touch him. He even beat up Michale to whom always lost before. There was nothing Harry couldn't do. Still his character was the most lovable in whole drama. You couldn't but pity him. Because of Maria he had to do so much nasty things only to protect her. He was always protecting everyone around him, his sister, Maria, his friends. Without Harry so many lives would be miserable. Maria again. Sh was pretty annoying at times. I liked her in the beginning, she was a warm hearted nice girl. But being lobbyist really changed her into someone cold. James. Uh-oh. The meanest character ever. Screenwriter really didn't let us know what was this wicked man thinking, what did he feel about things happening around him. He was just purely evil. And the phoniest thing was that until the very end viewer couldn't sense it at all. When James first appeared I just thought "Seems like a nice man"...Nice man my ass. Madam Chae is worth mentioning. This is a woman with a bad luck as well. She was very elegant and righteous. You may think sh e was just evil but sh e made a lot of good things. For example she forgave Michael so many times. Michael again. He was typical mean bastard who thought too highly of himself. I like him, he was so pitiful but too happy to notice it. Andy was mostly annoying. All he knew was run away and whine. Typical rich boy. There were a lot of characters which was actually a good thing. But in the end only Harry's and Maria's fate was shown. All others just disappeared. i have to say I liked Harry's 2 friends too. man I loved thos e actors, I never found their names but. They were hilarious.

Yes. The biggest problem of this drama. I have to say that most of the time I found myself watching it only because the cast. And it really saved this dram a lot. Because the plot it was just... There were too much unanswered questions. Time jumps without any explanation how and when did that character get there? And in the end that submarine deal was a bit stretched. But in a way it was a good end because everything started with submarine and ended with submarine as well. Only now Maria and Harry had very different positions compared to beginning. It really showed how innocent could change into something bigger. Compared to beginning Harry and Maria knew so much more, they had seen the world and became much vicer. That's one thing why I like this drama. The plot is somehow philosophical. There are a lot of hidden thoughts behind the scenes. So ratings are bad mostly because people don't understand this drama. It was very nice how love relationships were mixed into action drama so well. Even though there wasn't much comedy, sometimes plot itself was pure comedy.

I would rate this drama 5/5. It was interesting and exciting and it really won my heart over. But to be realistic it deserves only 2/5. So if it has your favorite actors/actresses or really interesting plot in your opinion you watch it. And if you are tired of countless love triangles and need some action.

The Vineyard Man

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In this romantic-comedy, (an adaptation of the book The Vineyard Man by Kim Rang), Yoon Eun Hye plays Lee Ji Hyun, a clothing designer in Seoul, who reluctantly leaves home for one year to work at her grand uncle’s vineyard in a small village. However when arriving in the country, she reunites with a Jang Taek Gi Oh Man Suk, a local resident who had been wrongfully arrested in Seoul by police after Ji Hyun reported having a dress-which she had designed-had been stolen. The two clash frequently as Ji Hyun has a difficult time adjusting to life in the country and working with Taek Gi. However, after many twists and turns Ji Hyun adapts to rustic life while falling in love with Taek Gi.

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Ji Hyun
Oh Man Suk as Jang Taek-Gi
Kim Ji Suk as Kim Gyung-Min
Kang Eun Bi as Park Hong-Yi
Lee Soon Jae as Lee Byung-Dal

Credits: (+ more info)

My opinion:
A very sweet and nice drama. This is an example of what a healthy realtionship is about. Main guy and girl have a lot of arguments but there is no violence added. Main guy doesn't torture main girl with too much work or cleaning. Also an idea of vineyard was interesting. You don't see this kind of dramas often. In a nutshell it's a story about a girl and how she grew up to be independent and hardworking. You really can see the process. In the end Ji Hyun was a lot stronger. Humor is good and atmosphere nice. OST was funny too.

The Cast:
Yoon Eun Hye is cute and good. She portrays city girl very well and has certain charm. So does Oh Man Suk. I really like him from the very start. Though his haircut does only bad for him he still looks quite good. He was perfect country boy.

Characters are charm of this drama. Taek Gi and Ji Hyun are a very cute couple. Gyung-Min is attractive and nice. Grandpa is grumpy but warm hearted. It's kind of funny to see how characters changes alongside the story. Ji Hyun suddenly becomes a total country bumpkin. While Gyung-Min can't adapt till the very end. He was such a sweet character. A man of dreams. Ji Hyun's mom was very annoying character but I liked all other family members a lot. Grandpa was funny. It was always a pleaseure to see how he got fooled. Also his competiton with other grandpa was a nice add.

Plot: It's quite typical for a romantic comedy. Follows the pattern very closely and thus has nothing new to offer. But it's cute. Main focus is on the main couple, so all other happenings are left in shades. This is more like slice of life story. It hasn't got anything exciting but you just want to see more. What will Taek Gi and Ji Hyun do next? What kind of prank will wait Taek Gi next morning? Mostly plot is even silly and I have to say that it's incomplete. There were so much loopholes that it really bothered me. But then again this is one of those dramas that will make you relaxed. Love triangle is very weak and from the very beginning it's very obvious who's gonna end with who. There is no melodrama at all. Some angsty moments though. So if you are sick of family opposing main couple and other stupid reasons that hinder their love, this drama has none. Just a bit of mom's yapping. The ending was sweet and funny but unrealistic. Still left a smile on my face.

3/4 If not the the big mistakes of screenwriter this drama could have been perfect. Yes, it could have been a lot better. But acting was quite good and atmosphere nice too. The Vineyard Man is a very lovable drama.

Zettai Kareshi ep 4

Night is being too robotic. I just finished watching ep 4 and were pretty satisfied with it but... I wish they would stop displaying all the noices whenever Night is turning his head or bats his eyes. It's so annying!!

I kind of feel bad for Mika. She has had so bad luck with guys and now when she fianlly started to trust someone and slowly falling for him in real love this happens... I'm almost sure that she is gonna detest Riiko for a long while! I'm a bit disappointed that Riiko had to kiss him before he could remember her. I was waiting for something like Riiko getting hurt and Night suddenly remembering her.. but no. I really wish to see RiikoxSoshi relationship developing more^^ I wonder what will be his reacting when he will think that Night and Riiko are back together?

Someone mentioned this at D Addicts but shouldn't Night be able to learn things? When Riiko says he is her cousin he should learn to say "I'm Riiko's cousin" etc. It's kind of annoying when he keeps repeating same mistakes. I absolutley loved the Mr. Mustard scene. Made me laught like crazy

I loved this scene (credit to old fart who loves drama blog)
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War of Money ending


I really don't see why people keep complaining that the ending sucked. It may be a bit unclear if he died or not but I read that manga hasn't ended yet either so maybe screenwriter wanted to make an open ending. I believe that after receiving such hits Na Ra definitely died (though he is Koerans superman number 3 so I can never be sure). I'm just disappointed it was Dong Po. Who elese could it be? I really don't have anyone in mind but Dong Po... Guess they wanted to show how he had completely lost himself to money. That without money he just couldn't live and the shock of losing 5 millions was too much. He jsut went crazy... And not even a good deed Na Ra made for him could purify his heart. I believed Dong Po was stronger than that. I liked his character a lot though he was evil. At first I believed that the killer would be the mafia guy. But he was more like a comical character. I really pity him when his stolen money got stolen in such a way xD Over all I liked him too. Talked big but couldn't do anything that well. Another thing that bothered me was Woo Sung's destiny. What happened to him after he lost to Na Ra? Where did he go? What did he do?

Lee Won Jong as Ma Dong Po did a great job. I was sure I had seen him before and well. There he was in Bodyguard. I finally found a place where I can dl this ridiculous but addicting drama^^ Back to War of Money. At first I totally fell for Park Shin Yang. But then I noticed that his acting was bit stiff or more like unilateral. Nevertheless I really liked him. But this time women leads made a good impression on me. Park Jin Hee and Kim Jeong Hwa good job. I was a bit sceptical about Kim Jeong Hwa at first but I learned to like her. Still her character was a bit wasted. She kept trying to do things but never succeeded. Also Na Ra's and Cha Yeon's passsionate love realtionship ended a bit too fast. In the next episode it was like they never dated. Cha Yeon was sad but Na Ra had forgotten her totally. I understand he had to keep his promise but what about being sad even for a bit? (though he really didn't have time for that, heh)

Na Ra's and Joo hee's relationship was sweet. They had good chemistry but romance was a bit lacking in whole drama. I don't mind because it was a very interesting drama anyways. I hated Joo Hee's dad. He was so typical Kdrama dad that it annoyed me to hell. Only thinking about himself. "My daughter won't be happy with that man" and going around asking Na Ra such favors. What about Joo Hee's feelings?!! After Na Ra helped them out so much how could that senile old man...?! T_T I'm glad he gave up in the end. The last scene when Na Ra and Joo Hee saw each other and he said he will come back soon and she asked him not to leave. IT WAS SO OBVIOIS! Couldn't they make it more obvious?

And there was this "bitten by money ghost" thing I never got. In my opinion what Na Ra did I really didn't see him being driven by money in his actions. His friend was driven by money and everyoen else except Joo Hee was driven by money but not Na Ra. And is that much money only 5 million. I believe Dong Po had much more in that pile. or were those some really small bills?

Anyways. The ending was powerful. It was like a real end. Na Ra's story in a nuthsell. In the first place it was only about Na Ra, his story ended here so the end. Though made me wonder what happened afterwards. Overall I really loved this drama and it's now one of my favorites. I woudl suggest anyone to watch t becuase it's really exciting. Maybe it was a bit mangalike with some filler chapters xD but it was definitely worth watching and made me think a lot about money and our lives. How connected everything is to money and how money rule our lives. Also, it wasn't just any typical Kdrama. For example when characters accidently met it was portrayed very naturally and I didn't feel like "yeah, of course..."

Air City

I have been watching Air City I started watching it because Lee Jin Wook (and he is truly good again) but Lee Jung Jae left a good impression too. But I never sxpected to hate Choi Ji Woo so much. From teh first moment I saw her I thought "Ugh, I hate that woman" and she happened to be main character. I dunno, in a way I really hate her face. It's just ugly and she doesn't seem to be able to express anything with that face of hers. I usually don't much care about actor's/actresses's appearance if they can act well and win me over but Choi Ji Woo haven't even after 6 episodes.

What a disappointment this drama is. Actually the plot seemed interesting. I was curious to see how it is to work at airport. But after 1st episode I really started disliking the idea. I felt like all criminals will go to the same airport and that it was a bit unrealistic how much drug dealers and such little crimanls were discovered every day. But then again it is such a huge airport. And after 3-4 episodes I saw that it wasn't about criminals but that they dealt with every day airport porblems as well. OST is ok and cast is good. There are a lot of my favorites from older cast category. And I even saw Lee Jae Yong!!! I love this man xD his hair was ugly though. Again I was able to recognize him only by his voice. "OMG! That's definitely Lee Jae Yong!" I thought long before they showed his face.

Air City really lacks something big. I am not able to love it. It's distant and cold. The beginning was such a hassle. They introduced too many characters at once and I wasn't able to digest who's important and who's just sidekick. Dialogue is really messy.

btw. Lee Jin Wook really looks good in black suit and green tie :lub: As good as Lee Dong Gun in black suit and red tie. He wore a lot of different suits in Sweet 18 Kdrama but he really doesn't look good in light colored suits. Black suit and white shirt with wide collar (wide collar.. he is a dog or something? LOL) looks so good on him!! Jo In Sung looked good in WHIB ep 13 in a pinstripe suit, pink waistcoat and pink-black striped tie. *drool* Maybe the first guy ever that looks good with pink clothes.

WHIB ep 11 and 12

I just watched WHIB ep 12 and 13. Man, I really have love-hate relationship with this drama. I liekd ep 12 but hated ep 13. With every episode I hate Soo Jung more and more. Maybe because Ha Ji Won is a lousy actress or then maybe because I really dislike her character. I mean... She obviously doesn't like Jae Min so why can't she say it directly to him especially now when she knows he likes her. She just keeps torturing poor guy. Also she seems so strong but actually she can't stand up for herself and can't talk back to anybody who's hurting her. In the beginning she gave me this impression of herself that she is strong and knows what's right and what's wrong. Now I really don't know. it seems like she keeps living on only because she doesn't want to die. She doesn't enjoy her life and doesn't want to. It seems like she thinks that bad luck is the end of her life and happiness is = money. Also if she likes In Wook why can't she ever explain herself. When there is a misunderstanding both characters keep angsting with overly dramatic background music. instead they could just argue a bit and be happy.

I don't really get Kang In Wook either. It's obvious he loves Soo Jung so what is he thinking?!!! He has never had a normal converstation with her. Also Soo Jung seems to like him but every time she sees him she wants to avoid him. And atmosphere between main characters is very awkward every time they meet. I feel at ease only when I see Kim Il Woo. Every time he appears atmosphere gets lighter but you never know what he is plotting. He seems like a very simple character but when it's Kdrama you may never know. He keeps protecting and speaking good things about Jae Min but then again... he will definitely plot something with In Wook.

Jo In Sung really impressed me with his acting. I keep liking him more and more with every episode. In episode 12 when Jae Min begged Soo Jung not to go but she left anyways. He had such a desperate expression on his face. I can't beileve she left even after seeing Jae Min's puppy eyes T_T and his reacting after she left T_T I almost started crying. What a brilliant character. Jae Min is definitely one of my favorite Kdrama characters ever. He is so broken and it could be so easy to help him but no one wants. Everyone is so selfish around him and no one sees his pain. And I really dunno why he fell for Soo Jung? What has she ever done for him? She really doesn't have pride but in a way her character is very close to reality. I mean, I wouldn't be able to say no to such big money. Who needs pride in these situations? It's money for heaven's sake. So much money you would never possess. Why not go back to work after your boss insulted you and show that you are stronger than anyone? Her character may be lovable but screenwriter and director screwed it up. They could have presented her in different light. The way she is now... she really doesn't deserve anyone's pity. And her mood swings are really something. She smiles at Jae Min, then she accidentally sees In Wook and becomes depressed and so it goes on and on. She really doesn't seem to find balance between these two men... I guess it's impossibel to see any sweet scenes between Joo Sung and one of the leads.

I'm really disappointed in screenwriter Kim Ki-ho. Someone who wrote something as brilliant as Super Rookie... Dialogue in WHIB is not working. Damn it just doesn't work. And characters are superficial in a way. But I love So Ji Sup and Jo In Sung. Actually soo Jung's freind is really annoying. Is she retared or something? Every tiem I see her I wanna strange gher to death. The way she speaks is annoying. (is it just me or do I keep jumping from one subject to another when I talk about this?)

WHIB 13-17

I think I finally understand screenwriting.

Jae Min feels like In Wook is taking all his women.
In Wook feels like Jae Min is getting his women.
Young Joo feels like Soo Jung is taking all her men.
Soo Jung? She just has to choose bit she is having a hard time.

In a way quite brilliant but then again... boring. They are just running in a small circle. I'm sick of those scenes when Soo Jung happens to come out of her apartment and sees In Wook. Then it's always so awkward. It's awkward between Soo Jung and In Wook because they don't want to admit thier love. It's awkward between Soo Jung and Jae Min because Jae Min has such a big difficulty in expressing himself.

I wish they would have told about Jae Min's background more. How did he become like that? Yes, he is selfish, spoiled, rich brat but more than that he is just broken. He doesn't know what's happiness. He doesn't know how to live. What's right what's wrong? Sometimes I feel like he isn't capable of rational thinking at all and he is throwing tantrums every day. There were many scenes that mde me think if he has mental problems or not? Of course I am very sure that he has suffered of lack of love. Though his mom seems to love him the most... His grandpa of whom Jae Min seems to be really scared of seems to be a very strict man. But what did he do? why does Jae Min fear him so much that he even starts trembling? I am sure that Jae Min never has loved anyone and more important no one has ever loved him and so thats' why he is so lacking with his emotions. He just wants to be loved and can't live on anymore.

Kang In Wook needs love too. But you can see the difference between him and Jae Min. Obviously In Wook has grown up with lots of love and in more healthy environment. When he feels mad or lonely he starts working to forget his pain. That's what most normal people do anyways. In Wook is well composed person. He is intelligent and uses his brain often. He can hold his temper and he is capable of expressing his feelings. Still, isn't his life boring? He just works or hangs alone in his apartmen. Has no freinds, no hobbies. Such a sad person. Still he is way more compatible with So Jung than Jae Min. Because he can give her the love and support she needs. Jae Min again... he needs a strong woman beside him. Not like Young-joo but someone more innocent and happy. Someone who is able to shout at him and hit him when he acts wrongly. Someone who could give him happiness and lotsa love. Someone rather childish with a colorful personality.

Soo Jung is a weak woman. She is capable of strong acts only when she is mad. Yet in the end she cries and feels hurt. She can't choose between Jae Min and In Wook which I just don't understand. She truly loved In Wook and knew he cared about her but...?? I never felt any chemistry between Jae Min and Soo Jung?!?!?! Why did it all turn out to be so awkward?! Her mood swings were something. Whenever she was with Jae Min and heard about In Wook she suddenly became gloomy. It happened every time %##&% Why didn't she just go to him then?!! I just don't understand Soo Jung at all. She was miserable but at the same time hateful. Did she smile even once after she came back from Bali?

I don't get the screenwriter at all. Why did he make it so melodramatic?! This drama is so angsty that it's sick. If I were any of the cracaters I would go for the suicide. I understand that this drama wants to show unhappy things that happen in life but... what kind of life is that miserable?! It seems like after Soo Jung came back from Bali she haven't experienced anything happy, In Wook either. She constantly keeps saying how happy she was in Bali. Why not go back there?!

Young-joo. I like her pretty much. She is bad and desperate but well... At first she wanted to marry Jae Min because In Wook dumped her but then... did she really fall for the guy? I think she was just annoyed because she didn't receive enough attention. And in a way she wanted to be better than Soo Jung but kept losing to her. So she carried on with marriage only to show Soo Jung that no one can win her? Her character is perfect for a rich lady.

Now. I still have 4 more episodes to go and I'm curious how it all will end up. I alredy know but I want to see the scene.

Iljimae ep 1

I just watched ep 1 with subs (KST I shall worship you lol) and boy was I disappointed Maybe I can forgive the ebginning. Of course they had to show what's Iljimae first but... the beginning didn't capture my attention. It was dark and messy. All the sounds were like from some computer game. Actually I was wondering if I was watching drama or coputer game animation. I feel like there were too much computer animated things like birds and flower trees. Also Geum's family was maybe too sweet. I never expected to see "we are so loving and happy family" crap.

At first I was happy to see Lee Won Jong but he just doesn't suit his role. He was overacting and I think that his character doesn't fit in. The way he acts doesn't just seem like that kind of man would act. Too happy, too carefree and too much talking. Any other acting didn't convince me either. Except Jo Min Ki as Geums father. He was ok.

Plot seems complicated enough but based too much on feelings and too little on politics. Atmosphere was too realxed and not intense enough in first episode. I think they should have squeezed story telling in first episode into more compact way. Less words, less irrelevant happenings and made it more mysterious. They should have started right from childhood and made it only 1 epuispde long. I feel like this drama is not gonna be serious and intense enough and that makes me feel desperate. I don't want to see Lee Jun Ki in a flop drama. But what am I talking about? It was only first episode and I am really looking forward to when the real story starts.

I guess there will be another childhood episode. Personally I can't wait to see Lee Jun Ki acting. If his acting is only so so... boy am I gonna be sad, mad and disappointed.

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Update 13-15.08.2008
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Mini reviews of Kdrama though I'm only halfway.
My views on how Iljimae coudl have been better.
Gourmet ep 1-4 rants
Ending of WHIB rant
Daddy Long Legs movie review
East of Eden post
Cain and Abel rant

Update 25.5.2008

I added bunch of rants on several different dramas. Two reviews: The Vineyard Man and Lobbyist. Two new drama series (complete): The Vineyard Kdrama and Legend of Star Apple Twdrama.

Zettai Kareshi ep 1 and 2

Ep 1
I just finsihed watching ep 1 and I totally loved it. Even though they made huge changes compared to manga I still love this drama. Cast is good. I like Night more than in manga and Hayami Mokomichi is a perfect robot. It's hard to believe that he is actually a human xD Mizushima Hiro is good too. I love Soshi, he is so carefree xD Aibu Saki is perfect as Riiko. She is pretty cute and her acting is very natural. The only annoying thing is that all of main characters don't seem like adult people. They act and talk like hing school or college students. Or maybe it's my imagination...

I'm glad that plot is this good. I never liked the fact that Night was a robot. I like him alredy so much and the ending is gonna be sad anyways. The more I like him the sadder it will be T_T

Btw. Humor in this drama is pretty good. I so loved that scene when Riiko's friend took Night to her bar and while talking to him he said that Riiko wasn't heavy but average for a young woman and later he asked what's wrong with Riiko being heavy. LOL

*Some light spoilers ahead*

I love everything about this drama. Acting is marvellous and plot is interesting. Filming scenes are good too though it's kind of dark all the time. I just finished watching ep 2 and Night is so cool. It's such a pity that he is a robot. He was so cute when he was working out and then asked Riiko "Do I look sexy?" while striking psoes xD. Just too cute. Later he sprayed his body with water because he doesn't sweet lol how thoughtful xD

It must be hard for Riiko to regard him as a robot. Even though I agree with harmonyLGS he does seem too robot. But he looks like a human and he is very sweet indeed. Like when he helped Riiko to earn the money. Didn't anyone on the costruction site suspect anything? Wasn't it strange that some guy can carry so heavy stuff?

I like Soshi too. He is a bit annoying but has his own sweet moments. I wonder when will he fall for Riiko... btw. her freind is so mean. I bet she will try to steal everything from Riiko <_< I even forgot her name or was it mentioned? I'm glad Night is a robot who will love only Riiko so her mean freind doesn't have a chanse. Though the preview of ep 3 was exciting. Not the kiss!!!

Ore sekshii?
Hosted By
LOL I just had to share this moment with you. I found this picture somewhere in interenet. Forgot where.

What Happened in Bali ep 9-10

I recently watched ep 9 and 10. Dunno, maybe it's kind of too dramatic for me but I find myself criticizing it all the time for strange reasons. Like why are they so poor even when they are working in a huge company like that? Is there really no other work for Soo jung? Like her only opinions are work either at host club or at karaoke... Why does everyoen want to be rich? Isn't being a normal person enough? Why does Soo Jung sleep with a soft toy as her pillow. Are they THAT poor? I guess pillows are really expencive then... ... ... ... !!!

Ji Sup seems to get better looking with every episode <3 But I find myself liking Jo In Sung more and more. He is expressing himself really well. I actually pity Jae-min a lot. He absolutely doesn't knwo how toexpress himself AT ALL! And he is always sending these messages "please understand me" but no one understands him anyway. There is a grl who wants to marry him for some strange reason (it's not because of love for sure) and there is this girl whom he loves but who doesn't like him at all. How in the world did he supect that his older bro was in love with Young-joo? And the scaries thing is that it seems to be true. Jae-min seems to have some family issues too. His mother is a scary person, it's like her love is fake. Grandpa is scary. Why does he hate Jae-min so much? Or is it just that he doesn't know hwo to express his love? When they were having meal in ep9 I thought "No wonder Jae-min became like that" At leats he is not kissing up to his grandpa though he seems to be trying harder now because of In-Wook. Talking baout In-Wook... I hate his mother. Why did they put in her mouth something like "that girl won't have an easy life. Wasn't she an orphan?" This is like one of the biggest and stupidest clichees ever!

Also I don't quite understand In-Wook's and Soo-jungs relationship. its' kind of awkward and strange. No doubt he lieks her but I think that Soo-jung is starting to have feelings for Jae-min. Sure In-wooks and Soo-jung's date was cute but whenever they meet it's so awkward. I kind of feel tension in the air, as if something big is about to happen. That feeling is strong whenever all 3 main characters meet.

Now I want to rant about Ha Ji won. I hate her! I hate Soo-jung even more. Everything about her seems so awkward. If I saw her on the street I would think "never get close to that person. She sems like bad luck" I think that Ha Ji Won doesn't express herself that well as an actress in other words she's not that good. I definitely feel that she is no match for So Ji Sup and Jo In Sung. Always having that same expression...

Bodyguard rant

I keep watching and I keep thinking “Why did they have to add that sick grandma along” She could be old, grumpy, evil or crazy but why sick?!! I bet she is gonna die in some episode and then it’s gonna be so sad and everyone will be mourning. This drama gets more melodramatic flavors with every episode. I wish it would have been just light comedy stuff without any stupid serious problems. I sometimes really hate the way Korean screenwriters just desire to kill someone in every drama and then it leaves you thinking “WHY?!” Like in A Love to Kill, just WHY?! WHY?!! Well no one has died so far and that’s good.

Han Go-eun is so cool I want to be like her. She is a perfect woman, manly yet beautiful. Manly in a sexy way^^ She is strong and has a pretty face and a good character. How I wish that Kyung-tak eneded up with Yu-jin… this is rare that I’m rooting for someone else than the main girl, Na-young is just too pure and sweet. Now that I think about it good-bad composition in this drama is very stark. Characters are purely bad or good and that’s a long minus. It would have been better if Na-young really were a thief. Lately I started liking not so good main characters selfish, mean and cunning. After I saw Get Karl I was in love with the main girl. Even though in the end they made her actually nicer than she was (like she actually loved Karl all along but she couldn’t show it, yeah right <_<) so Na-young get bad or I’ll hate you lol.

it seems like some kind of love is slowly forming between Kyung-tak and Na-young.. bleh.. alredy. I wish they could have fought a bit more. As a couple they don’t look that good together. But i liek teh way sthey are reacting, it really seems very real. The love is growing the way it does in real life not with some sudden realizations and without any stupid first love things. I hate when they do that first love thing in Kdramas it’s like there is only frst love and if it doesn’t go well you are doomed. You will never love anyone and no one will ever love you.

I saw Hyun Bin too <3 Seems like he is harboring something evil. Ha ha! I look forward seeing how much of a bad ass he is. In the preview of 7th episode it seemed like there is finally gonna be some action. I kind of want to see it and then again not because whenever it’s a firghting scene or something really serious I just can’t take it seriously in this drama. I don’t know how in the world did they manage to make it all look so amusing.

Meteor Garden rant

I have been watching this drama. I just finished ep 4. It’s such a shame I haven’t seen it yet. I like it but whoever said that acting in chinese dramas is… hmm… not that good was right. This far I only like Barbie Xu,
Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou. Zhou is perfect Rui indeed. He is cuter than Tsukasa and petite. He is so CUTE you just want to hug him!!! Now I finally understand why Makino fell for him. But I still think I like Jerry Jan the best. He was so cute when he wore that yellow shirt (friendly clothes) HA HA! Even though Jun Matsumoto in Jdrama is the one and only guy who REALLY looks like Tsukasa with the curly hair, Jerry Jay could grasp Tsukasa’s character better. I dunno, maybe my opinion can change but I hope not. Barbie Xu is pretty good Makino. She looks plain and cute (doesn’t sound like a compliment though) and has the character. Also Meteor Garden seems more realistic than HYD Jdrama. You know Jdramas always have that special feeling, that Jdrama air… Makino’s parents are ANNOYING! Every time I see them ( Especially the mother!!!) I just want to throw my computer outta the window and go kill someone. I’m also a bit sad that they didn’t add Makino’s brother, it’s gonna be a bit boring without him.

And the rest of F4 are idiots. (the rest.. like there are many of them, lol) Really. I hate Vanness Wu (looked him up in drama wiki WTF!?! Trying to look cool tere) Sure he is trying to act cool and carefree but he sucks at it!! HA HA! <—ironic laughter and his hairstyle totally doesn’t suit him. I was planning to watch Peach Girl some day but since Vanness Wu is in that darma.. I kind of feel like forgetting whole thing.

Ken Zhu… doesn’t have the charistma. He seems so plain. A token from wikipedia “Ken started his career by filming the famous idol series “Meteor Garden” and it was that series that pushed him to the top status in Asian entertainment stage. He was then put in the boyband “F4” and went touring around the world. He is now focusing on his solo career. He released an album and acted on many famous movies.” WHAT THE #%&%#!?! ha ha ha…ha

Well all the othre cast sucks too. So far. I hope I will change my opinion later cuz I really want to like this drama. I love HYD manga so much and I don’t want some crappy actors rape the good story.

A few words about fashion.. Year 2001 seems so long ago. I know that fashion has made a huge step forward since then but.. was that really the hot and stylish fashion back then? If yes I dunno… it was weird fashion. most of the clothes just look funny. Or then maybe I haven’t gotten used to it (since in most Kdramas guys always use suits or school uniforms) but not only guys the girls too, they all look so lame. These clothes would have been ok if they only had given the feeling of glamour. It’s supposed to be a school for RICH ppl but when I look at them all I see just normal kids nothing more. I just refuse to believe that they are wearing something like Gucchi or Prada. If yes I’m kind of dissapointed with gucchi and prada and will never buy any their products (as if I’m gonna buy any if I have money… ehem. seems like rich ppl in Taiwan didn’t have either. LOL) Ok ok, I’ll stop laughing at the style. Back then it may have been really cool.

OST… nothing special. I don’t like any of the songs. They are ok but kind of lame. Still I like the drama because the plot is good. Like when I started reading the HYD manga I hated art but loved the plot and then I started loving art too (mangaka got better… lol) So this drama is closely following the manga in all aspects. And I love Jerry Jan and Vic Zhou… <3 I feel like a teengirl watching some drama becuase male leads are hot xD But the plot is good too, it’s good.

Lobbyist rant

**********A LOT OF SPOILERS******************

I just finished watching this Lobbyist a moment ago. It actually managed to touch my heart and win me over even though the plot was overly stupid and ridiculous. But the cast was outstanding and OST one of the bests out there. Actually there were a lot of loopholes. And a lot characters that came and went and made you wonder what happened to them. For example Maria’s mother. She totally disappeared. And 1 year later jump after Guningstam incident left a lot of unanswered questions. The biggest was: How in the world did Harry survive from there? How did he end up in Korea again? Did he walk or something? Or what about Pablo madam Chae’s husband. Did they divorce? After everyone went to Korea I heard his name only once in ep 21 when Michael talked about CIA. Also madam Chae’s and Andy’s relationship suddenly changed. It was like she disowned him or something… they used to have a really good mother-son relationship too. I also started to wonder who was his father?

Anyhow I think there were too many parallel stories going on all at the same time. And there were maybe too much characters because all of them stayed kind of distant. Also Mi Ran’s and Tae Hyuk’s relationship was something really weird. It was WAY undeveloped! They should have gotten a bit more screen time.

The ending left a lot of open questions. Seriously I think that it would have been better for Harry to die. It would have been 100 times more touching than that mushy “Harry’s dream come true” ending. Also what happened to everyone?! What about nuclear-powered submarine?! What happened after James died. Did his death affect business?! Was he CIA agent or not? Or was he just denying it for fun? Why did he kill Harry’s father? I even thought that Harry’s dad was lobbyist since there were a scene when James’ boss said “It won’t be easy to get rid of an lobbyist” and James replied “Yes, I know” Maybe he referred to Harry’s dad? I think this is a bit far-fetched Of course these things were not that important but since the main focus wasn’t love relationship anyways, it would have been nice to know everything.

About the logic of some characters. I know James tried to kill submarine chairman for a reason but why did he suddenly stop after his assassin got almost caught? Wouldn’t it have been more convenient to kill that old man? And why send Michael to do such an important job as getting rid of Harry. James wasn’t a stupid man he must have seen that Michael was such a loser. Why did he ever bother to take him work? Since Michale betrayed madam Chae he could have betrayed James too. Maybe because Michael knew about James’ secret? And what did James think about everything, all his doings and happenings? He was a perfect bad guy. One of the most evil characters I have seen but I would have wanted to see what were his thoughts. Why did he become like that? did he and madam Chae have love relationship back then? How could he act so cold when she died? And why did James want to take care of everything without any help? Originally I thought he wanted to make as little damage as possible but now I see it’s not that. Why I liked James. Well he was calm and cold but made everyone believe that he actually cared. He was wicked. But I feel like he had something hidden in his past too. Sometimes he was thinking about things and having that expression.

I liked madam Chae too. She was a bit bossy and maybe had some kind of superiority complex but she helped Harry great deal. There were times that I felt she was jealous of Maria. I really don’t believe that madam Chae had any feelings for Harry but she definitely acted sometimes like that. I don’t get it. Also why in the world did she take so good care of Michael? Because his mom was her good friend? seriously, I heard about this only in ep 21. Actually I wished madam Chae would have gotten rid of Michael long ago. I understand he was jealous of Harry and couldn’t accept him. But he lost to Harry every time. And what happened to Michael’s sick love for Harry’s sister? Indeed madam Chae’s death was really sad. When she gave Keys from locker I noticed that she was always wearing them along with all necklaces. Was Harry so stupid to not notice it at all?! HE was with madam Chae 24/7. When in ep 21 or 22 she asked him to call harry he said “Do I really have?” I was like WOW this guy is getting BOLD! And how in the world did police manage to catch him in the end. Yeah there is only 1 airport in Seoul… btw. When Harry’s friends found the knife in Michael’s car I thought “This is so Michael” I kill someone but won’t get rid of the weapon. I will just leave it in my car. Back to madam Chae. Did she and Tae Sung have some romantic relationship? It kind of felt like that… but then suddenly Tae Sung wasn’t happy seeing her at all anymore.

Maria… I didn’t like her much. I actually pitied Harry because he couldn’t stop loving her. He did so much for her but she acted cold towards him all the time. I don’t even get why he loved her? Because of some stupid childhood memory?! All the clothes Maria wore were WOWWOW!! So beautiful and made her look mature. Also madam Chae had nice taste in fashion.

There were a lot of older cast that I really like: Kim Mi Sook, Hu Joon Ho, Ahn Suk Hwan, Choi Wan Kyu, Lee Jae Young and that man who played minister of defense role, I forgot his name (he was in All In too short but charismatic lol) But I liked the main cast too. Song Il Gook attracted me somehow. It definitely wasn’t his looks but he is a good actor. Han Jae Suk was ok, didn’t leave any special impression on me. Jang Jin Young again, she was only ok. I think she wasn’t good match for Song Il Gook. I really couldn’t feel any chemistry between them. There was but it seemed forced. It felt more like Harry’s one sided love… Maria and Tae Hyuk would have made a much better couple. btw. his letter was good. I so loved the last sentence. And of course a pleasant surprise Kim Da Hyun!! He is the best looking guy ever. He looked so young with shorter hair. Unfortunately his character was kind of annoying but I didn’t lose faith in his acting. Especially When he confirmed that madam Chae was dead. his reaction was so real that it shocked me too and I felt sad. I liked Harry’s friends a lot too the guy with glasses and the stupid guy. I dunno actors’ names because I couldn’t find full list of the cast and I forgot their character’s name. Anyhow, they were nice actors, seems like they really enjoyed their job^^ The reporter woman.. She had too much of screen time. Even though it all feel logical now why didn’t hey focus on some more important characters?

Wow too what a long rant. That’s why I love this drama so much. It’s not boring, some thing’s going on all the time. And 5-6 last episodes were especially interesting + I could talk about this drama forever!

Hotaru no Hikari Jdrama Download

Ayase Haruka stars as the title character, Amemiya Hotaru, in this adaptation of Hiura Satoru's "Hotaru no Hikari" manga series. Hotaru is a twenty-something office lady who has become a "dried fish" - she has "retired" from love, and she prefers to spend her time lazily at home. Then one day, her world gets shaken up when she unexpectedly ends up living with her boss (Naohito Fujiki). To complicate her life even further, she begins to find romance with a new employee named Makoto (Kato Kazuki)

English hardsub by Do Re Mi
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Episode 9 Raw subtitles
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Time of Dog and Wolf Kdrama Download

Lee Soo Hyun is a courageous and energetic man who wants revenge on a criminal group. Suh Ji Woo met Soo Hyun when they were young and fell in love. Though, due to a sudden accident, they had to separate. Years later, both have joined a special investigation unit against an international narcotic drug crime organization. The two meet once again when they are working as secret agents disguised as museum curators. They, however, must separate once more as Soo Hyun seeks revenge on his parents’ enemies… (from idols unlimited)

Lee Jun Ki as Lee Soo Hyun
Nam Sang Mi as Seo Ji Woo
Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min Ki

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Coffee Prince Kdrama download

The life of Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) is not easy; she works many jobs to pay off debts and even gave up her feminine image. Choi Han Kyul (Gong Yoo) is the heir of a big food company, but his grandmother wants him to settle down, so she arranged many dates for him. After Eun Chan bumped into Han Kyul and was mistaken for a boy, Han Kyul decided to hire Eun Chan to be his gay lover in order to avoid the arranged dates. Desperately in need of money, Eun Chan had no choice but to accept. Han Kyul's grandmother also made Han Kyul in charge of a filthy coffee shop in danger of being bankrupt. Eun Chan begged to work at the coffee shop, and not long after, feelings start to spark, except, how would Han Kyul accept his "homosexuality"?

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9 End 2 Outs Kdrama download

Nan Hee is a girl who is about to turn 30 years and she suddenly notices that in her 20's she haven't done anything. Her dream is to publish a novel but it was even more difficult as she had thought. Love life isn't going well either. She is dating 8 years younger guy and it seems to be kind of embarassing. Also her mom is goving trouble too. Sounds exhausting.

Hyug Tae is her childhood friend, they have been friends forewer and their parents are in good terms. Huyng Tae is a real playboy and many women fall for him however he has problems with getting over his first love. And all his love relationships seem to be one night stands.

When Hyung Tae and Nan Hee start living together due to "an accident" they start to learn things about each other. Maybe things they never wanted to know, things that make them mad, things that make them argue all the time. But maybe things that will bring them closer?

genre: comedy, romance
subber: WITH S2
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The drama is based on the popular manga of the same name by Nakajo Hisaya, which has already been dramatized in Taiwan. Horikita plays the protagonist Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl in the U.S. who one day sees the young athlete Sano Izumi (Oguri) compete in the high jump on television. She begins to idolize him, and decides to move to Japan to attend the same school as him. However, Izumi goes to an all-boys school, so Mizuki disguises herself as a boy to achieve her dream of being with her idol. - Tokyograph

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Hong Gil Dong review

Hong Gil Dong

Hosted By
Based on a fictional book about a Robin Hood in Korea,Hong Gil Dong [1], this drama is very loosely based off of that book and the time it was set in.
Hong Gil Dong is the bastard son of a minister. He spends most of his time lazing the day away and taking goods from the various merchants. However, a local monk think he's destined to be more. Hong Gil Dong, for his part, really dislikes the injustices in this ranked world.
Heo Yi Nok has returned to Korea, fresh from China. She's an upbeat, naive and carefree girl. She's been living with her grandfather for the last few years. They both are merchants looking to make a fortune back in Korea.
Lee Chang Hwi, however, has been told since he was young that he's the rightful king of Korea. He bumps into Heo Yi Nok. This initially causes misunderstanding between them, but over time his heart is softening towards her.
Meanwhile Heo Yi Nok and Hong Gil Dong are developing a friendship that feels like (at least to Yi Nok) that it could be more.
As the question of rightful succession comes into play, Hong Gil Dong and Yi Nok are forced to take sides.

Main cast:

Kang Ji Hwan as Hong Gil Dong

Sung Yu Ri as Heo Yi Nok / Ryu Yi Nok

Jang Geun Suk as Lee Chang Hwui

Kim Ri Na as Seo Eun Hye

All info (+ more) from:

My opinion:
So another drama from Hong sisters... Well their previous dramas My Girl and Deligthful Girl did't leave any good impressions on me. I haven't seen fantasy Couple yet though. Well overall Hong Gil Dong was an ok drama. It did manage to win me over at some point but it lost it's grip. My Girl won me over, I was totally hooked but second half turned me totally off. Now that I think about it Hong Gil Dong did the same. First episode was noothing much. Then it got better with every episode and I was really happy. But around ep 10 I got suddenly bored. After that it wasn't downhill because sometimes plot was extremely interesting and then it was boring again. But just when I was about to yawn something happened again. So I can't say that it was bad. I also feel that romance romance lacked quite a bit. The ending fit the story at some point it was predictable but not bad. OST won me over. I donwloaded it and now am listening happily for all the songs!

The Cast: I have no complains. The supporting cast did great job. There were some older actors/actresses that are on my favorites list like Ahn Suk Hwan and Choi Ran. Tehe main cast agian... I liked Kang Ji Hwan. He looked marvellous and did his job really well. Hong Gil Dong was lovable, cute and at the same time very manly and intelligent character. Kang Ji Hwan brought him to life. Only Kang Ji Hwan can be Hong Gil Dong, it's his place. Sung Yu was good too though I couldn't see much development in her character. To tell the truth I didn't like her much due to stupidity of her character. Jang Geun Suk was a disappointment, at first I loved him but then I noticed that his acting lacked quite a bit. His face was like dead fish and I hated his voice. Kim Ri Na as was really good as spoiled little princess. I liked her a lot, it's as if she was born to be a noblewoman. There was this noble air around her.

Characters: Personally I loved Gil Dong at first but as the drama got more serious he became very distant. He was still cool but lost his charm. I think Gil dong changed too much. And why did his hair suddenly become curly? For some reason he became more handsome during the drama xD Anyhow I liked that carefree and happy go lucky Gil Dong a lot more than serious Gil Dong. Yi Nok was too dumb for me to like her. It was a hate-love relationship. Sometimes she did admirable things and her love for Gil Dong was cute but most of the times she was just stupid. One of my favorite characters was insane king. The actor did his job well. I can still hear his laughter sometimes xD Even though he lost his mind because of his sins he sometimes acted surprisingly intelligently. The way he ended up was pretty mean but beautiful. I could feel that he regretted his doings, that's why he let his mid go. Gil Dong father was one of my favorites too. His loyalty to the king was admirable. I think it was because he knew taht in his heart the king was a good man. But when Internal minister saw that there were no way to stop prince and Gil Dong he finally gave up. I think that was his way to change sides. I pitied that man a lot. The prince... At first I liked him then bleh... He was such a boring character. Mainly because Jang Geun Suk failed as an actor.

Plot: It was interesting. I have always loved Robin Hood tale ever since I heard it and this story recembled it a lot. First 10 episodes recembled comedy-drama very well. I was totally in love but then drama won and story became very serious. I wished that carefree story could have continued a little longer. When drama became serious it lost all the comedy. All following jokes weren't funny anymore, I felt like "ha...ha..ha... lame" most of the times. There were some repeated scenes like prince standing in front of the window and thinking about Yi Nok or Yi Nik saying she is stupid or Gil Dong looking after Yi Nok and saying out loud "you dummy"/"stupid girl" etc. Then story became a bit boring too. Especially the last episode felt like it would never end but I can't say it didn't have any exciting scenes. The ending totally fit. It was memorable and beautiful. Now I feel like searching Gil Dong of our time. I wonder who it is?

I would rate this drama 3/5. It was interesting but lacked in many aspects. Still it was really refreshing to watch historical drama which didn't follow all drama clichees and had a beautiful landscape instead of a city.

Witch Amusment Yoo Hee

Hosted By
Synopsis: As the director of her father's advertising company, Ma Yoo Hee (Han Ga In) is known as a witch for her ruthless, no nonsense character. After a string of failed attempts to hire a housekeeper, she (literally) runs into Chae Moo Ryong (Jae Hee), ex-medical student turned aspiring chef. As a way to work off his debt for crashing into her car, he agrees to become her housekeeper and personal love affairs coach for one month. Gladly, he gives her a makeover that attracts both her old friend Johnny Kruger (Dennis Oh) and her first love Joon Ha (Kim Jeong Hoon). Despite having a girlfriend, Sung Mi (Jun Hye Bin), Moo Ryong eventually finds himself falling for Yoo Hee.

Han Ga In as Ma Yoo Hee

Jae Hee as Chae Moo Ryong

Jun Hye Bin as Nam Seung Mi

Kim Jeong Hoon as Yoo Joon Ha

Dennis Oh as Johnny Kruger

Credits: (+ more info)

My opinion:
Overall an ok drama. I actually think that this drama is underrated. No matter what it was interesting and cast was picked well, OST was catchy (I found myself humming these songs pretty often), screenwriting was pretty good too. The problem lies in many clichees. And for many people the ending was unsatisfying. But I think it was good though I don't like the idea that MooRyong gave up his dream. Of course there could have been 2 years later scene but there was no need for that. Maybe there were some unanswered questions like what happened to everyone after that. But I don't feel it was necessary to tell their stories.

The Cast:
Cast was good. This was my first time seeing Dennis Oh and I like him a lot. His acting was very natural and his carefree attitude really brought his character to life. Jae Hee was good too. I actually noticed his acting skills only in last episodes, there was a scene that really impressed me. This is my second time seeing him act and noe he left a good impression on me. My second time seeing Han Ga In also. I saw her in Super Rookie and now her character reminded me of Lee Mi-Ok a bit. For me she is not an outstanding actress but she did her job really well, she is quite beautiful too. Kim Jeong Hoon was a disappointmen. His facial expressions were really dull and his was pretty boring. He didn't shine but he was ok. Seemed to me that he couldn't get into his character that well. I'm not a fan of Jun Hye Bin either. Her way of expressing herself is very lacking and I felt like she knows only few expressions. I was happy to see Ahn Suk Hwan in the drama. I'm quite a big fan of his for some reason. It was nice to see Jae Hee and Ahn Suk Hwan in a son-father relationship again.

I liked Yoo Hee. At first she was a bit annoying but later I finally understood that she isn't like all other female girls in Kdramas. Her character made this drama more enjoyable and a bit different too. Yoo Hee is not a whiny girl, she is independent and has money. She works hard and can take care of herself. She doesn't need a man to support her all the time and she can make decisions on her own. She is quite lonley but she is not afraid to love when she fianlly realizes her own feelings. Yoo Hee is strong too, she can protect herself. She is pretty and succesfull, I really wonder why did she have so bad luck with guys her whole life. Moo Ryong was a nice character too. He was such a bright and trustworthy guy, really knew what to do and loved to the fullest. Maybe he was a bit too girly or just too usual like all the other giuys in Kdramas. Well he was lovable enough. I loved Johnny the most. This is first time when I really wished main girl would have ended up with someone else than main guy. Johnny was maybe the strongest one on whole drama. He was able to let go of his feelings and still stay as Yoo Hee's friend. He never treated her bad or got mad at her and the most important thing: he had always loved her. Even back then when she was witch. Joon-Ha was interesting at first, really sneaky. Then he turned into pretty boring character. You never could tell what he was up to or was he telling the truth or not. Still he seemed to lack something. Kim Jeong Hoon could have been so much more, he could have brought Joon Ha to life. But he failed. Supportuing characters were ok, very clichee. Seung Mi was annoying. The only way I could describe her now is desperate bitch. All she knew was crying, she couldn't let Moo Ryong go even though she saw he loved someone else. I really liked it how 2 main characters didn't come up with silly reasons why not to be together and protected each other. They didn't hurt each other when they felt like their relatiosnhip was over and when they realized they can't live without each other they stayed together no matter what. They didn't give (like always happens...)

Plot got better in latter episodes. At first it was interesting, then it got a bit boring but I feel like it never dragged. The last 3 episodes were the best in whole drama. At times you really could feel tension in the air. Well, it could have been better. WAY better. Most of the jokes were old, it had all the clichees as well. But this drama had a special feeling in it. It was very relaxed atmosphere. Didn't make you addicted but didn't make you feel like stop watching. It's true that ending didn't explain everything, it may have left you thinking but those other things don't suddenly feel important at all. Plot wasn't very deep, it didn't touch my heart but it made me smile and relax. Genre of thsi drama is romantic comedy and screenwriting really holds onto that. I think that writers Kim Won Jin and Kim Min Jun never let that fact slip their minds. From the very beginning till the very end nothing dramatic happens. it's just silly, romantic and cute. I think that the director gets my hate. If it had been someone else this drama might have been a great hit. Jun Ki Sang also directed
My Girl, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Bodyguard. Witch Amusment is slightly better but I really don't like him.

4/4 If plot wakes up interest in you or you are a big fan of any actor/actress yous hould not let this drama slpi by. Ignore all bad reviews and give it a try. Also if you are new to Kdrama I suggest you watch this one as a starter. Plot is simple and cheerful.